Spring Capsule: Week 5 Recap

Capsule wardrobe to the rescue!

This week was a doozy. Monday morning I woke up achy and feverish and feeling run down, but because I used all of my days off for maternity leave, I went to work. Besides being a stay-at-home mom, I think teaching has to be one of the worst jobs to have to do sick. Tuesday wasn’t much better until about halfway through the day thanks to some Tylenol taking away the aches and chills, and by Wednesday I was feeling better, just congested and coughing. But of course, Wednesday night, Liv (3-years-old) was up with a fever and aches, so I stayed home with her Thursday (though she was so patient and did come to school with me so I could teach one of my classes). All of this during a week when my husband’s baseball team had 3 games, so he was gone every night until about 7.

Being a functioning human those days was hard enough, and I certainly wasn’t inspired to put together outfits in the morning. My capsule wardrobe saved a bit of my sanity, I honestly just picked my most comfy pieces and the great part is I knew they’d go well together and would fit and I would feel good even when I wasn’t feeling good.

Here’s a look.

Weekend Mom Style:

Tee (old from Old Navy, similar) / chambray (old from Target, similar) / pants (old from Old Navy, similar) / shoes (Birkenstocks)


Sweater (old from Express, similar) / tee (old from American Eagle, similar) / jeans (old from Loft, similar)

shoes (old from Dansko, similar) / necklace (c/o Natalie Borton)

bootcut jeans and long cardigan long cardigan

Sweater (old from Gap, similar) / jeans (Gap via ThredUp, similar) / tee (Old Navy) / shoes (Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse)

necklace (c/o Classy Mama Designs) / bracelet (c/o Dana Blair Designs)

baseball sweater and jeans

Sweater (old from J. Crew Factory, similar, similar) / jeans (JBrand via Thred Up, similar) / shoes (old from Target, similar)

The Good:

I wouldn’t say any of these are the greatest looks I’ve ever put together, but I am so happy that even when my outfit planning consisted of reaching for the softest top and comfiest pants I was able to create three looks that are much more pulled together than I was feeling. One thing that drew me to the capsule wardrobes in the first place was trying to simplify some parts of my life and it worked like a charm this week when I needed it most. I think my favorite is Tuesday with the longer cardigan over the bootcut jeans – the two work together to create a long line, which is nice for a 5’2″ gal 🙂

The Bad:

Besides my red, raw nose and puffy eyes ;), I’m going to give myself a pass this week and say I can’t think of anything. I didn’t accessorize much or add any fun ways to up-style my outfits this week, but sometimes that’s ok. It was a survival-mode type of week, and I made it out alive!

Now, onto a 4 day weekend and getting/keeping the family healthy. I hope you all have had a great week!!

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    1. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Yep, I totally agree – teaching and being a mum are super hard when you don’t feel well. I loved the long cardigan with the bootleg jeans. I also loveed Wednesday’s look – the colours in that long sleeved tshirt (sweater) really suit you and I love those leopard print shoes. Hope next week is back to normal. Cheers, Anna 🙂

      1. Anna,
        Thank you so much! I am so ready to be done with the coughs, fevers, and snot of winter 🙂 That camel color of the sweater is definitely one of my favorite neutrals – it’s so warm.
        Have a great day!

    1. Are you feeling recovered? Kudos to a capsule wardrobe really paying off in a time like this! I love Monday’s look, so classic and well-executed. And that extra long cardigan is really cute!

      1. Yes, I was so grateful to just be able to grab-and-go those mornings! We are healthy for the most part, but everyone’s got the cough and runny nose crud. Hope you all have a great week!

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