Striped dress & cognac

After 3.5 months the day has come…my first day of school for the 2015-16 year (my 13th year!!). I’m not going to talk too much about it because even typing it makes me cry. I hate leaving my tiny babies. It never gets easier even though they have all been in daycare and have always been happy. Ok, I’m going to stop before I get tears all over my keyboard and ruin my computer.

Let’s talk about my first day back #ootd instead. I was contacted by Shabby Apple in the spring to ask if I would be interested in wearing one of their dresses. I was so suuuuper flattered and it was such an obvious yes! I have been fan of their style and dresses for a long time. However, I had a growing belly and I knew I was coming up on a few months where I wouldn’t be “dressing”, so I asked if we could wait until fall.
Shabby Apple Kai Dress

Knowing I was planning for my capsule, I carefully selected this striped Kai dress for a few reasons: 1) it has pockets and I’m a sucker for pockets on dresses 2) it has stripes and I love stripes 3) the cut seemed like it would be flattering as I work around my postpartum pooch 4) I can imagine layering a cute sweater or jacket over this as the weather cools down and 5) it’s machine washable. I also love dresses because they look so pulled together, but are so easy to wear, which perfect for a busy school morning.

Shabby Apple Kai Dress

The only downfall is that it isn’t pumping friendly, but I’m willing to work around that for a dress this gorgeous that I know I can wear after pumping is a distant memory.
Shabby Apple Kai dress
Shabby Apple Kai dress

I’m just diving into teaching head first today – I haven’t done much planning or prep because I think I was in denial about going back. Wish me luck!



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      1. Thank you, Caroline! I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. I hope the dress looks as cute layered with a jacket as I’m imagining in my head! 🙂

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