Summer 30×30: Outfit 22 – 25 (My Travel Capsule)

For the past three summers we have taken a long weekend trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado for some time with my husband’s side of the family. We all live in the same town, but it’s always fun to get away and do something different. The days are spent in the huge Hot Springs pool, followed by some rest/clean up time at the hotel, then we walk into downtown for some dinner. It’s easy, it’s predictable, and it’s comfortable…which is perfect when traveling with 6 adults and 6 kids under age 10.

This summer we wanted to bring our nicer stroller for walking around town with Brynn and we needed to bring along the pack ‘n’ play (hello six people in one hotel room!), so we were even more limited on space for luggage. I was careful to pack only the bare necessities for each of us and we managed to get all six of us packed into one suitcase. It was a pretty awesome feeling at the end of the trip to have only 3 unworn items for the entire family (I packed a spare top for the two girls and myself, which we didn’t need).

Here’s a look at what I chose from my 24 challenge items for the trip (and for fun, here’s a look back at what I packed last year):

Striped tank (c/o Tapered Collection) // This tank is so easy to wear and the well-thought out design makes it easy to dress up if needed. I LOVE the high neck and cut of the shoulders of this tank and though it’s just a ‘regular’ old tee, it feels and looks like so much more. It was an easy addition because of the versatility and stripes are always a good idea for simple outfits.

Gray linen tank (c/o Everlane)  // This was a last minute, crap-what-if-I-get-a-stain-on-my-striped-tank, addition. I had already planned what I would pack and how I would match the items together, but I added a plain gray tank in, just in case.

Black tee (c/o Tapered Collection) // Another easy travel item because it won’t wrinkle, won’t show spots, and is easy to dress up a bit thanks to the curved v-neck and cap sleeves (another brilliant design, in my opinion).

Chambray shirt (Madewell via Poshmark, ethical option) // The weather forecast was hot, hot, hot, but a layering option was a must because I know evenings especially can change quickly. I’ve decided I don’t love this chambray (color and fabric, yes. fit, no.) but I don’t wear it enough to justify a new one.

Black jogger shorts (Everlane) // I knew it was going to be hot even at dinner and these shorts are so much more comfortable and look so much nicer than my denim cutoffs, so they were a no-brainer. These don’t ride up when I walk and dry quickly when it’s hot and I get a little sweaty, plus they don’t wrinkle. There was no way I could go wrong.

Flip flops (Rainbow) // For the walks over to the pool, but also to warm up some of the black I’ve packed. I would have loved to bring my strappy sandals and I think they would have really elevated my outfits, but to save space I limited my shoes. I could have probably squeezed them in, but with all the other ‘stuff’ to manage, it didn’t seem necessary. Most mountain towns are pretty casual, so strolling into a dinner spot in flip flops is no big thing.

Birkenstocks // A practical addition because they’re my most comfortable shoes for walking around town.

Straw hat (old H&M) // I must be getting older (and sun smarter) because I just can’t handle being in the sun all day any more. There isn’t much shade available at the pool and the kids want to be in the water all day (which means mom and dad are in the water too), so a huge straw hat makes it so much more bearable.

Backpack purse (old Old Navy) // Hands-free is the only way to go for a family trip. This bag is a few years old and is perfect for family outings.

High-waist bikini (old Old Navy, this years bottoms, tops, ethical option) // I got this swimsuit last year (here’s a look at a post I did on swimwear for moms last year) and I really like this high waisted style. I think the ruffle top also takes attention from my trouble spots, so I like this pairing of pieces together for an easy mom-kini 🙂

Swing dress (old Old Navy, ethical option) // I got this swing dress when I was pregnant with Brynn two summers ago and now it’s my swim cover up. I always prefer a light dress as a cover up because at home I often run a quick errand on my way to or from the pool, so I want something I can run into the store in.

Accessories (not pictured) // Wood bead necklace (c/o Natalie Borton) / Watch (c/o JORD) / Bar necklace (c/o Classy Mama Designs)

Outfit 22 // Thursday (drive)

Just like when we traveled to Aspen, I opted for these wide leg linen pants for the drive. They’re the most comfortable thing for longer car rides when the day is hot, but I sometimes get too cold with the A/C blowing, I always feel like when I wear shorts in the car I spent way too much time pulling them down and adjusting so my legs don’t get stuck to the leather seats, so I always go with pants.

