Spring Capsule

Wow, that was a tough capsule to build for a few reasons. First, I still have such a fear of getting it “right” that I have a hard time committing to my final items…like I may pick the “wrong” thing.  I also struggled with feeling like I was picking too many items. I felt that if I’m going to claim to be wearing a capsule wardrobe I should go with as small of a number as possible, but at the same time it seemed crazy to be packing up some items I love just to meet a number restriction. I had a chat with a friend who told me not to miss the forest for the trees. It reminded me that my goal with the capsule is to hone on on my personal style, curb my impulse shopping (which it totally has), and clear out the clutter in my closet that wasn’t working for me or my style, so I went ahead and kept those items I loved! In the end, I reminded myself that it’s just my wardrobe. And if things are going horribly wrong I’ll change it 🙂

These are the 40 items I ended up with and I’m really, really excited about it!

spring 2016 capsule

The Process:

While building this capsule, I took into account some of the lessons I learned from winter and tried to add a better mix of masculine and feminine pieces, as well as more texture and a bit more print.

I didn’t have a set number in mind, as I think each season is a little different depending on weather and what items you have that you love. I do like to keep it between 30-40 pieces just to be sure I’m really challenging myself to be picky about what items I’m letting into my wardrobe. I still find I can easily talk myself into keeping something I don’t love if I feel it’s filling a hole. Like I said above, I had a few try-on sessions with my items to be sure each and every piece of clothing that hangs in my closet is one I feel good wearing, but I didn’t cut things out that I already owned just to reach that smaller number.

With spring weather being so up and down I wasn’t sure if I should include shorts, but in the end I decided to leave them out until I really need them. I also had hoped to add another style of pants (I was thinking a light green chino style), white bootcut jeans (I found looked better on someone else), and this black maxi dress (waiting for it to be back in stock). These are all items I shopped for, but wasn’t able to find anything that I loved enough to add into my capsule, so I’ll keep my eye open and add them if I come across something that’s perfect.

40 items total
  •  20 carried over from my Winter Capsule
  •  11 were pulled out of storage
  •   9 are new

What’s New:

  • Gray Henley tank top (GAP): I have realized that I prefer a v-neckline, so I purged a couple of crew neck tank tops and updated to this gray linen tank with the cream trim. $19  (used credit card rewards to cover cost)
  • Cream, black, and gray lace trim sweatshirt (Old Navy): I bought this on a whim and loved it much more than I expected. It’s very comfortable and I like the feminine lace accent with the masculine sweatshirt. $16.40 (used credit card rewards to cover cost)
  • Light gray sweater (Old Navy): I knew I wanted to add another lightweight sweater to my capsule for the transitional spring weather. At first I kept looking for a color, but I noticed the lighter grays kept catching my eye – they looked so clean and refreshing. I decided to stop feeling like I should add color and go with my gut. $13.97 (used credit card rewards to cover cost)
  • Distressed boyfriend jeans (Levi’s): I knew I wanted a more casual style denim in my wardrobe about halfway through my winter capsule. I mentioned that to a friend and she sent me a link to these Levi’s, and it just so happened that a couple of days later they went on major sale, so I snagged them right away. $30.88 (post Christmas sale)
  • Gray AG skinny jeans (c/o Thred Up): My winter capsule felt a little boring in the bottom department, so I started shopping around for some lighter pants and different styles early on. I found these AG skinny grey jeans on Thred Up and knew they’d be a perfect addition to my lightened up spring colors. Thred Up has been my go to for buying pants during this postpartum stage. In this capsule, my bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, gray jeans, and faux leather jacket are all Thred Up finds. Use this link for a $10 credit on your first order.
  • Gray Marled Kimono Cardigan (Old Navy) This was my final addition to my capsule after realizing all of my layering pieces were pretty heavy. This cardigan matches with almost everything in my capsule, but also adds some interesting texture. It was $13.49 on clearance.
  • Madewell Fleet jacket (Nordstrom): I had a different green utility jacket that I found I never reached for, even though I love the style. That one was too dark, too bulky, and I just didn’t feel comfortable in it. I sold it on Poshmark and replaced it with this lighter, softer version I found on a post holiday sale for $70.60.
  •  Loyal Hana Marni Jumpsuit (c/o Loyal Hana): I had been noticing the jumpsuit trend and thought it would be a versatile addition to a capsule wardrobe…until I remembered I’m breastfeeding 🙂 I was so thrilled to be contacted by Loyal Hana to style one of their items, so I chose this black jumpsuit that has subtle zippers along the front seams to allow for easy breastfeeding and pumping (so genius)!! Best part is, they’re offering my readers a 30% discount with code paige30!
  •  Funnel Neck Sweatshirt: (Loft Lou & Grey Sherpablock) I have realized that I don’t like hoodies, so I had been looking for a new basic sweatshirt to wear on weekends and after work. I ordered this one for $22.50 on clearance. I was a bit unsure of it, but I picked Brynn up while I was trying it on and she spit up, so it’s a keeper ;). It’s not the most stylish top, but it will be very functional. It’s fully lined with the sherpa style fleece and it’s super warm, which will be perfect for soccer and baseball games throughout the spring when it’s cold, but a jacket isn’t necessary. I’ve already worn it twice this past weekend.

