Less Is More In 2016

Now that I’ve recapped 2015, it’s time to look forward to 2016 and what I hope it brings.

I feel like I’m always thinking about what I want to improve or accomplish, so I set goals year round, not just at the start of a new year.  And I love finding a good challenge to help me meet those goals. I’m the girl who has to sign up for a half marathon to stick to my running plan or commit to no shopping for a month (though I’ve always failed at this one) or follow a challenging diet plan to jump start good eating habits.

I think that’s why the capsule wardrobe had such an appeal to me at first. It was a challenge to help me meet the goal of clearing out my closet and finding my personal style after I realized I was totally lost about how to dress for myself. Now I’ve completely fallen in love with my simplified wardrobe and have no plans to quit.

I have been a little indecisive, shocking, I know 😉 about how I wanted to approach my goals for 2016. Do I want an overall theme for the year? Or one little word? Or maybe focus on one goal each month? Or just take it as it comes, like I usually do?

When you can’t decide…merge them!! I have decided to follow a theme for 2016, but at the same time have a monthly focus to help me meet a few goals.

Drumroll please….the theme for 2016 is….


With my theme in mind, here are my goals for 2016:

  1. Less Stuff. I made huge changes in my shopping habits in 2015 and I will without a doubt continue that in 2016. Not only did I seriously cut back on impulse buying, but I sold/donated bags and bags of clothes…I would estimate over 1/2 of my wardrobe (I really wish I would have kept count). In 2016, I plan to use what I learned and start working on the rest of my house and continue building my ideal wardrobe. Less stuff means more money, space, time, experiences.
  2. Less Junk Food. I know, I know, standard weight loss goals, but this is also about being comfortable in my body and taking care of myself. I will limit the processed foods and eat real foods. Less junk (hopefully) means less of me!
  3. Less Tech. I know I need to be careful of the time I spend checking in on social media, so I would like to work on being more intentional of how often and when I’m on my phone. I only get my kids at this age once and I don’t want to miss it. Less technology time means more real time.
  4. More Mores and Lesses. Less stress. More patience. More fun. Less comparison. More work on my marriage. More focus on myself.

January Goal

My first focus of 2016 is going to be to less junk food. In all honesty, I’ve been feeling pretty blah in my clothes lately and it really takes the fun out of getting dressed (and taking photos). I know that eating real foods has so many healthy benefits, but at this moment I’m motivated by weight loss. I’m putting this first because this I know this change will have the biggest impact on other areas (sleep, wellness, energy, confidence, etc.).

Remember I said I loved a challenge? Well, I also love when people take the guess work out of it for me, so I’m going to do the Eat.Feel.Live.Love. Challenge for the month of January. My sister and her friend wrote this plan and had a group go through it in November. I wasn’t ready to commit then, but I am excited to push myself to get back into my old, healthier habits (and jeans). It starts next Monday, the 4th, but I already have the week one info – it comes with a meal plan and grocery list, which is perfect because I’ve been in a meal-planning rut lately.

Because I (really) want to lose this weight and get back to feeling good in my body and in my clothes I’m going to focus solely on sticking to the EFLL Challenge in January. And then in February I can turn my attention to something else.


How do you all approach your goals? What are you hoping to accomplish in 2016?

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    1. This is great Paige! And so relatable. I have been thinking about my goals for the year, and one of them is to become a morning person. I think this will trickle down and affect a lot of the other areas of my life. (Work/life balance, more attentive mom, etc.) Keep us posted on your progress!

      1. Thank you, Andrea! I am definitely more productive in the morning…I always seem to talk myself out of things or something else comes up in the evening and I don’t get anything done. I hope that if I focus on smaller goals all year I won’t get overwhelmed and let them all go!

    1. My goals are pretty much the same as yours! Eating less processed junk and try to get out of our ‘menu’ rut. Also be better with our household budgeting so a capsule wardrobe will really help me with this one! Also limiting my time on social media as I’m addicted and don’t want to be missing out on real time with my daughters. Loving your posts as always, Paige! Xx

      1. Heidi,
        Those sound like awesome goals to me! 🙂 Have you decided to do a capsule? I’d love to hear more…
        You have to keep me posted on how your goals are going! This month I’m going to focus on the food and then decide what February’s focus should be (whatever is bothering me most, I guess!).
        Thanks for reading!

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