We made one stop for lunch on the way up and then the kids napped for the second half of the drive, so we made pretty quick time. When we arrived we changed for a quick swim while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

Outfit 22 part 2 // Thursday night (dinner)

Thank goodness I packed long sleeves even though the forecast was nothing but hot. Right around dinner time some huge clouds rolled in and it got pretty chilly. Plus, while unpacking the car I got something on my striped tank, so I rinsed it out in the sink and hung it to dry. For dinner, I kept my linen pants and Birkenstocks on, and changed into my chambray shirt, which I knotted at the waist.

I liked the look of the outfit, but the knotted top did require quite a bit of adjusting, so I found it a little fussy for chasing kids around town. There were so many gorgeous old building and cute little alleys, but I am way to self-conscious and embarrassed to stop a group of 12 and take an outfit photo, so I have a few that I snuck away for, but darn I missed some awesome photo ops! 🙂

Outfit 23 // Friday

The day began around 7:30 when we headed down to breakfast, then it was out to the pool for the day. The water in the hot springs is around 90° and it is so easy to float around in. There is also a diving board and water slides, which the older kids love. The sunscreen was flowing, snacks were plenty, and fun was had by all!

For dinner it was still hot, so I kept it simple with my black jogger shorts and a black tee. I had hoped tucking in the tee would give the illusion of a jumpsuit, but I think I need a flowy top for that to work (love this one in the same fabric as this shorts).  That look didn’t quite work like I imagined, so I kept the shirt untucked. I think this outfit would be super cute with my clogs and I’ll probably wear that later this summer, but I went with my flip flops and wood accessories to warm up the all black.

Outfit 24 // Saturday

The jogger shorts I wore on Friday night were so comfortable for walking around town on a hot evening that I repeated them for dinner tonight. I swapped the black tee for a striped tank, but the accessories stayed the same. I didn’t like the look of the tank totally tucked in, but kept untucked it felt a little long with the shorts, so I folded it under a bit to shorten the length.

One nice thing about being out of town with family is that it’s all super casual and no one cares if my outfits look the same, which is a huge advantage when trying to pack light.

Outfit 25 // Sunday

We enjoyed one last morning swim before heading back home. My travel outfit was similar to Thursday’s. Loose pants with an easy tee. Simple, comfortable, but more stylish than yoga pants and a tee. I don’t love the all black as much as I expected, but it was totally fine for a travel day.

This was honestly the best photo I got today and I wasn’t going to post it because…well, it’s just not that blogworthy. But then I remembered that I am committed to being authentic here (bad hair, blurry photos, and the million non-blogworthy moments I have a day). This picture makes me laugh because I’m whipping my head around to see what trouble Brynn is up to next (like climbing the rail-less stairs). This is probably how I look 14 hours out of the day…almost 2-year-olds are exhausting! 🙂

We spent every last moment we could at the pool this morning before checkout, then drove straight home to a huge mess. The wood floors were stained when we were away, but there was a layer of dust all over EVERYTHING. The railings are being installed Monday, so we have another night or two of sleeping on our family room floor and basement. As soon as we got back the kids were running in a million directions and I was trying to get the house relatively functional (i.e. get the dust off the surfaces we need immediately). I see a lot of deep cleaning and organizing in my very near future.

Overall, I enjoyed the small selection of clothes I packed, but I could have left my Birkenstocks behind and packed either my strappy sandals or clogs to elevate my dinner outfits a little bit. If this had been a kid-free weekend, I definitely think I would have done that. I did have the gray linen tank as backup in case I got anything dirty enough that it was not wearable, but I didn’t need it this time. I may have struggled if there were any drastic weather changes from what the forecast said, but it was spot on this time.

