Slice of Life | 09.27.15

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted the little bits and pieces of my life that aren’t capsule wardrobe related, so I thought I’d do a quick update and work on getting back in the routine. It was a crazy week getting back to work – I am definitely feeling pulled in a million different directions. I don’t remember having a tough transition going back to school when the other kids were babies, so I’m hoping I adjust soon. Or maybe it’s just our new craziness and I need to learn to manage it. It will definitely help once I get more organized at school.

So here’s a bit of what else is going on…

The girls have their first matching jammies – just look how cute they are!!  And that bedhead…talk about a good night’s sleep.

matching jammies

Last Saturday we had kid’s soccer games and then rushed over to catch the parade and walk around our town’s festival. This was my simple mom #ootd for a long day.
stripes and birks

Yesterday after soccer and laundry and other chores were done I realized I needed to take a minute to slow down and appreciate all this madness. The girls and I got out a blanket, laid it under a slowly changing tree, and just enjoyed chatting and trying to make Brynn smile. the gals

Dinner: Last week I made this recipe that I found on Pinterest and O.M.G…soooo good! I highly recommend it. I made about half as kabobs, then when that got to be too much effort I grilled the rest as whole chicken thighs and cooked the veggies in the oven. I definitely remembered how hard making healthy dinners is when you’re busy and exhausted. I’m looking forward to colder weather when I can batch cook chili, soups, and crockpot meals for easy dinners.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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