Summer 10×10: A Full Recap

Here is a look back at the 10 looks I created from my 10 item mini capsule. I chose some favorites, some not-so-favorites, and thought about how the mini challenge can be applied to my Core Wardrobe mission as I move away from seasonal capsules.

My 10 Items:

Two shoes: strappy sandals and Birkenstocks
10x10 shoes Two bottoms: Linen shorts and denim (originally selected pants, swapped for cutoffs early on)
10x10 bottoms
Four tops: longline cardigan, striped tank, white lace detail tee, chambray shirt10x10 tops
Two dresses: Gray tank dress and Tank Maxi Dress10x10 dresses

The Good:

One of the best lessons I learned from working with my 10 items was how to layer and change up the look of dresses. This Imby gray tank dress was a part of four of my outfits – everything from a date night to a work meeting – and I love how easily a cardigan or shirt tied around my waist created a different feel from the same piece. I have really re-fallen in love with the simple chic of dresses this summer. I’m excited that this mini capsule forced me to get creative with how I wear them so I can make them real workhorse pieces in my closet.

imby dress and chambray 3

I was reminded that less really, really is more. I have recently been un-capsuling my wardrobe in preparation for fall and back to school, which has left me with more items hanging in my closet than I’ve had in well over a year. While the total number is a far cry from my pre-capsule closet, I have found myself wondering if I have too much. During the challenge, I felt so content grabbing outfits from a few well-selected pieces, which is how I want to feel every day. This mini challenge has been a great reminder about why I love a lean wardrobe and is motivation to do some further weeding out of unnecessary items.

brass maxi and tank 2

Doing this challenge over the summer months took away some of the pressure that I felt last time I did a 10×10 challenge. During summer months I don’t see the same people every day, so I felt I had a little more freedom to repeat items two or three days in a row.  During the school year, I tried to space my 10 items out strategically over the two weeks so it wasn’t too obvious, which was a little tricky. This more casual approach was a lot of fun!
denim on denim 1

The Bad:

My least favorite looks were the more simple of the group. I like the outfits, but if I had to put a couple at the bottom of the list it would be these.

denim and white

The constant 90+ degree temps took the option of layering away most days. One of the fun parts of a style challenge is creating new looks by pairing items in different ways, which for me often means adding layers in a new way. Many of the days simple shorts and a tank or easy, cool dress were the only comfortable options, so I felt I didn’t have a chance to get quite a creative with my pieces as I’d like. I also had originally included a pair of crop denim in my 10 items, but realized within 48 hours that the heat would limit how much I wore them. I think cooler temps lend themselves to the style challenge better.

The laundry was hard to keep up with because of the hot weather and always feeling I needed to wash everything before I wore it again. Since I was home from work I was able to do a load every day or two to keep up, but that wouldn’t be possible for me to maintain long term.

linen shorts + tank

Moving Forward:

My ultimate goal is that my wardrobe leaves me feeling confident, stylish, and at-ease with my outfit choices. In the coming week or two I plan to go back through my ‘un-capsuled’ core wardrobe to see if there is further purging I can do so that I am left with a closet full of items I love. I am working to build a wardrobe that feels great, looks great, and that I love wearing on repeat.

I will continue sharing daily outfits on Instagram to push myself to put together more creative combinations, especially as temperatures drop and I head back to work. As I navigated a year of capsule wardrobes I played it pretty safe with my clothing choices since I was working with so few items. I look forward to pushing myself outside that style ‘safe zone’ by remixing what I already own and looking for new ways to up-style my current wardrobe. The 10×10 always reminds me how much is possible with a small wardrobe!

How did your 10×10 go? Did you discover any outfit combinations you had never considered before? Check out how Andrea (at Seasons and Salt) finished up her 10×10 for some great wardrobe and style inspiration.

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