Reconnecting (Black & Blue Denim)

A few weeks ago my phone started randomly shutting down, even when it was over half charged. And the most annoying part was that it wouldn’t turn back on until I plugged it in. At first I thought it was my Snapchat app because it seemed to shut down most when I was using that. We also had some modem issues, so I was just having tech difficulty all around.

Anyway, because my phone wouldn’t work for long without being plugged in, it basically became a landline. If we were out and about and I couldn’t plug it in, I was just phoneless. Honestly, it was hard because I’m so used to checking in regularly. Plus, I love taking pics of my kids and recording their cuteness on a daily basis! And I obviously need to take my daily outfit pics. 😉

But, once I got over the horror of being left unconnected, I really started to like it. With four kids we have a lot going on and it was nice to have one less thing on my mind. I could focus more on what was going on and less on if I had a notification or if I should be taking pics of the moment. I was living the moment instead of recording the moment (although I did miss a few cute photo opps at the pumpkin patch). And I was able to enjoy more quiet. Usually if I have down time I grab my phone and browse any number of social media sites, blogs, check the weather, you name it. And I’m sure a lot of you do too. Instead, I just looked around. And daydreamed. And took it all in.

I finally got around to ordering a new battery (mine was all puffy and weird and not right), so now I’m reconnected. But I think I’d like to use this as an opportunity to to disconnect more often.

Reconnecting actually left me feeling more disconnected. Crazy, right?!

I’d love to know where I stand – how often do you check your phone? Have you set “rules” for yourself about when/where you can and can’t be on a device? 

And for today’s outfit: I’m not going to include this tank top in my winter capsule, so I want to wear it a few more times in the next couple of weeks. I mixed my black and blue denim and added booties because it’s cold and a bit snowy still! I didn’t post yesterday because we had the day off and stayed home and did fun family stuff all day!!

And I have no idea why I’ve had such grumpy faces the past few posts 🙂 I promise I’m happy and can smile!! Maybe because it’s too early?!?! Plus, have you ever tried to take pics of yourself/by yourself?? Awkward is all I can say.
black and blue denim 2

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