Spring Capsule Stats

Last week marked the halfway point through my spring capsule and even though I’m changing it up a bit for the 10×10 Style Challenge, I wanted to take a quick look at what I’m wearing least and most from my closet.

I always find it interesting what items aren’t getting worn and to take a look at why. This step is a huge help when I’m selecting items for future capsules and shopping for new items.

Of the 40 items currently hanging in my closet, 5 have not been worn yet during the past 6 weeks. They are:

Lace trim tee – This one I’m just saving for warmer days. It’s been a cool start to spring, so I have been getting wear from my long sleeves and sweaters before they are retired for summer.
Camel sweater – I find this sweater hard to layer or create different looks from. It was in my winter capsule and part of my 20 piece mini capsule, so I feel I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it and have created as many looks as possible without getting really creative. So, I’m reaching for newer items instead.
Camel jacket – I love this jacket and have honestly been surprised at how little I’ve worn in throughout the fall and winter. If I could just figure out why?
Black tee – I love to have basic tees in my closet, but I tend to reach for gray or white when layering.
Blazer – Similar to the camel sweater, I’ve had this black blazer in both my fall and winter wardrobes and am just reaching for different items.

There are 11 more items I’ve only worn once during the past 6 weeks:

These include the striped blouse, floral pants, both tank tops, and jean jacket. It always shocks me that even with a limited wardrobe there are items not getting worn repeatedly It is a great reminder to me that there are a lot of styling options with minimal items.

On the other end, the most worn items have been all of my varieties of jeans, the gray pullover sweater, and two items I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear: the black jumpsuit and wide leg pants. I’d consider these both wardrobe risks for me that are really paying off!

During transitional seasons the weather has had a lot to do with what items I am not reaching for. I know we will have some warm days ahead, so I’ve been saving my short sleeves and lighter items for the end of spring. Instead, I have been putting my more winter-y pieces to work this first half before they are packed up for a while.

I also have found that there are items like basic tees, blazers, and even my denim jacket that I always feel I need to include, but don’t wear much. Are these my wardrobe security blankets? Do I include them because I feel I should not because they fit my style or needs? If I cut them from my wardrobe would I even miss them? I love answering these questions in order to help me make better wardrobe choices. Instead of just thinking about it, I’m going to try it. I’m cutting these items for the rest of the capsule. My blazer, jean jacket, and black tee have been in multiple capsules, but are never worn much, so I’m going to take them out and see if I miss them.

I also have two additions for the last half of the capsule as the temperatures rise. This skirt from my friend, Tracy’s, Lularoe Shop. I have loved the midi length black pencil skilularoe skirtrt I’ve had since fall, so I decided a brighter version would be perfect for spring and summer.


black birkenstocks I also added black Birkenstocks to my shoe collection. I love my brown ones, and I think the black will be a great addition given the color palette of my spring capsule. Even more exciting is that I found them at Athleta and I was able to use Old Navy credit card rewards and they only cost me $10!


What are your wardrobe security blankets? Have you ever tried letting them go?

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    1. I love that you’re challenging the status quo here Paige! If you look at any “10 pieces every woman should have in their closet” article out there you will definitely find a jean jacket and blazer on that list! So props to you for laying the smack down on those fashion laws and doing what actually makes sense for you 🙂

      Also, do you use the Stylebook App for all these stats?

      1. Laura,
        Yes! Every wardrobe essentials list always has a black blazer and denim jackets seem to be on every capsule wardrobe list. I like the items, but do I LOVE them? I guess we’ll find out. I did have my blazer in my 20 piece mini capsule, so I was forced to wear it more. I’m taking a stand!! 😉

        And I don’t have Stylebook since I’m on Android, but I have a similar app that does tell me when I’ve worn items. I typically just look back at my blog pics though. It’s so interesting when I find the items I thought would be major capsule players aren’t the ones I choose.

    1. If you love the pieces but don’t tend to reach for them, challenge yourself. Do a mini capsule with those pieces at the forefront. Force yourself to be creative with how you wear them and layer them for a week or two. Or just do a “fashion show” with the pieces to create outfits with them. Take pictures of the combos you really like. Then go back to your normal capsule. You will probably find that you reach for them once you know how you like wearing them. If they still don’t work for you, they should go.

      1. Mikayla,
        That’s a great suggestion and I actually did add my blazer and black tee to a 20 piece mini capsule I did for February. It totally made me see new ways to style them and show them some love, but as soon as I had more options, they were put on the backburner. I look forward to seeing if I even miss them and making the decision if they have earned a spot in my wardrobe. I love that having a capsule really leads me to evaluate each item instead of mindlessly adding items.

        Thanks for reading!

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