Spring Capsule: Week 3 Recap

Hello! I wanted to take a minute to apologize for the slowdown of posts around here recently. My goal has been to post 2-3 times a week, but the past few weeks the other parts of my life have been more crazy and my little blog has taken a backseat.

I’ve also been mulling over some of my goals for the blog – when I started a year ago this was a space for me to explore the capsule wardrobe concept and hold myself accountable to sticking to it. So, now that I feel like I’ve broken my impulsive shopping habits and am totally sold on the capsule wardrobes, what’s next?

Anyway, I’m still here and at the very least I’ll keep you updated on how I’m wearing my 40 items, but I hope to get back to posting more soon!


There’s something about Easter Sunday that makes me feel like breaking out the florals and pastels, though that isn’t typically my thing. At one time, I thought it was my thing, or maybe it truly was for a while? Either way, the first items to be eliminated from my closet when I choose my capsules are pastels and super bright colors. I like floral prints, but there are definitely ones I gravitate to. These pants almost didn’t make it in my spring capsule, I think they were the final addition, but I tried them on and the colors and print just felt right. I have always loved the oversized floral print and colors of these pants that I found on Poshmark two years ago (H&M brand). And they felt just so springy (even though the snow did not)! 🙂

floral pants 4 floral pants 3 floral pants 2

Pants are H&M from Poshmark (similar) / sweater / shoes are J. Crew from Poshmark (similar)


Monday’s are tough, but the Monday after spring break and after a holiday and going back to our state testing was BRUTAL! I kept my look simple, but really love how it turned out. The cognac jacket and booties and earrings(!) bring such a rich, warm color to the basic black and chambray.

chambray and leather 1 chambray and leather 2

nickel and suede leather earrings

jeans (similar) / shirt (similar) / jacket (similar) / boots / earrings (c/o Nickel and Suede)


One major goal for this capsule was to add more texture and variety. I still have a very neutral color palette, but I was more aware of adding different styles in order to keep things from feeling boring or uniform. Today I paired a more delicate lace tank top with a chunky darker knit as a fun contrast. I added nude lace-up flats rather than booties to keep the look feeling more spring than winter.

lace and chunky knit 5 lace and chunky knit 3 lace and chunky knit 2

lace top (similar) / sweater (similar) / jeans (similar) / shoes (similar)


I have been dreaming of wearing this outfit! I have loved the look of utility jackets as a layering piece for a couple of years, but I didn’t love the jacket I had, so I rarely wore it. I found this lighter, softer version on super sale after Christmas, so added it to my wardrobe and sold my other version. I added a striped tee and gray skinny jeans to stick with the lighter, softer colors.
stripes and fleet jacket 3 stripes and fleet jacket 2 stripes and fleet jacket 1

Jacket / jeans (via Thred Up, similar) / tshirt (similar) / shoes (similar) / necklace / bar necklace


It was a long day of work followed by a night of parent-teacher conferences, so I wanted to be comfortable, yet professional. Jeans, a tee, and a blazer for the win. I added a statement necklace since the rest of the outfit was basic. I used to be all about the statement necklaces, but I’ve found myself not reaching for them like I used to. I’ve purged a lot of them, but this one has always been a favorite, so it has a permanent place in my closet!

blazer and bootcut jeans 3 blazer and bootcut jeans 2

jeans (from Thred Up, similar) / tee / blazer (similar)

It was a colder week so I took advantage of being able to layer without being too warm while I can, so lots of that this week! I love the colors (or neutrals I should say) of Monday’s and Wednesday’s looks.

And I need some advice on my blazer sleeves (Thursday). They look sloppy to me rolled just once – are they supposed to hang straight or am I supposed to unbutton and roll a few times? What is proper blazer cuffing protocol?

Have an amazing weekend – I hope to be around more next week 😉

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      1. Thanks, Ali! That’s the look I’m going for – I think I’ve defined effortless and classic as my style goals, so yay! 🙂 Hope your having a great weekend.

    1. You look so good! All of these. The details are subtle, yet so refreshing. I think Tuesday and Friday are my favorites. And I think we need to do more brainstorming!

      1. Yes, we do need to brainstorm!! I really need to get refocused again. Over drinks would be nice, no?! Maybe we’ll have to settle for via text while we both have a drink 😉

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