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Spring Capsule Outfits: Week #5

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week, exciting week, and tiring week, but aren’t they all?! If I’m being totally honest, I’m pretty mentally wiped this week.I’ve been really hunkering down and working on my Teacher National Board Certification and holy cow, it’s using all my brain power. It’s also making me want to drown my stress in chocolate, but that’s another issue. So, let’s just dig into this week’s outfits since that’s about all I can muster up at this point.


I feel like the 10 day forecast has been the biggest factor in my wardrobe planning. I have sweaters I want to get one last wear out of and I have spring outfits I’m so excited to wear. So, each Sunday night, I check out the weather for the week to see which days will be sweaters and which will be spring. This week started colder than usual, so I knew I was going to wear my T sweater just in case this was the last cool down of the spring (though I hear there’s more snow in the forecast). In an effort to wear some of my capsule items I hadn’t worn during April, I paired it with my bootcut jeans and layered an olive tank underneath. I was surprised how much I liked the proportions of the outfit, but I don’t love the color of these jeans. I think for fall I may try to find a slightly lighter wash so they feel a little less ‘stiff’.  I wish I had a full body photo to share, but the day got away and I didn’t have time. In the end, I realized I hadn’t included my bootcut jeans in my capsule after all (I just forgot to move them to the other rack in my closet). I decided they were too wintery since I have to wear heeled boots with them, but I’ll be sure to pair these two again next fall.


I wanted to badly to wear my wide leg crops with my chambray shirt (inspired by Andrea of Seasons and Salt) and that’s how I spent the first part of my day. I loved the combination of the darker chambray (which I tucked in), the cream pants, and the cognac accessories. But….I felt that the tucked in top was so fussy. I kept feeling like I had to retuck it or that it was bunching weird in the front. I noticed that I just felt off. I was uncomfortable, even though I loved the look. I also considered that I knew it was a long day with a lot of lecturing and writing on the board, so I’d be constantly raising my arms up and down, which I knew would make the issue even worse. At the last minute, I ran upstairs and put on my Three Quarter Tapered Tee and it was an instant relief. You know I love my black and tan combination, so I still liked the color palette, but I was 1,000 times more comfortable and at ease.


I typically don’t wear jeans twice in a week, but this spring I’ve been loosening up on that. My district and school is super casual, so we really can wear just about anything we want, but I always try to stay on the more professional side. But, I do love the look of jeans, especially when paired with an interesting top and accessories, so I’ve decided to join in and allow myself to wear jeans more often. I also feel like I always struggle to find pants styles that I like, so wearing jeans another day or two each week means I can work with what I have (which is just 5 different bottoms) for my spring capsule.

This outfit was so basic from afar, but all day I was reminded of the small details that make me love each piece – the texture of the raw linen top, the unique d’Orsay style of the oxfords, and the mixed metals of my necklace. All day I felt so content with how this outfit came together. Sorry I don’t have a full shot of the outfit…my 4-year-old attempted to take a picture, but you know….she’s 4! 🙂


By Thursday, it was in the 70’s, so I swapped sweaters for tees and boots for Birkenstocks. This was an easy outfit combination, which was perfect for this point in the week. I added this Natalie Borton necklace (10% off here) and the wood JORD watch as an afterthought, but I think the brown tones softened up the look and tied it all together nicely.


sotela dress

I’ve had so much on my mind as my National Board Component 4 (the last one!) is due in under two weeks, and my brain is just fried. I’ve been writing, editing, second-guessing, rewriting, analyzing, and brainstorming. I wake up at night thinking about it, I’ve spent every spare moment at school thinking about it, and I’ve been trying to work on it after the kids go to bed, but I don’t seem to be too productive then.

A simple outfit seemed like the best option for the end of the week since I can’t muster up much more than that (and that’s why I love dresses). A few weeks ago, a reader suggested the striped top as a layering option for the my linen dress, so that was a perfect option for keeping warm in the morning, but to add a bit of interest tied around my waist later in the day.



T Sweater (Jamie and the Jones) // Levi’s Jeans (Anthropologie) //  boots (Forever 21, old)


Shirt (c/o Tapered Collection) // Pants (Everlane) // boots


T Top (Jamie and the Jones) // Levi’s Jeans (Anthropologie) // Shoes (Nisolo)


Top (Gap) // Pants (Brass Clothing) // Shoes (Birkenstocks)


Dress (c/o Sotela) // Shoes (Birkenstocks)

I hope you all have a great weekend. What are your plans? We have three soccer games and dance photos. It’s also the big trash/donation pick up day in our town, so I look forward to a bit more purging this weekend, too.

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    1. I love these posts. They’re so inspiring! I definitely need to get one of Natalie’s necklaces soon.

      1. Jillian,
        That means so much…thank you! It has been fun getting back into more regular outfit posts since that’s why I started the blog and IG in the first place. And yes, Natalie’s necklaces are so versatile – when I don’t know what else to add…I always add one of her necklaces!
        Thanks again,

    1. I love that the stripes with the linen dress worked for you! It looks cute over it and tied

      1. Thank you, Krysta!
        I wore the dress this weekend on a hot day and it was perfect. And later in the evening I layered my longline cardigan over it and I’m super excited about that mix, too.


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