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Pinterest Disconnect: My friend, Andrea, sent me this link a while ago about “the pinterest disconnect” and it totally resonated with me, so I wanted to share. When I look at my Pinterest Style Inspiration board there are a lot of neutrals, a lot of stripes, a lot of simple cuts, so why in the heck was I wearing the exact opposite?! I feel I’m finally getting back to the style that I’m drawn to on Pinterest, thanks so my capsules. I think about this all of the time when I feel like my wardrobe is too neutral or too simple. Before, I was trying to add style with colors and patterns and all the accessories. Now, I’m trying to learn to add style by actually styling my pieces – layers, tucks, cuts, and texture. And I’m starting to be ok with being neutral and simple.

When’s the last time you just scrolled though your pinterest style board? I hadn’t in a while until this post. Oh, how I love my Pinterest style board….#goals. 😉

Babble Band review: For all of you moms out there, I wanted to share a review with you. I was sent a Summer Infant Babble Band last week and I got to use it over the weekend. You guys, it is sooooo cool! It’s a baby monitor that you wear like a watch. It was so convenient during nap time when I was running up and down the stairs cleaning the house – I didn’t have to carry the monitor along with me. I think it will be so perfect on nice days when I’m outside with the older kids while Brynn naps.

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The wristband can be set to sound, vibrate, or light mode. I wore mine on vibrate, so I would feel a little buzz when there was a sound in the room. Then you can touch the center button to listen in on the room. The lights also go off based on sound as well. It’s lightweight, comfy, and the wristband has a rechargeable battery (it actually charges on the base). At around $60 I would highly recommend it. There’s also a giveaway over on Instagram starting 2/10 at 6:00 MST thru 2/13 at midnight.

Super Bowl: I just wanted to share this pic of my kids and I dressed up for Broncos Spirit Day last week. We just hung out at home and watched the game. The timing was halftime we paused the game, did bath and bedtime routine, and the younger 3 all fell asleep. Our oldest came back downstairs and we were able to watch the game in a little more calm setting.


Spring Capsule: I’m starting to brainstorm my Spring Capsule and I’m really struggling with the huge weather changes we have here in spring. I’m not sure if I want to do two mini capsules (maybe 6 weeks each) or just do the best I can. Any preference on what you’d like to see?

I did try on some of my clothes to get inspired and darn it, I still cannot fit into my bottoms. I did order a couple new pairs of pants on Thred Up that should come next week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed those work out. One reason I’m loving Thred Up lately is I can try different (and more expensive) brands and they have a 14 day free shipping policy, so I can send things back if they don’t work. Plus, I feel buying second-hand is a great intro to the slow fashion movement that I can’t quite bring myself to commit to yet.

I”ll be back in a few days with a recap of the first week of my 20 piece wardrobe. So far, so good!

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