Spring Wardrobe Updates and Wishlist

Spring is here! Wait…no it’s not! I think a lot of you feel the same with March weather where you live. We have days in the 70’s, then a few days later it’s in the 30’s. While the weather may not be fully cooperating, a new season is on the way (eventually), which is usually a time when I think about my current wardrobe, make a few tweaks and additions, and do my best to be a smart consumer.

I have recently added a few items that you will be seeing throughout the spring a lot, so I wanted to share my wardrobe updates and a short wishlist for spring.

Nisolo Emma d’Orsay Oxfords

Back in December, my husband and I decided to invest in the Nisolo 5 For 5 Program (2 pairs of shoes each year for 5 years for an upfront cost of $500). At the end of February the Emma d’Orsay Oxfords that I had been waiting for were finally released, so I ordered them the first day. Hubby ordered these Chukka boots in December and has loved them.

Back to the Emma

Why I chose them:

This was a perfect mix of masculine (oxfords) and feminine (d’Orsay) in my book. I have a few pairs of flats I haven’t loved or worn much recently, but held on to ‘just in case’. These will replace those and with the high quality I know they’ll last for a long time.

Fit and Comfort:

I ordered my true size 8.5 in these and they fit perfectly. I am slightly nervous that as I wear them in they may stretch and the heel will start to slip, but after a few full days of regular wear, that has not been an issue so far.

The first day there were a few spots that rubbed on my left foot, but not enough to leave a blister. I could tell throughout the day, however, that they are going to break in beautifully and the leather will mold to my foot in no time.

This is the kind of shoe that will just get better with wear and age and I can’t wait to make them my own.

How I will style them:

They will dress down, dress up, work on weekends, and be perfect for work. They are versatile enough to wear with jeans, crops, wide legs, skinnies, and dresses, which covers pretty much my entire wardrobe. These shoes just make me feel instantly more styled, so they’re a perfect way to top off an outfit when I feel something is missing style-wise.

Everlane Wide Leg Crops

My friend, Andrea, clued me in that I needed these Everlane Wide Leg Crops in my life (some colors are backordered, there are a few sizes available of the Bone shown here). I ordered them the day they were released and anxiously awaited the delivery. This is only my second Everlane purchase, but I love the transparency in their production and pricing and their simple, yet statement styles. (Here’s an invite code to join their mailing list. In an effort to be transparent myself, I will receive a $25 shop credit if you place an order.)

Why I chose them:

I have felt all school year that my selection of bottoms has been missing something. I tried green chinos, but they don’t quite fit me right and I finally decided to bite the bullet and purge them. I added burgundy boot cut cords, which I like (notice I didn’t say love), but in the next week or two I think cords will feel too winter-y, so they’ll be packed up. I wanted something different, yet versatile.

Fit and Comfort:

I ordered my usual size 6 and at first was nervous they were too tight. The large front pockets showed through the fabric (though, it is very thick and substantial material). I contemplated ordered a larger size to see if the pocket issue was resolved, but I was nervous if I went too big they would look frumpy since I’m short anyway. I didn’t want the pants to overwhelm me. After a few more try ons, I decided the 6 was perfect (especially since they do stretch just a tad with wear throughout the day). As for the pockets, I currently ironed them back and pinned them, but I plan to stitch the pockets closed (as they do gap a bit) and cut out the pocket material.

The high waist is comfortable to wear and tuck into and the fit through the hips make these very flattering and it doesn’t feel like they’re too much. The fabric is thick and very soft with the slightest stretch. They did loosen up over the day, but just enough to make them more comfortable, not a whole size change.

I am 5’2″ and have not decided if I will keep them this length or hem them a bit.

How I will style them:

My one hesitation with these pants was that they are so ‘obvious’. Now that I keep a pretty small wardrobe, I tend to shy away from statement pieces…anything that will be too noticeable if I wear it over and over. But I know that’s crazy. And I keep telling myself that’s crazy. In all honesty, I am proud of mixing and matching my wardrobe. I love that I can create so many outfits with so few pieces. I’m trying to re-train myself to own it and not feel like I need to conceal the fact that I’m repeating clothing. I have embraced the repeat more and more in 2017 and it’s a habit I’m going to keep. I’m almost tempted to challenge myself to wear these weekly until school gets out. Ok, tangent over…

Ways I plan to wear my Wide Leg Crops

…so stay tuned!

Sweater (Brass Clothing,  review here) / Necklace (Natalie Borton) / boots (old Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse)

Spring Wish List

I had a pretty good idea of what I felt was missing from my wardrobe, but for fun I completed Lee’s (of Style Bee) Wardrobe Planner to see how it matched up. I don’t have much packed away seasonally anymore, so it’s easy to look at my closet (which is about 50 items) and see where there are gaps.

The perfect jeans

I don’t know what these are or where I’m going to find the, but I won’t give up searching. I have accepted that I don’t need many jeans in my wardrobe. I have a pair of dark bootcuts I’m going to hang on to, but I’m looking for the perfect simple jeans. Not too dark, not too light. Not too skinny, not too loose. Not too long, not too cropped. Not too distressed, not too stiff, not too thin, not too low-rise, and not in any way uncomfortable. I tried to find some secondhand without luck. Now, I’m waiting on these Levi’s wedgies to be delivered to see if they’re a match.

