Spring Capsule: Week 1 Recap

I really believe my Spring Capsule is my favorite yet, so I was excited to finally get to start creating some outfits from my 40 items. Monday was a Math holiday (Pi Day) and I wore a special t-shirt to commemorate the occasion, so I only have 4 looks to recap this week.

Here’s a look at what I wore:


Simple, simple, simple, but I love the little details of this outfit – the gray jeans, the lace up shoes, and the tiny polka dots. These are the types of small details I tried be sure were included in my capsule to keep my outfits from feeling uniform or boring. I realized through my winter capsule that I’m not a huge fan of flannel collared shirts, yet I love my chambray, so I thought I’d give this one a try since it’s very similar to that.

polka dots and gray jeans 1

black laceup flats 1

Shirt ( old from Old Navy) (similar) / jeans AG from Thred Up ($10 credit here) (similar) / shoes (old from Old Navy) (similar)


Another simple look, but the dark wash jeans and the slight tuck of the sweater are added to make it seem like more than just a sweater and jeans. I didn’t wear the hat, but I think it would be a great piece to add a touch more interest to the outfit.

gray sweater 3 gray sweater and bootcut jeans 2

Sweater / jeans (Gap from Thred Up) (similar) / boots / hat (old from Old Navy) (similar)


Please excuse the tons of photos I’m going to show you of this Loyal Hana jumpsuit, but I just need to show you every detail. I have never thought of myself as a jumpsuit person, but as I was shopping for spring items I kept seeing them in the spring lines and I realized that a jumpsuit would be a hugely versatile piece in a capsule. And I wanted one! In fact, I bought one, but it made my butt look flat, so I returned it. Plus, I’m still pumping/nursing and that’s just not easy in a jumpsuit.

Everything fell into place when Loyal Hana sent me this amazing nursing friendly jumpsuit! ( enter Hands in the air emoji here) Loyal Hana is generously offering my readers 30% off for the next few weeks with code paige30.

It literally feels like wearing pajamas and has the most discrete zippers up the front darts to allow for easy access if you will.

For St. Patrick’s Day I added my green(ish) cardigan and some ankle boots with my two go-to necklaces from Classy Mama Designs and Natalie Borton.

loyal hana jumpsuit and cardigan 6
loyal hana jumpsuit and cardigan 4 loyal hana jumpsuit and cardigan 3 loyal hana jumpsuit and cardigan 1

Here’s a look at the zippers.

loyal hana jumpsuit and cardigan 5

Jumpsuit (Loyal Hana) / sweater (old from Express) (similar) / shoes (Old Navy via Poshmark) (similar)


Toward the end of a season I always start dressing like it’s the last of that particular weather day. For example, after almost a month of 60 degree and above temps it was snowing today, so I decided I’d better wear this scarf again, because it may be the last scarf-weather day. I’ve mentioned before that on Friday’s we wear our school color (royal blue), so I added just a touch of that to my casual Friday outfit.

stripes and buffalo plaid scarf 1 stripes and buffalo plaid scarf 3

Shirts (old from Old Navy and American Eagle) (similar stripes, similar gray) / jeans (JBrand from Thred Up) (similar) / boots (Sam Edelman from ebay) / scarf (old from Old Navy) (similar)

I notice that my spring capsule definitely incorporates a lot more gray, particularly pale gray. That seems to be my way of lightening up my wardrobe. In fall I really wasn’t into gray at all and leaned more toward camel as my neutral, so it’s interesting to see that even with my pull to neutral colors there can be a shift for the seasons.

Overall, I’m liking the looks I put together with these pieces, so I can’t wait to mix-and-match them. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say it was Wednesday’s bootcut jeans and sweater. I felt really good wearing that outfit and I’m obsessed with my bootcuts because of it!

What do you think – favorite or least favorite for the week?

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    1. I really like the last outfit, and how you mix colors and stripes. The polka dot shirt is really lovely as well. The black lace up shoes I’m absolutely in love with!!

      1. Thank you, Sarah!! I think the black shoes totally make any outfit look cooler 🙂

    1. Where is that grey sweatshirt from? It’s gorgeous!

      1. Lauryssa,
        I’m so sorry, I totally forgot to link that one item! It’s from Old Navy. I just added a link below the picture. It’s only $11.97 but there are only sizes L and XL left. I’m wearing a Large if that helps because I wanted it more oversized. It’s super comfy and soft!

    1. Tuesday’s look is my favorite. The monochromatic pin dots add interest without being overwhelming, the grey jeans are an interesting change, and the lace-up ballet flats are really cute.

      1. Anne,
        Thank you! I also love how the small details make this outfit a little less ordinary. I feel like that’s a bit improvement I made in this capsule in comparison to my winter capsule. Have a great weekend!

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