subtle print mixing to make an outfit feel complete

I am a huge fan of print mixing.  Of all of the things I’ve learned by following Instagram style accounts, the one I am most happy I discovered is print mixing.  It’s the perfect way to make a simple outfit feel styled.

For example, today I’m wearing a basic striped (my fave print) skirt and black oversized sweater.  With plain black shoes this would seem pretty basic, but I think the subtle floral print in my shoes really pulls it together and makes it seems like it was more planned.


feet and skirt 2

This skirt is not in my capsule, because I’m pretty sure today is the last day I’ll be wearing it (hello belly), but I have no doubt it will be a regular in my postpartum capsules.  It’s comfy, versatile, and neutral enough to mix well, but the stripes add a fun element to any outfit and are a great base for print mixing.
angled body

SHOP IT: I got my skirt on clearance at Old Navy last year, but I love this midi version. Shoes and necklace are current.  (use code STYLETHISLIFEXOXO at rocksbox to get a month free!)
floral shoes2649300_fpx(1)kaylee necklace

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