Thanks to some credit cards rewards at Gap/Old Navy and awesome collaboration opportunities thanks to Thred Up and Loyal Hana I spent $137.47 total.

Again, I didn’t expect to buy quite so much, but the new pants are all to replace items that don’t fit and I feel the other items were to fill holes in my wardrobe after I purged items that I didn’t care for or that were in bad condition.

What I Purged:

As I tried on clothes, a lot of the things I had kept as “maybes” became more obvious “nos”. I donated a few more bags and boxes, have one full bag shipped off to Thred Up for credits, and I sold $179.60 worth on Poshmark.

What’s Included:

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what is in the capsule. Since many of my items are from past season, I linked similar items and marked them with a *

baseball sweater* or tee / white shirt with dots* or here / lace tank top* or herewhite and gray lace trim top / striped tee*

striped long sleeve tee* / striped blouse* or here / pink tee / long cardigan* / henley tank

gray sweater / gray tulip back sweater* / sweatshirt* love thisgraphic tee* or here  / marled open front cardigan

gray tee / gray joggers* / gray skinny jeans* or here / camel sweater / tencel jacket

faux leather jacket* or here  / utility jacket / green cardigan* / chambray shirt* / distressed boyfriend jeans

skinny jeans* / blue sweatshirt */ blue slouchy shirt / denim jacket / dark bootcut jeans*

striped leggings / floral pants*  / black tee / black blazer* / shirt dress

black romper / black midi skirt / black joggers* or here  / black skinny jeans* / black wide leg pants* 

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    1. LOVE IT! And I love that you are giving yourself the freedom to not worry too much about the number. This looks like such a great wardrobe. I’m planning on working on mine this week because I’ve got spring break. Whoop whoop! And as always — thanks for sharing your journey. It really inspires me!

      1. Thank you, Ali! I had a lot of pieces I was thinking of cutting, but that just seemed silly and wasteful to have some great items stored under a bed because of some arbitrary rule I set for myself. I also wanted to be sure I wasn’t being too lenient with what I was letting in just because I had the items – it’s definitely a balance and a learning process. I can’t wait to see what you chose for spring!! We’re on spring break next week too – yay!!

    1. What is the exact brand of the striped T in the first row? I love it. I want to try to find it 2ND hand. Thanks!

      1. Katie, it’s from the Gap. I got it last spring. Good luck!! Love that you’re going to search for it second-hand. That’s exactly what I do!

    1. Love this post! Definitely inspiring. I keep mulling over the idea of a capsule wardrobe but the concept of limiting myself is almost foreign to me (at least as far as clothing goes). Love your style! Bookmarking for later!

      1. Thank you, Sarah! It was a tough jump to make into the Capsule Wardrobe, but I truly love it. I thought I would feel bored or limited, but it’s really just the opposite. I have found so many ways to put new looks together and I’m more content in my clothes than I ever was when I had a jam-packed wardrobe. Definitely let me know if you ever have any questions!

        Thanks for reading,

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