The black T Top

Since I received the Jamie and the Jones T Sweater at Christmas, I have been wanting more. Last year I finally accepted that I’m not a button-down gal and that I don’t like to wear blouses, so I purged all of that from my wardrobe. However, that left me with a huge gaping hole in the long-sleeve top category. I have a few long-sleeved t-shirts and I hung on to my chambray shirt, but nothing else to wear for warmer spring temps. The price tag is holding me back, but I’m starting to realize that if I don’t get the item I really, really want I will likely spend the whole season searching for a less pricey substitute and I will buy 2 or 3 things that aren’t exactly right and end up spending the same amount of money anyway. I haven’t fully committed to buying it, but I have sold $200 worth of stuff on Poshmark in the past 2 months, so using that as my bargaining chip 🙂

 What wardrobe adjustments are you making for spring this year? I’d love to hear what’s on your wishlist for the upcoming season!



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    1. Love your wardrobe choices! The black T top is ALSO on my wishlist. The kimono top from Not Perfect Linen is also high on the list, too.

      1. Jenna,
        Great choices…are you going to get them both? I keep adding the T Top to my cart, but haven’t pulled the trigger and hit Submit yet 🙂 I’m close though….so close!

    1. I’ve shifted to spring clothes–spring is my preppy-ist month for some reason! I kinda moved the bulk of my preppy stuff to one season…my other seasons are more relaxed.

      I just bought a lightly used pair of nude frye ballet flats, a thrifted (but brand new with tags) emerald green swing shell for St. Patty’s (and Spirit Day Fridays), a second-hand Madewell striped peplum top, and a pair of thrifted skinny chinos for Spring! I spent about $50 total!

      Love those shoes! Leather shoes are great once they are broken-in!! You look great!

      1. Holly,
        Wow – great finds!! I should totally get back into the thrifting game again. I used to find great stuff, but then I kind of gave it up when I had a newborn. Now I’m just out of the habit.

        I’m making a conscious effort to wear my favorite sweaters on the cooler days because I think those days will be fewer and fewer between and they’ll be packed up in no time.

        I like you’re idea of keeping like-styled clothes in the same season- it makes it cohesive!

    1. I am so glad to see you in the wide-legged crops. I am only 5′ and was wondering if they would be too long. It looks like they will not be cropped on me. My only misgiving about hemming them, which I will have to do, is that it changes the line of the leg because it will have to be hemmed a length that is less wide. Sigh….the challenges of being short. I have ordered them and will just have to see how they fit otherwise before making a decision.

      1. Rebecca,
        I totally agree on the hemming and if it will change the shape, but now that I have them, I think they are wide enough all the way down that a few inches wouldn’t be a huge issue. I am torn because I don’t dislike this length, but I think they look so cute on the models when they are a bit shorter. I like now that I could wear a higher ankle boot in cold weather and no skin shows and I’d worry that if I hem them that might look awkward. I’d love to hear what you think of them when they arrive!

        1. As I feared they were far too long, almost covering my feet completely. I might also have ordered one size too big because I was worried about the slimness at the top but I ended up with a sizeable gap at the back because I am curvy, not straight. I sent them back, but could possible try the next size down which would make them a bit shorter but I am not sure how that would affect the waist gap.

          1. Rebecca,
            Oh no!! I would be interested to know the length difference between sizes. I’m sorry they didn’t work for you. I am definitely more curvy and I think the higher waist helps with the fit – at least for me. Keep me posted if you end up trying a different size.

    1. Love your purchases! Sadly Everlane only ship to the UK once in a while as I’d love a pair of their crops. (BTW I think the length of yours look perfect as they are). I too am looking for the perfect jeans – the perfect jeans (like the perfect bra) are my holy grail! Xx

      1. Heidi,
        That’s hard…it’s like you have to save up and do a big Everlane shopping spree when they open up the shipping. Why are perfect jeans so hard to find?! And I totally agree about the bras…that is something I’m still suffering with my so-so ones. I really need to take the plunge and get sized and invest in a couple of good ones.

    1. I have a pair of Levi’s wedgie jeans and have come to reallllllly love them. They’re way more comfortable than the name suggests. But just a warning–they may not be so comfy at first wear. Mine definitely took some breaking in, and I initially sized up and then later regretted it once they had a bit more wear. They still work, but they’re more boyfriend-y now. If I bought a second pair, I’d stick to my size and tough out the tighter early phase.

      1. Lo,
        That is so good to hear about the Wedgies! I was able to try on a few sizes at the store, but they didn’t have the color I wanted in the size I needed, so they ordered them. I can totally see how at first impression they may not feel the best, but some breaking in would make them perfect. I’m really hoping they work for me! I love the higher waist (so sick of pulling up jeans and worrying my undies are showing :)). I did have to size up 1 because my size wouldn’t even button, but they were snug to start, so I hope a little breaking in will make them slim, but not baggy.
        Thanks for the input – it’s so nice to hear how they work after some wear.

    1. Hey Paige! I can relate to the search for the perfect jean. I was wanting something high rise after having a baby. Madewell was just not doing it for me (even though everyone loves the high riser skinny, I don’t like the smaller back pockets and the rise and stretch combo didn’t work for me in terms of staying put). I finally tried Imogene + Willie’s Elizabeth jean…so good! It’s a bit more expensive but it stays put and I finally stopped my jeans hunt! If the Levi’s leave you wanting more, I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

      1. Chelsea,
        I will have to look into those. I have heard of the brand, but haven’t thought to consider them. The Levi’s did end up working for me – I really like the high waist of the wedgie cut. It’s so different to feel so much coverage up high – I love it!
        Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

    1. Hello- Can you let us know where that great leather wrap bracelet is from? Many thanks!

    1. I think that figuring out accessories (especially necklaces) will help me a lot. I’d also like to get some dressier shoes than those I have now. How are the leather soles of your Emma’s working out?

      1. Anne,
        I really love the Emma’s. They’re definitely the nicest shoes I’ve ever owned and I can feel it. They feel plenty supportive and I swear I can feel them shaping to my feet over the course of the day.
        Great accessories go a LOOOOONG way! I hope you find some great options.

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