Spring Capsule Recap

School is out and I’m switching over to my summer wardrobe (and kicking it off with a 30×30 style challenge this week – stay tuned). But first, I want to do a full recap of my spring capsule.


After stepping away from capsule wardrobes and loosening up on the rules for fall and winter, I decided to ease back into it for spring. I found that keeping most of my wardrobe available in my closet was nice for a while, but by the end of winter it started to feel overwhelming. I had maybe 60-70 items in my closet ranging from tank tops to dresses to sweaters, but it still felt like too much.

My Wardrobe

For spring, I started by separating out my very favorite pieces. I called that my ‘capsule’. I use the term loosely, because I didn’t restrict it to certain number of items and I allowed myself to add in new items as needed. My closet has two racks, so I kept my capsule on the top rack and some of my less favorites as ‘backup’ on the bottom rack. Not once during the past 2 months did I end up grabbing clothes from the bottom rack. My favorites were enough.

I had 24 items that I started with, though I did allow myself to rotate in any shoes (the 3 shown were my most worn). In addition, I added a black pencil dress (worn twice), a white A-line dress (worn once), and traded my straight leg pants for a higher-waisted version. I also have a drawer of basic tanks, tees, and sweatshirts that I kept available. For me, the bottom rack of my closet (the backups) acted as a security blanket in case my smallest capsule wardrobe started to feel too boring or too redundant. Here’s a more thorough look at the items I chose.

The Outfits

My favorites

As I look back through my outfits from spring, these four jump out as my favorites. Not only for how they looked, but for how I felt in them. They were all comfortable and simple, yet I felt totally pulled together and confident in each of these outfits. I have a newfound love of longline cardigans over dresses and loose white tops, it looks like.

spring capsule outfits

Lessons learned

The idea of quality over quantity has finally clicked for me. I have invested my money into buying just a couple of things each season that I love and I can’t believe the difference. These are the pieces that I can throw on and because of the gorgeous designs, quality fabric, and subtle details that make them special, I feel great in them. I have looked for clothes than not only look good and are flattering on my body type, but that are easy to wear and care for.

I do better with a smaller wardrobe. While I like loosening up the rules, I also like keeping less in my wardrobe. Not only does it make my physical closet space less overwhelming, it makes getting dressed less overwhelming. By only having my very favorite clothes to chose from, it eliminated a lot of the struggles of getting dressed. I didn’t have guilt about not wearing things enough, I didn’t pick outfits around items I didn’t really want to wear but felt I should, and I found I was able to find new ways to wear things because I didn’t have as many options. Plus, having less meant I wore my investment pieces more and reduced the cost per wear drastically.

Repeating doesn’t make you less stylish. I think there is a common misconception that to be stylish means having a lot of clothes (at least it’s a misconception I held for a long time). That to be stylish means you have something different to wear each day. For a long time, I felt that if I were going to repeat clothes they needed to be the most simple, basic items so that it wasn’t noticeable. This season I had items that I wore almost every single week. And you know what? I didn’t feel less stylish because of it. And no one noticed. And even if they did…it’s just not a big deal. In fact, it’s being a smart and responsible consumer. From now on, I’m a proud repeater!

Thanks so much for following along with my re-entry into capsule world the past couple of months. I always love your feedback on outfits and styling options, especially when I struggle with making something work – you always come through with some great ideas!

I’ll be back Friday with a full look at my summer wardrobe and how I’m addressing my summer style struggles.


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    1. Love this! Your outfits all look cool and effortless, and you did a lot with so few pieces!

      1. Lo,
        Thank you so much! I feel I’m finally starting to get the hang of the capsule thing and learning to mix and match more (now 2 years in!) 🙂

    1. What a great recap!

      I’m really looking forward to hearing you talk about your summer wardrobe. I’d especially like to hear any tips you have for picking shorts or lightweight pants that don’t show sweat! I don’t always feel comfortable in skirts in the summer (my thighs tend to rub and so I have to either wear an extra layer (hot!) or carry body glide with me to reapply). The problem I’ve had is finding shorts that don’t get really dark when I sweat. Denim sometimes feels to casual, and I wear a lot of black tops so I don’t always want my bottoms to be black, too.

      Is this something other people struggle with?

      1. Ann,
        I definitely struggle with shorts and summer bottoms, in general. I wonder if you could find a pair of culottes? I’m envisioning something about knee length that almost looks like a skirt, but has the separation of pants (like a flowier fabric). I haven’t necessarily seen something like that (as I haven’t looked), but I would bet you could find something out there. I only included 2 pair of shorts because I really don’t like them, but I’m going to try to work with what I have for now. Keep me posted!

    1. Great recap! Love your style!
      The last few years as I’ve veered towards minimalism, cut way down on shopping, and starting shopping mostly ethical I’ve found all those things to be true too.
      Now that I am pregnant I am doing what I call a “maternity capsule” and it’s been eye opening how much I can do with so few pieces of clothes! I am just starting my last trimester.
      I have 20 pieces of clothing total (including a jean jacket and 2 cardigans for layering). Than I am just doing accessories, jewelry and shoes (5 pairs).
      Looking forward to everyone doing the 30×30 this month!

      1. Jodie,
        You and I are total opposites! My capsule journey started with my maternity wardrobe and then has spread into trying to simplify other areas of my life. I have become so much more aware of my consumption and shopping since starting. I love that you are learning to do so much with so little and I will be curious to hear if you plan to continue after your baby arrives?

        Thanks for saying hi!

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