I can’t believe we’re heading into the final week of the Summer 30×30! Andrea is really making me want a linen jumpsuit (and cool hat) and Lee’s uniform approach to a busy week is a great way to take something off your plate when things get hectic. Also, there is a ton of inspiration at #june30x30 (thanks everyone for sharing)!
This week I need to decide if I’m going to continue with this challenge, or open up the rest of my closet for the rest of the summer. In all honestly, unlike the other ladies, I am not missing the rest of my closet at all, so I’m thinking I may just try to push myself a littler further with the challenge.

How about you….are you missing the rest of your wardrobe? If you haven’t tried a mini wardrobe challenge, what’s holding you back? I’d love to hear.

For fun, here are a few snaps of the kiddos (and their cousins) from the trip!

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    1. I have loved reading all these 30×30 posts. I especially like the black shorts/tee with wood accessories look ( I may be copying that soon).
      I find that tying tops looks good in my head but doesn’t work as well in life. I usually have to wear a tank under so if it rides up I’m still covered. I do prefer to use a clear hair tie instead of a knot because I feel it stretches more then a real knot. This may just be in my head though. ?
      I think capsules are awesome, but I prefer more color and pattern and those make it harder . I did one last summer and may for a upcoming trip since it helps with over packing. Any tips for when you aren’t so sure about the weather?

      1. Hi Krysta!
        I totally hear you on things that look better in your head than they execute in real life 🙂
        I definitely don’t think capsules are for everyone, but I have found it helps me focus and be more aware of my shopping habits, which for a while there were pretty excessive.
        As for packing for unsure weather I think I would pack a couple of each type of item (depending on the length of the trip)…a couple tanks, tees, and layering items, which could be cardigans or even long sleeve tops that could be worn over a tank or tee for changing weather. I also like layering over dresses, so that could be an option. If the weather had been more variable for this trip I would have added my jeans and a cardigan and a dress to give me more options with what I had packed. And do be afraid to repeat items or even whole outfits…there’s no rule of travel that says if you’re traveling for 7 days you need 7 entirely different outfits. Maybe think that each top needs to be worn twice as a way to cut the list?

        Where will you be traveling?

    1. I love your authentic photo! Real life is real, and not everything has to be ‘grammable. I’m hoping the social realm will begin to travel more toward the realistic but only time will tell!
      I’m also quite keen on your backpack-as-purse. My shoulder is usually killing me by the end of the day, and having double straps could be a life-saver. My only fear is pick-pocketers!

      1. Krystal,
        Why, thank you! Yes, when I started on IG (almost 4 years ago) it was so much more ‘real’. Bloggers posted snaps from their phone and not images from their blog shoots and no one was making money off the posts yet and it was so FUN. I really miss those days and I’ve tried to stay pretty true to how I started, but I definitely sometimes fall into the comparison trap of my pics aren’t as clean and styled and my feed isn’t totally uniform, you know?Anyhow…total tangent.
        I hadn’t thought of pick-pocketers, but I’m not in an area and haven’t traveled anywhere lately, that it’s a huge issue. I wonder if you could find one that zips and has the fold over top as double-layer protection? I find shoulder bags so hard to manage – they’re always needing adjusting or swinging forward when I bend down.
        Have a great week!

    1. Hi Paige! I love your blog. I’ve been going through a similar transformation with my wardrobe in recent years and its been great following along with your posts! I was wondering if you had any tips on washing your Go weave items from Everlane. I have a white go-weave top (the zip back one) and although I love the fabric and cut, I don’t wear it much because it gets super wrinkled and ironing doesn’t even seem to help! I love the Go weave shorts on you by the way- hope they are still available after I have baby number 2! Thanks so much 🙂

      1. Valerie,
        Congrats on baby #2 – when are you due?
        I haven’t had much trouble with my GoWeave white top. It does get the slight wavy-type wrinkle after I wash it, but ironing always presses them out. I iron it on a pretty hot setting, have you tried that?
        Thanks so much for your kind words,

    1. I love your day 23 outfit! You’re really rocking those rainbows. I am with you on the embarrassment of taking an outfit photo when I’m with a group (esp family). It just feels soooo self-indulgent and ridiculous. (Though it’s neither of those things.) I am really, really impressed with your packing skills!

      Also, thank you for your honesty, love the real-life shot!

      Great trip photos, your kids are so cute!! And that location is just so gorgeous!!

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