Style Challenge: Winter 10×10

It’s that time again…another 10×10 Style Challenge is upon us. Thanks to Lee (from Style Bee) and Caroline (from Un-fancy) for hostessing and bringing together a super cool community that is sharing their wardrobe creativity.

This challenge is always great inspiration to continue making what I already have hanging in my closet work a little harder.

What is a 10×10? 

The idea is to remix items from your current wardrobe. Choose 10 items and create 10 different outfits with them. Most women choose to count clothing and shoes, but exclude jewelry, accessories, outerwear, and workout gear. There are no rules, just get creative, try new combinations, and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

My Approach

For this round, I chose 8 items only and left myself two ‘wild card’ spots for footwear. Based on what I’ve learned from my previous 10×10 experience, I find this makes it much more enjoyable for me.

I plan to wear the outfits or the work week or if we have weekend plans. If nothing is going on over the weekend, I’ll take those days to wash, iron, and refresh my items (and wear sweats). I’ll share outfits here every few days, but will post daily over on Instagram.

My Goals

I had originally thought I needed a very clear goal for the 10×10. Perhaps to wear items I hadn’t worn from my Winter Capsule yet? Or maybe to include only closet basics and experiment with styling to create new looks? And then I got stuck on what items to include. I brainstormed a few lists of 8 items, but I couldn’t get excited about them. I was texting my friend, Andrea, about it and she asked if I may decide not to do it since I couldn’t get into it. My answer was no of course…FOMO big time!

I gave it another day or two and then went into my closet again. This time I didn’t focus so much on a goal or ‘theme’ for my items. I chose what I was drawn to. And you know what? As soon as I did that all was good in my 10×10 world. I decided then that it was OK to not have any concrete goals, but just to the 10×10 for fun and for the sense of community.

I am committing 2018 to less shopping than ever. I always find that having 2 weeks of outfits already set for me reducing my habit of internet browsing while watching TV at night, which is extremely helpful when trying not to shop out of habit. If anything, this 10×10 gets me through two more weeks using what I have.

I ended up with items that are in my outfit rotation regularly, so I do have hopes that the 10×10 gives me a push to get more creative with these much-loved items.

So, here are the 8 items I chose for the Winter 10×10.

The Items

T Sweater (Jamie + the Jones) // I’ve had this sweater for just over a year and I just hit 30 wears! I figured I’d include it to tick off a few more wears. Truly though, when I said I wasn’t excited about this 10×10, it was when I decided to choose this sweater and the Umber T Top that everything fell into place.

T Top (c/o Jamie + the Jones) // I fell in love with this color for fall and it’s still going strong in my wardrobe. In fact, this same top was in my Fall 10×10 and I was hesitant then to pick something more bold in color. Since then I’ve realized how versatile this color is and how much I love the having warm colors in my closet.

Cashmere Sweatershirt (c/o Everlane) // I thought a slightly-less-than-basic black sweater would be an easy layering piece or quick weekend outfit over the course of the 10×10.

Striped Popover (Everlane bought secondhand, similar silk version with full buttons) // I added this shirt on a whim over summer when it popped up on an Instagram second shopping account. I have decided that while I love button-down shirts on others, I never feel my best in them. My hope was that this similar style without the full buttons and collar would be a good alternative for work. I have worn it a few times, but I want to try layering it more, so I figured this was a perfect time.

Pencil Dress (Brass Clothing, black sold out but navy on sale) // I got this dress late last spring. This is another piece that was in my Fall 10×10. Then, I included it because the body con fit was out of my comfort zone and I wanted to push myself to find ways to style it so that I was comfortable wearing it. The 10×10 experiment was a success and this is my go-to dress for winter. I rarely wear it with tights, so that is one of my goals this round.

Jeans (Madewell bought secondhand) // These were one of my last purchases of 2017 after stalking Ebay and Poshmark for months for them. They are a similar fit to my other Madewell jeans I fell in love with last year. I have only worn them once, so I look forward to getting more ‘familiar’ with them over the course of the 10×10 so they’re just as easy to reach for as my medium wash pair.

Black Denim (Everlane) // I bought these in November after decided that my black skinny jeans just weren’t for me. I have the Modern Boyfriend Fit, but I sized down one for a straight-leg fit. I have been shocked at how often I wear these jeans. These were a no-brainer for the 10×10 because they’re versatile and easy to wear to work.

Wide Leg Pants (Everlane) // My final decision for the 10×10 was between the wide leg pants and my Brass Ponte Pants. My friend, Andrea, helped me see that the ponte pants are very similar to my black jeans, so these add some variety to the items and outfits I can create with them. I love, love wide leg pants on everyone else in the world and it took a while for me to figure out the best way to style them for my short frame. I really started focusing on that during my Fall 10×10 (when I included my bone pair).



