Style Challenge: Summer 10×10

If you’ve been following this little blip on the internet for a while you know I love a style challenge. And if you’re a newer reader (hi, and welcome!) well, I love a style challenge. Believe me when I say that I am madly in love with my lean wardrobe and the simplicity and calm it brings to that part of my life. Buuuut, sometimes it’s fun to shake things up and get a fresh outlook. My old instinct was to run out and buy something (or many somethings) new. Now, I go for the challenge of creating new looks from what I already have by limiting my choices even further to force that creativity.

Last winter I did a 20 item mini capsule that I loved so much I wore it an extra week past the 4 week challenge. Then, in spring did a 10×10 challenge. Recently my friend, Andrea, and I have talked about feeling a little blah about summer and I knew right away it was time for another style challenge and we decided the fast and furious 10×10 would be perfect.

Here’s how it works – I’ve selected 10 items (shoes included, but not jewelry, bags, scarves, etc.) that I am going to wear over the next 10 days. I tried to select items that haven’t seen as much love this summer to force myself to get more wear out of them. It’s also a great way to start thinking outside of the box with ways to mix-and-match my items.

Here’s a look at the 10 items I selected (four tops, two bottoms, two dresses, and two shoes). These numbers give me mix and match options between the two bottoms, but also some layering options with the dresses.


10x10 tops

Longline cardigan (old from Gap) / Striped tank (H&M Conscious, similar) / Lace trimmed white top (gift, similar) / Chambray shirt (old from Target)

Bottoms10x10 bottoms

Linen shorts (Old Navy via Poshmark) / Cutoff bootcut jeans (Gap via Thred Up, then cut myself)


10x10 dresses

Black tank maxi dress (Brass Clothing) / Gray tank dress (c/o Imby)

10x10 shoes

Tan sandals (old Sam Edelman, similar, ethical choice) / Birkenstocks


  • Step away from the denim shorts
  • Test some of these pieces to see if they earn a place in my core wardrobe
  • Make more effort to get ‘ready’ every day
  • Find new excitement with what I already have and kick my shopping cravings to the curb

10x10 summer layout

So, who would like to give it a try?! Come on….a little mini challenge 🙂

Go check out what Andrea has chosen for her 10 items this go around. For more inspiration, here are some other bloggers who did the spring 10×10 challenge:Lee, AndreaLaura

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    1. Woohoo!! So happy to see you and Andrea doing the 10 x 10 Challenge again this season. Love your items and the soft neutral palette. Hoping to share my 10 x 10 later this month. Have a great weekend Paige! xo

      P.S. you’re seriously making me want that maxi-dress!

      1. Thanks so much, Lee! I can’t wait to see your 10×10 – you always have such unique pieces and inspiring combinations. And yes, the tank maxi is the BEST!

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