Spring Capsule Recap

One of my favorite parts of capsules is that they naturally lend them selves to wardrobe reflection. I honestly don’t think it ever occurred to me to really analyze my outfits and what I liked and didn’t like before I tried the capsule wardrobe. Which is probably how I ended up with a closet full of clothes that were just so-so and not really me. Having a capsule season come to an end is a great reminder for me to look back at how the pieces I chose for the capsule worked (or not so much). For me, this reflection is so valuable in helping me plan my future capsules and identify my personal style.

What Didn’t Work:

I have items that aren’t being worn in my capsules, which tells me I still struggle to identify the best pieces to include. For example, I thought I loved the Old Navy lace trim sweatshirt, but I didn’t wear it often because I didn’t like how it looked with black or denim bottoms, which just left me with my gray jeans. More than anything, this is just a reminder that I don’t need as many items – I still haven’t nailed down the number where every items gets worn more than once or twice, but enough that I don’t get bored.

I typically post my least favorite outfits, but I didn’t have many that I absolutely disliked. I had some that weren’t at the top of the list, but nothing really stood out at the very bottom of the list. So, while I may still pick items that aren’t going to become major players in my closet, I think I’m getting better at finding what works best for me.

What Worked:

This has been my favorite capsule so far. I loved the variety of texture and different styles I included this time around. This was a lesson I had learned from both Fall and Winter where I’d included too many similar items and felt like my outfits were getting redundant. This season, I had a very neutral color palette, but it never felt boring to me because I didn’t include many “repeat” style items. I felt I had endless options to mix-and-match my pieces and getting dressed was simpler than ever.

The 10×10 Style Challenge I participated in that Lee (at Style Bee) hosted was a great experience. It made getting dressed so easy and showed me the power of selecting coordinating items that could all be worn together. Less really is more (when carefully selected).

I loved the new additions of wide leg pants and boyfriend jeans. I think the different shapes and details of these pieces made a huge difference in how “styled” I felt even when pairing them with simple tops.

Here is a look at all of my outfits from spring:

complete spring capsule outfits

Moving forward, I’ve been struggling with creating my summer capsule. I’ve decided to relax on the rules a bit for the season since my summer wardrobe is pretty small anyway and I don’t have any desire to add new pieces. I’m going to work with what I have and share some looks along the way, but it will be a little different than my typical capsule posts. A reader reminded me that summer is more relaxed and laid back and I am going to embrace that for my style, my capsule, and my blog.

Along those lines, I’ve been thinking (and talking with my friend, Andrea) more about what comes after capsule wardrobes? Am I capsule wardrober for life or once I meet my goals is it time to try something new? We’ve had a lot of discussions about this and I look forward to sharing more of our thinking with you.

I’m interested, do you do wardrobe reflections to help you make decisions about purchases and outfits?

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    1. After a year of capsule wardrobes I have learned quite a bit about my style. Limiting myself helped me to identify specifics about items that I loved and distinct reasons why certain garments didn’t get worn (fabric content, cut, color, etc.). With that knowledge I am so much more particular now with what I buy than before. Even though it’s painful to purchase something only to realize it doesn’t work I ease my pain a bit by taking comfort in having new found knowledge about my style.

      1. It really is so eye-opening, when you’re limited, to what you choose and what you love. It has been so amazing for me – now that I’m more picky I am so less tempted by shopping (especially deals). I love your attitude toward “bad” purchases!

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