Spring Outfits #2

It was an unusual week at work this week – two days were completely interrupted for our state testing, one evening we had parent-teacher conferences, and then we had Friday off. It was one of those weeks that felt forever, but flew by at the same time.

I’m going to do my best to keep up with the weekly recaps from my Spring Capsule. I typically struggle with spring style, so I hope by looking back at each week I can find what I like best and avoid adding anything to my wardrobe that I don’t really love wearing.

Style Notes:

  • I wore my Brass Ponte Pants twice this week – Monday I kept them full length with Wednesday I rolled them under a few inches for more of a crop length. I love that they stay put when rolled under and I don’t have to mess with them all day.
  • Black and cognac is still a favorite even in warmer weather
  • I added the jeans under the Sotela linen shift dress at the last minute. I know I’ll wear this dress a lot, so I’m trying to think of various ways to style it.
  • Anytime we have testing or conferences at work my goal is always to wear my most comfortable clothes. I was so excited to realize this week that ALL of my clothes are my most comfortable. I’m so proud of how much I’ve purged and how ‘strict’ I’ve been about what I keep in my closet. First rule, if it’s uncomfortable or fussy…it’s out!

This Week’s Favorite (tie: Monday or Thursday):

What I loved:
  •  They both felt so easy, but pulled together at the same time. Dare I say, effortless?
  • This was my first time wearing the Jamie and the Jones Tee Top I invested in for spring and I really loved it! It is lightweight and simple, yet the shape and texture makes a statement.
  • The slim bottom and boxy cut top is my favorite combinations of shapes.
  • I love my Nisolo flats more and more every time I wear them.
  • Monochromatic with a pop of cognac to warm up both looks.

This Week’s Lesson (Tuesday):

I just cannot figure out why I don’t like this striped top more. It’s comfortable, cute, thicker and more substantial than a basic tee, but I always feel kind of plain when I wear it. I did like it with the clogs, but I still feel something is missing. Any ideas?! I want to love this top so badly!

Monday: Brass Ponte Pants // Jamie + the Jones T Top // Nisolo d’Orsay Oxfords

Tuesday: Levi’s jeans // H&M Striped Top (similar from Everlane) // Lotta Clogs

Wednesday: Brass Ponte Pants // Everlane Back-Zip Top // Leopard Flats (old) // Natalie Borton Necklace (10% off)

Thursday: Target Straight Leg Jeans // Sotela linen dress // Lotta Clogs // Natalie Borton Necklace (10% off)

What do you think – which outfit (of mine and yours) was a favorite this week?
I hope you all had a great week and have a fun holiday weekend planned with family and friends (and Easter candy)!

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    1. What about a scarf or colored earring with the stripes to give it a pop of something? Maybe try the striped top with that linen dress too )over or under)

      1. Krysta,
        I think that’s exactly what I need – something to add a bit of interest. I am totally going to try it over the linen dress too – thanks for the great idea – that may be coming up this week! 🙂

    1. Cute outfits Paige! I was going to suggest a colorful scarf or a red chunKy necklace or red or coral tassel necklace? Gold bangle bracelets?


      1. Kerri,
        Thank you!! I haven’t added much jewelry/accessories to avoid competing with the stripes, but I think that’s just what I need to make the outfits feel more ‘complete’. Love the idea of coral with the navy!

    1. Aww–the striped tee outfit was my favorite! Maybe pair it with a third layer–a vest or blazer or over-size sweater? But I think it’s great, as-is.

      And, I agree–if it isn’t comfy, I get rid of it too!

      1. Holly,
        Haha!! I think third piece may just do the trick. I did layer a chambray under it once, but it kind of felt fussy – like I had to keep adjusting, so I ended up taking it off before I left. I did like that it made the top feel more ‘finished’ though. I do really like the feel of the top, but stylewise it’s just missing that little oomph. Thanks for the ideas!!

    1. I love the idea of folding up your ponte pants for more of a crop. I’ll be stealing that trick!

      1. Thanks, Lo!! I was going to hem the Ponte Pants originally, but they’re so good about staying folded under I decided to keep them as-is to give me as many options as possible!

    1. You could sew some fun buttons on the shoulder hem or on the sleeves to make it feel special to you. I have a top that has them and someone else may not see them but i know they’re there 🙂

      1. Emily,
        That’s a great idea to add a bit of detail! Just something to take it up a notch – thanks for the suggestion!

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