Spring Capsule Outfits #3

Getting back to these weekly outfit posts is making me realize how quickly time is going by. Or maybe it’s that the end of the school year is approaching and everything after Spring Break is a blur?! Either way, here we go… a look at week 3 of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

I have stuck to wearing only the items I shared as part of my capsule so far (I have worn a few different shoes than the 3 I posted, but I’ve never counted shoes as part of my capsule). Even though I kept some of my ‘maybes’ hanging in my closet, I haven’t felt the need to reach for those yet – I’ve been totally content with the 21 clothing items I originally posted. I’m kind of thinking that after two years of ‘capsuling’ in some form or another, maybe I’m finally getting the hang of it. 🙂

This past week we had Monday off (which was spent getting the yard cleaned up and ready for spring) and Friday was College Day, so I am sharing my Easter outfit and the other three days from mid-week.

Style Notes

  • A cropped sweater length makes layering over a maxi dress very simple.
  • Monochromatic outfits make for an easy outfit and always seem to feel styled.
  • Combining different shapes – like the boxy top and slim skirt on Wednesday or the wide pants and cropped sweater on Thursday – adds interest to a simple outfit
  • Varying textures – linen or raw silk paired with wood and leather accessories is another great way to add a subtle statement to an outfit.
  • Comfort is still top priority – not one of these outfits caused any tugging, pulling, adjusting, or fussing. It’s amazing how much better that can make your day!

This Week’s Favorite (Wednesday):

I loved the pairing of the slim skirt with the boxy cut top. Originally I had planned to wear jeans, but the weather was warm and I noticed I hadn’t worn the black pencil skirt from my capsule yet, so a last minute change turned into my favorite look. This was a simple outfit, but it felt pulled together and anything but boring. I did have to try on a few different shoe options and I liked this choice, though there may have been a better option (see below).

This Week’s Lesson (Wednesday):

On Wednesday I originally had planned to wear my Nisolo oxfords, but the flat shoes that cover most of my foot paired with the midi-length skirt really made my legs feel cut off and stumpy. I tried a different pair of flats, but felt the same and heels seemed too dressy. In the end, the slight heel on my clogs and lower ankle strap felt like the best option, but in pictures the shoes felt a bit too clunky for the slim skirt. I think my open-toed clogs, which don’t have as rounded of a toe may have been the best option.


Sotela dress (c/o read more here) // Sandals (old, old, old from Target, love this ethical option for spring) // c/o Natalie Borton necklace (10% off here)


Brass Tank Maxi Dress // Everlane Cashmere Crop // same sandals as above


Jamie + the Jones T Top (available from Sun Child with email signup discount code) // Black pencil skirt (old from Old Navy, ethical option) // Lotta From Stockholm Clogs


Jamie + the Jones T Sweater // Everlane Wide Leg Crops // Lotta From Stockholm Clogs // c/o Natalie Borton necklace (10% off here)

I asked on Instagram, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the clogs with the pencil skirt. Too clunky? What shoe style would you wear with a straight midi skirt?

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    1. I think the clogs with the midi skirt are super cute, and you have nice legs. I would be curious to see what your black top looks like with a front tuck to your black skirt…

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