Slice of Life 04.12.16

This link about the surprising statistics about how much we really own was so intriguing to me. It was sent to me from the Brass Clothing mailing list, which I suggest you join…they always send great links. At the very least, read their blog for some great info about Capsule Wardrobes and style.

I’ve already been thinking about bathing suit shopping and I keep going back to this shop – I love the fun colors and prints, plus I think they’ve got some great “mom-friendly” styles.

You have to watch these Kid Snippits videos. For all of my teacher friends, check out this one.

And for you moms who are looking for summer entertainment, have you heard of Kids Bowl Free? We participated last summer and went at least once a week to get a break from the hot summer sun.

It looks like the “ugly shoe” Birkenstocks are trying to become a little prettier.

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    1. Also check into Kids Skate Free! We received 2 passes a week, per kid, all summer!!

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