Spring Capsule: Week 6 Outfits

This was a week all about crossing things off my to-do list. From painting our master bedroom to writing final exams to submitting my fourth and final component in my pursuit of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher I am feeling darn good! Shoot, I’ve even ordered my groceries to pick up tomorrow morning. I LOVE accomplishing big tasks like that, so by Thursday night I was feeling quite accomplished 🙂

Our weather went from 50 and rainy to 80 and sunny over the course of the week, so I have a mix of winter and summer outfits in this post.


I spent Monday in ratty sweats and a ripped tee playing hookie from school and painting our master bedroom. In mid-June we are having all of the (20-year-old) carpet ripped out of the second floor and replaced with wood. I am so excited for this update, but before then I’m trying to paint all of the bedrooms while I don’t need to stress about paint drips. With the master done, that leaves three kid’s rooms to get painted during the first week of summer break. Luckily, I’ve done our hardest spaces, so the rooms shouldn’t feel too bad after that.


brass pencil dress outfit

You may remember that back in November I invested in the Brass Edit. For a slightly discounted up-front cost, I got a closet cleanout kit and 1 new Brass item per month for January to June. This dress was my fourth Edit piece. When I first tried it on, I thought no way. Way too tight. But, as I looked at inspiration pictures of other women on Brass’ website and Instagram the dress looked so gorgeous on everyone, regardless of shape. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and just go for it. I threw it on Tuesday morning and left the house without giving it much thought, which I normally wouldn’t recommend when trying to be a conscious consumer. But, I knew in this case I would continue to overthink and talk myself out of it, so I just pulled the trigger and I’m so glad I did.

I definitely had moments where I felt self-conscious, particularly about my belly. But, I also felt the dress gave me the confidence to embrace my mom pooch! I mean, I do have 4 kids (and had 6 miscarriages in between) after all and I should be damn proud of this belly.

Anyhow, the dress is amazing. The quality of work is outstanding and the fabric is ultra flattering. It definitely has the possibility to feel dressier than I like for work, which is why I paired it with more casual, fun shoes.


everlane cropped cashmere sweater

Back into the winter layers. I loved the warm tones and layers of this outfit. I would expect by now to be craving lighter, brighter colors, but this palette just feels so me. I had wanted to wear my Nisolo oxfords, but due to rain I decided to go with my sturdier and more broken in boots.


brass ponte pants outfit

This outfit started with an extra item…I had my chambray shirt layered under the sweatshirt. I loved the way it looked and felt it really completed the outfit, but the whole morning through breakfast and getting ready to leave I noticed I kept tugging the collar up and the bottom down and fussing with the sleeves. That meant the extra layer had to go. And though it definitely took a finishing touch away from the outfit, the increase in physical comfort was a million times worth looking a little less pulled together.


I wore this combination last weekend for driveway happy hour (with flip flops rather than clogs) with my neighbors after a hot Saturday afternoon and couldn’t wait to wear it again. This winter I discovered a love of longline cardigans over dress, and now I’ve discovered my spring/summer version. The best part is that this is about the most comfortable casual Friday outfit I can think of, but it looks so much more pulled together than jeans and a tee.


Pencil Dress (Brass Clothing – currently on sale) // Leopard Shoes (secondhand Merona from Poshmark, similar)


Sweater (secondhand Everlane, same sweater, different colors) // Shirt (secondhand Madewell from Thredup) // Jeans (Levi’s) // Booties (secondhand Sam Edelman) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton)


Sweatshirt (old from Old Navy, will replace with this ethically made one eventually) // Ponte Pants (Brass Clothing) // Shoes (Nisolo) // Necklace (c/oNatalie Borton) // Earrings (c/o Nickel and Suede)


Dress (c/o Everlane) // Sweater (old Gap) // Shoes (Lotta From Stockholm)

Have a wonderful weekend! To all you mommas out there…Happy Mother’s Day. To all of you wishing and waiting to me a mom…my love and hugs to you. I know this weekend can be rough.
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    1. Hey Paige! I have a question about the Everlane striped dress. It looks adorable under your long sweater (I’m obsessed with this look also) but on the model it looks like the armholes are cut really low. Is this dress difficult to wear alone? I’m loving your weekly outfit posts!

    1. Love that black dress! You look great in it!!

      1. Thank you, Holly! I’m glad I forced myself out of my comfort zone (basically by not over-thinking it and just leaving the house, so I couldn’t return :)).

        1. I also love the Brass dress! What size did you get? I am in between small and medium…

          1. Alyssa,
            I ended up getting the medium. I am a size 6. While it’s maybe just a tad big, I think the small would have been a little too tight on my hips/booty.

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