A few of my very favorite bloggers are also participating in the Fall 10×10 Style Challenge. Check out AndreaJaana, and Allison, as well as the #winter10x10  and #10x10friends hashtags on Instagram to see a ton of different takes on the challenge. I love the community that gathers to participate and that is working toward doing more with less. I’ll be sharing outfits daily on Instagram, but will also post recaps here.

Also, here are some of my prior style challenges: Fall 10×10 (2017), Summer 30×30 (2017), Winter 10×10 (check out what I was wearing last year at this time), Fall 10×10 (2016), and for kicks my very first 10×10 and a 20×20.

Apparently I’m a big fan of the style challenges! I always come back for more because every time I learn a little about my personal style and preferences. It also is a great reminder that I have more than enough and that with practice I can be content with what I already own. And best of all, it’s a great way to discover and connect with other like-minded women.

So, who’s in?! Leave a comment below and, if possible, a blog link so we can follow along.

This is one of my favorite ‘meeting of the minds’ and the community aspect is truly inspiring. Don’t forget to see daily updates and follow others’ journeys on Instagram by searching #winter10x10 and #10x10friends .

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    1. Yay, great picks! I’m going to try to do the 10 X 10, Made in America style (so, most of my duds will be Made in the USA)!!
      I also began a little blog late last year, so I hope you’ll stop on by!

      PS–I’m so STOKED you and Andrea and Lee are all keeping style journals (writing down what’s in your closet and keeping track of how many times you wear and item and cost per wear)…I’ve been doing that for over a year and I found it SO helpful. I think I shared my love for the style journal last fall, and I’m so excited you all are DOING it! I hope you find it as helpful and eye-opening as I have! Peace and love!!!

      1. Ophelia,
        Love that you’re doing a Made in America 10×10 – I am heading over to check it out right now!
        How has your winter been? I hope you’re having a good school year!

      1. Ashlee,
        Hello! I’m so glad to ‘meet’ you. How is your 10×10 going so far?

        1. Glad to ‘meet’ you too! 🙂 it’s going well but I already miss colour! I’m already figuring out new things about what kind of proportions I do and don’t like. I will do a wrap-up post on my blog I think so I can record all these lessons!

          1. Ashlee,
            I have definitely learned that I like my outfits better during the 10×10 if I put at least one element of color or a print in. I think I’ve always had a striped shirt! In the beginning I chose all neutrals because that seemed like the most versatile and easy to get a lot of outfits from, but I have learned along the way that I get very sick of those outfits.

            Definitely post a blog wrap up – I want to see how you feel at the end!

    1. Your 10x10s are always fun to follow! The black dress always looks great on you when you wear it and that sweater is one of my favorites. (that color, so perfect and so hard to find.) i like your idea of doing footwear as a wildcard, I wish I’d thought to do that! I put two pairs of boots in mine to cover temps from -35f to 35 above zero and ugh, I wish I’d put in one more pair. Good luck in your 10×10!

      1. Katie,
        Thank you so much for your compliment – that means so much! We have had the same weather swings this week, so being able to go back and forth into boots and less ‘wintery’ shoes has been nice. I never seem to remind repeating my clothes, but I get so bored with only 2 pairs of shoes 🙂

        Have a great end of the week,

    1. I’d love to see a 10×10 challenge where the influencers/participants incorporate more affordable items into their rotations. I love seeing everyone’s outfits and get a ton of inspiration (both fashion & ethical) from what you all post, but I honestly can’t afford all of these items in the $150-300 range that everyone’s featuring (nor am I an influencer receiving c/o’s), and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      It would be really cool to see a 10×10 with, say, a $100 cap per item. I do understand how and why ethical fashion costs more, but I’m sure there’s a middle ground between a $250 sweater and a $20 piece fast fashion piece from Target. It would be an interesting challenge to see you all work with thrift store finds and sale section purchases!

      1. Hi Dana!
        I totally agree that it is more interesting when there is a mix of items included on bloggers pages and in the 10×10. Your comment got me thinking about my 8 items and how they would fit into a budget…here’s a breakdown:
        2 of them were under $30 purchased secondhand (Madewell jeans and Everlane striped top)
        5 were under $100 (2 mentioned above, black jeans $68, wide leg pants $68, and pencil dress $98)
        3 were over $100 (Cashmere sweater $150, T Sweater $248, T Top $188)
        2 items were gifted from brands in exchange for writing reviews and sharing posts (Cashmere and T Top).
        The most expensive item is the T Sweater, which I bought during a 15% off promotion at the end of 2016 and am wearing today for the 31st time, which I’m pretty dang proud (and excited about)!!

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and some ideas of new ‘challenges’ to add into this challenge for next time.

        Have a great end of the week,

      1. Dana, I’m trying the challenge for the first time and (somewhat accidentally) half my items are thrifted. I think there are probably other participants out there who have lots of different interpretations of ethical! 🙂 I like that this challenge can look very different based on any participant’s lifestyle and budget!

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