Spring Capsule: Week 7 Outfits

I started the work week feeling relaxed and refreshed after a few hours at the pool on Sunday as a Mother’s Day treat. I finished the week wearing my snow boots to work! It was a week of ‘planning‘ to try new combinations, but changing into some favorite standbys before leaving the house.

On Sundays I always do a little outfit planning. I look at the weather forecast first, then I start to think about what items I haven’t worn recently or if there is something I really want to wear (maybe because it’s new or a favorite or the weather is finally permitting). I also think about what my work days look like…for example, on Wednesdays I don’t walk at lunch like I do the rest of the week, so I’ll pick a dress or something else that wouldn’t be as comfortable for power walking. Or, if it’s a day of a lot of lecture I’ll be sure I’m comfortable and can move my arms over my head easily. If my brain isn’t feeling the creative thing, I have an ongoing list of outfit combinations in my phone, so I’ll look to that for some inspiration.


I knew the colder weather was coming, so I planned ahead to wear this linen muscle tank while I could. In my mental outfit planning, the tank was going to be tucked in to show off the high waist of the pants. But, in reality…I spent the weekend celebrating turning in my National Board submission, our family’s Greekfest, and Mother’s Day with ice cream, delicious food, and some adult beverages. Needless to say, I was feeling it on Monday morning, so decided to stay untucked to conceal some of my over-indulgance 😉

Pants (Brass Clothing) // Shirt (c/o Everlane) // Bag (c/o Lily Jade) // Shoes (super old, Target) //

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here)


This dress. I have been obsessed with it since I discovered Brass (probably close to 2  years ago). In fact, I ordered it in the fall, but didn’t feel the fit was flattering. Enter a lot more workouts and the Brass Edit I bought at the end of fall and I decided to try it again. This time is almost felt too big (this is a medium), but after trying on a small that my friend, Andrea, sent me, I decided the looser fit was most comfortable (especially in white). The small was just a bit too snug on my belly and bootie, while the medium skims my figure more, so it makes me feel less body conscious. The white is definitely a risk, but the dress is washable and I was told on my Instagram post that it cleans up nicely. Just like the pencil dress I got last week, I’m really excited about this ‘riskier’ addition to my wardrobe.

I knew I had to get at least one wear in before school ends because I don’t really see this being a dress I’ll wear much on summer break. I’m bummed I waited so long to try this again, but that’s the best part of buying a classic piece like this…I’ll have lots of opportunities to wear this beauty.

Dress (Brass Clothing) // Shoes (Moheda via Lotta From Stockholm) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here)


Sheesh, it took me a long time to come up with this super easy outfit. First I had on my striped tee (because I’ve only worn it once). Then, I decided to switch to my T top (working on getting that cost per wear down). Then, I remembered it was the day that we celebrate the graduating seniors and there is lots of hugs going around the and the T top is a little too cropped for that. So, I decided to go with the longer Madewell top. This color is really hard to photograph accurately. But, it’s so ugly. Yet, I like it and feel really pulled together when I wear this over other tees.

Shirt (Madewell via Thred Up) // Jeans (Levi’s) // Shoes (Lotta From Stockholm)


And then came the May snow. I had really wanted to try to style my Everlane Cropped Wide Leg pants with some sneakers to switch it up, but I just couldn’t make it work in a way that I was comfortable. That may be one of those looks that I love on other people, but don’t quite feel I pull off. Instead, I picked what I would say is my favorite combination of the winter to repeat (on what I hope is our last snowy day) and I LOVED it. This outfit wasn’t in the plan, but that’s when I’m so glad I have my small wardrobe to make it easy to grab something and go.

Sweater (Jamie + the Jones) // Pants (Brass Clothing) // Shoes (Sam Edelman)


Nothing fancy for Friday. It’s still cold and snowy, plus I usually try to wear some royal blue for school spirit, so it was a sweatshirt and sneakers kind of casual Friday. I didn’t even add a single accessory today.

I got these jeans as a hand-me-down from my sister and I love how they look, but boy the low waist is so annoying now that I have my high waist Levi’s. (Honestly, I don’t even know why I wore them…except that I felt I should since they’re in my closet. #badhabit) I ordered a pair of secondhand Madewell Cruiser jeans on Poshmark this week after stalking them for over a month, so I’m hoping those look similar, but are more comfortable and I can get rid of these.

Sweatshirt (old from Old Navy, ethical option) // Jeans (hand-me-downs (thanks sis), Target) // Shoes (Adidas via Poshmark)

So, how do you plan what you’re wearing? Do you decide in the moment when you see what you’re in the mood for or do you plan ahead?

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    1. What a great week of looks! The white dress looks fabulous. Good call on the fit, I think you’re right, looser is definitely better with white. I love hearing the thoughts behind your choices. I hope the weather warms up soon for you!!

      1. Andrea,
        Thanks, girl! I think ironing helped it look less ‘frumpy’ and I definitely prefer it to be loose through my tummy and hips. Hopefully, no more snow!

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