Spring Capsule Outfits #4

Hi there! I hope you all had a great week. It’s been one of those weeks where I can’t quite figure out what day we’re on and the days felt long, but suddenly the week is over. Isn’t that what they say about raising little kids too? The days are long, but the years are fast? We’ve definitely had a couple of those long days around here lately…I’m thinking everyone is just about ready for summer break and some time to relax and not be on a schedule.

So, here’s a look at my outfits from this last week of April. I have stuck to the pieces I shared as my ‘capsule’ at this beginning of the month, but did wear a plain black tee this week. There are still three items I haven’t even worn yet…the sage green maxi dress, the striped ponte tee, and the chambray shirt.


I planned this outfit by thinking about what I hadn’t worn from my capsule yet (bootcut jeans) and the week’s weather (today was the warmest day, so planned short sleeves). I wore the bootcuts and Madewell shirt with boots all morning, but just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t really want to wear my bootcut jeans, I just felt like I should because they’re just hanging there. But, I realized that was silly. I don’t want to wear clothes out of a feeling that I should, I want to wear what I want. So, I changed into my favorite Brass Ponte Pants and Nisolo oxfords and immediately felt more confident in the outfit.


I received this Tapered Collection Three Quarter Tee last week to test drive and review (coming next week). I liked the simple jeans and tee combination and I felt the ankle boots helped to up-style the look. I can’t wait to share more about the tee with you – it had just enough shape and detail to keep it from feeling boring. On another note, I have been struggling with the frayed bottom of the Levi’s Wedgie jeans. I knew that was a detail I wasn’t totally sold on in the beginning, but now that they’ve settled in and are more frayed I’m really not feeling it. I still love the fit, especially the high waist, but from the knee down I don’t feel they’re the most flattering. I’m not going to run out to buy something different anytime soon (though I have been online browsing) with summer around the corner, but I am a little frustrated with myself for not giving myself more time before deciding to keep them.


This was another outfit planned by looking at what I hadn’t worn yet. I started with just the black silk dress and boots. I was counting on the necklace and socks to be my style details. Then I remembered how much I liked my longline cardigan from winter over this dress when I wore it during the Winter 10×10 and I decided to take advantage of the cooler day and layer up. I think the cardigan really completed the look.


One thing cropped sweaters are perfect for is layering over longer items. Today I wore my Brass Cropped Crew sweater with a LOFT wide leg jumpsuit I found on Thred Up. I debated between my Lotta Clogs and Nisolo Oxfords and in the end the oxfords won (obviously). I feel this outfit looked better than it photographed, but it still wasn’t my favorite of the week.


Ladies’ Happy Hour tonight after work!! I dressed up my typical casual Friday jeans and basic sweatshirt with some booties (because snow is coming), and my wood Natalie Borton necklace, which I always wear when I have a simple outfit and I want to pull the look together.

I think my favorite, if I had to choose, of the week would be Monday. Every time I wear the Brass Ponte Pants I just feel like a million bucks. I’ve been having a hard time getting my eating back on track since Easter (well, kind of since spring break), so it feels good to wear something I feel confident in. I liked the dress and cardigan as a very close second.

My least favorite was Thursday, but I didn’t feel that way until I looked at photos. It can be hard sometimes to tell if the photos give a real view of the outfit or if certain looks just don’t translate as well to photo. Or it could be that I have a 4, 7, and 9-year old as photographers, so even them holding the phone at an odd angle changes the perception (see Monday where it looks like I’m 6′ tall :))

I have a busy couple of weeks coming up as I wrap up my last National Board component (teacher certification thing, but it’s A LOT of work), in addition to another post-grad class I took, and get the school year wrapped up. I hope to be able to consistently post weekly recaps in May, but you can always get a day to day look on Instagram.


Brass Ponte Pants // Madewell NIghtshift Tee (via Thred Up – $10 off 1st purchase at that link) // Nisolo oxfords


Levi’s jeans // Tapered Collection Tee // Jacket (Thred Up)


White Label Project Dress // Gap cardigan (old) // Natalie Borton necklace (10% off here)


Jumpsuit (LOFT via Thred Up) // Brass Cropped Crew sweater // Nisolo oxfords


Levi’s jeans // Old Navy sweatshirt (old, I’ll get this ethically made one when I need a replacement) //Natalie Borton necklace (10% off here)

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    1. CONGRATS on finishing (almost) your NBTC–that’s a ton of work on TOP of teaching! Smashing job!!! That’s one of those things I’ll be excited to organize when they give me an extra planning period to do it (and when pigs fly and when the middle class gets a tax cut–aka never gonna happen)!!! I’ve got one more class to take for my Gifted certification…

      You can always trim up the fray on the jeans if you don’t like them?

      Love the looks!

      1. Holly,
        Thank you…then there’s the endless wait until December to find out if I passed. Ugh. It’s bee a long process and this final component is brutal. Congrats on your next certification as well!

        As for the jeans, I decided after thinking about it more, that it’s not so much the fray, but I think I’m just still getting used to the non-skinny jeans. After 10 years of living in skinny pants, it’s a different line. They’re way more comfortable, but I don’t feel like they’re as flattering…especially at the bottom of my legs. Now, which wins…comfort or flattering? Or can I find both?! 🙂

    1. Have you thought of hemming the frayed bottoms of the Levi’s? Or if you want to leave it raw, but stop the fraying sew a single line with a machine slightly above the frayed edge and trim the longer parts.

      1. Jessica,
        I think since I cut them shorter, if I hemmed them they would be too short (which I probably should have thought of earlier). I also am not so sure anymore if it’s the fraying I don’t like or just that it’s a different cut than the skinnies I’ve lived in for 10 years, so I don’t feel they’re as flattering (even though they’re a million times more comfortable, so that may win). I will have to sew a line in there to stop the fray though – thanks!!

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