Summer 10×10: Outfits 4 & 5

I’m a few days further into my Summer 10×10 and going strong. I’ve enjoyed how easy it is to get dressed and it’s motivating me to wear ‘real’ clothes more often. I have repeated a couple of outfits for casual days around home, but have tried to create new looks when I’m going out and about.

The hard part has been keeping up with the laundry. When I did the Spring 10×10 with Lee (from Style Bee) I wore the clothes to work and didn’t have as much issue with feeling the need to wash them every day. In mom mode (and with this insane heat), it’s a little different this time around. The good news is the kids manage to create about a load of laundry every day, so I’m just doing a little at a time!

Outfit 4

I wore this simple version of shorts and a tee to Brynn’s well-baby visit. However, there are two downfalls I’ve discovered for including this top in a mini-capsule. First, I got a spot of marinara on the front that I can’t seem to get out. I’m going to have to go to the hard stuff (aka bleach) tomorrow or else I’m going to be working with 9 items for the rest of the challenge. 🙂 I can’t even blame it on the kids, I was eating lunch all on my own and managed to get a splatter of sauce on my shirt! Second, it wrinkles easily which makes it hard to wear regularly.

white top denim shorts 1 denim and white

Outfit 5

Thursday I was lucky enough to meet Sara, owner of Imby, at the cutest coffee shop in downtown Denver. Of course, I had to wear this dress from her shop to show it off (is that cheesy?!). I had planned to wear the longline cardigan with the dress to style it differently from my date night look, but it was 92 degrees by 10:15 a.m. so that wasn’t going to happen.

I have been seeing the bandana neckerchief trend pop up and at first I didn’t think it was a trend I wanted to try. But, it’s been growing on me, so I tried on my hubby’s red bandana, but felt too farmer-ish, especially when I wore it with denim shorts. I figured this was a harmless trend to try, so I went ahead and bought this black one as a more subtle way to experiment with it. In this monochromatic look, it made a statement without being the highlight of the entire outfit, which I love.

imby dress with bandana imby dress bandana 1

How is your 10×10 going? It’s not too late to join in on the challenge! Check out Andrea (at Seasons and Salt) and Sarah (at The Pretty Simple Life) for inspiration.

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    1. Love these looks! Especially that dress…
      Also, on the wrinkling: travel steamer! We don’t even get out the iron anymore, let alone know where it is…. Thanks for the link up! Glad I joined in!!

      1. Sarah, Do you have a recommendation for the steamer? I keep thinking I would be more willing to do that than iron.
        Thanks for joining in!

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