Summer 30×30: Outfits #1-4

Last week I kicked off my summer 30×30 style challenge along with Andrea (of Seasons and Salt) and Lee (of Style Bee). You may remember my goal was pretty simple this round…just to get dressed (in something other than workout pants and a tank). My 24 items are pretty casual and definitely has some holes, but I’m hoping the next 30 days will help me clarify if/where I want to invest in something to take it up a notch.

I would define this first set of outfits as obvious. Not much creativity happening and no new, inspiring combination. I think with these style challenges, that’s always how they begin. And then you start to run out of the obvious combinations, which is where the fun begins. So, please  be patient as I work through my obvious combinations, because I think the real challenge will start soon!

Outfit 1: Thursday

summer capsule jamie and the jones t top

Today was an easy day to get started because I had one last work commitment – an all day tech training/meeting. We met in an office building in Boulder and I had a feeling the AC would be cranking (I always remember being freezing at work in summer during my engineering days), so I used it as a chance to wear longish sleeves and pants since the 10 day forecast looks waaaaarm.

I love how the simplicity of this outfit is ramped up by subtle details. The T Top has a gorgeous texture, the slight distressing of the jeans, and the warm cognac accents of the wood watch and necklace. This is the type of outfit I like to have on reserves for when I am not inspired to put together a new outfit.

Top (Jamie + the Jones) // Jeans (Madewell from Poshmark) // Clogs (Moheda from Lotta from Stockholm) //

Necklace (c/o Natalie Bortion – 10% off here) // Watch (c/o JORD Watches)

Outfit 2: Friday

summer capsule everlane goweave shortssummer capsule wardrobe

And this would have been a typical workout-wearing-type day. We had zero on our calendar. I started with a workout and figured we’d visit the pool, so I didn’t do much about getting ready (hence the hair 🙂). However, being true to the 30×30 I did a quick clean up and put on my Everlane jogger shorts and a tee right after my workout (and when we returned from the pool). This outfit would be so much cuter with some accessories, but I never got to that point.

This was the first time I wore the Everlane jogger shorts and I really liked them! I sized up to a large so they didn’t feel too clingy. They stayed wrinkle free all day and I didn’t have any trouble with them sticking to me when I got hot. They also have pockets that are deep enough to hold my phone and keys, which I often struggle with in shorts. I plan to dress them up next week to see how versatile they really are.

Top (old from Old Navy, cute ethical option with a message) // Shorts (Everlane) // Shoes (Birkenstock)

Outfit 3: Saturday

My husband and I are heading out of town for a couple of nights next week, so today we stayed around the house to catch up on laundry and yard work and check off the to-do list before we go. This is exactly the type of outfit I normally wear on summer days (when I decided to get out of my yoga pants). Taking a lesson from yesterday, I did take an extra second to add a few accessories (like my Summer Infant baby monitor watch in the top photo…LOL. Which as a total side note – it’s seriously so convenient). But really though, even that simple wrap bracelet and ring made me feel so much more pulled together.

Shorts (old DIY cutoffs) // Top (c/o Everlane) // Shoes (Rainbow)

Outfit 4: Sunday

I only wore this outfit about half of the day. After I worked out, we spent the morning doing errands and chores, so I put off showering and getting ready until later in the day. I chose my favorite maxi dress because it was easy and cool and has pockets. It also is a dress that I wouldn’t typically choose for hanging out around the house, so it seemed perfect for an afternoon out.

We went to Liv’s first dance recital and it was seriously the cutest. I took one dance class when I was young before I decided it wasn’t for me, so the whole thing is new to me from dress rehearsals to doing her hair in a proper bun to backstage chaos. She did such a great job and I’m so proud of her!

Dress (Brass Clothing) // Shoes (old, Target) // Necklace (c/o Classy Mama Designs)

  • Accessories make everything better. When I looked at photos of Friday’s outfit I realized how blah it looks. Even a watch and my bar necklace would have been an improvement.
  • I am still finding myself saving my ‘good’ outfits for days when we have somewhere to go or something to do. On Friday and Saturday, our days at home, I picked easy, ‘safe’ outfits. I have a very bad habit of ‘saving’ my good outfits, which is where the capsule wardrobes helped me in the first place. It got all of the clutter out and forced me to wear my best and favorite things all the time. I think as I go through the month I will run out of these safer options and be forced more out of my comfort zone.
  • I always intend for my blog to depict my real outfits and real life, but it seems even more raw during this daily outfit journaling. More than ever, my hair is a mess, my makeup is minimal, and I have my kids take my outfit photos whenever they’re feeling cooperative enough to break from playing for a moment to help momma out. It may not be the prettiest, most glam blog, but my aim is always to inspire woman who are like me and I hope that somehow keeping it real helps?! Or at least I tell myself that to justify posting myself all over the internet with no makeup and dirty hair 🙂
It’s been so exciting to see more and more women joining in! It’s not too late to pick out some items, take a break from shopping, and get creative with what you already own.
Be sure to check out #june30x30 for inspiration, and the ever-inspiring Andrea (of Seasons and Salt) and Lee (of Style Bee) to see what they’re wearing.

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    1. Great first couple of outfits!
      I agree with accessories. Usually you only need 2 or 3 max to elevate the whole outfit.
      Have a good week 🙂

      1. Jodie,
        I tend to skip accessories when I’m just staying around the house, but it definitely makes all the difference in how a simple jeans and tee looks!

        Enjoy your week as well!

    1. Great looks Paige! I especially love the first one, those jeans are fabulous but the Brass tank dress is a dream on you! You’re so right about the accessories and these photos are so genuine and fun 🙂 xo

      1. Lee,
        Thank you so much! I love the Brass dress because it’s such an easy piece to wear. Looking forward to your post on Friday!

    1. As always, I love your honesty! And you’re making me want those Everlane shorts, they were definitely a good choice. I, too, fall into that habit of ‘saving’ my clothes for an event. When I break that, and just put on something nice just for me, it usually gives my day a little boost. 🙂

      Can’t wait to see the rest of your looks!

      1. Thanks, friend! I am so excited that the shorts worked. Now that I’m back home, my goal is to stop saving my best clothes and to just wear them for myself!

    1. Love your black maxi dress! What a beautiful family photo!!
      I’m celebrating a year discovering and then creating a capsule and I’ve never looked back! Keep up the great inspiration….just as you are! Reality is refreshing in a blogosohere that feels so ungrounded and fake. Love your blog!

      1. Holly,
        Happy year capsule-versary! 🙂 And thank you for the kind words. It can be very easy to get caught up in the comparison (especially with those bloggers who do this as a living), but I keep trying to remember that I started this space as a journal through my capsuleing journey and a way to hold myself accountable!
        It’s so cool that you are hooked on capsule wardrobes as well – what do you find is your favorite thing about it?

        1. Capsuling makes it SO much easier to get dressed! I love that my stuff now coordinates and my closet is so organized and makes sense! It’s curbed my shopping and I’m more content with less anyway…as a minimalist, I wanted less clothes but didn’t know how to do it.
          It has also allowed me to refocus purchasing to ethical and made in the US items, which is important to me!!!
          You’ve been at this longer…have you learned anything about capsuling you wish you’d known or realized earlier?

          1. Holly,
            It sounds like you’ve really summed up all the major capsule lessons. I think for me, things really came together once I realized the power of investing in quality pieces that I love to wear. No more looking for a bargain alternative that I’m never quiet content with. I also always felt that I had to have ‘boring’ pieces if I was going to repeat items, but then I always felt ‘boring’ in my style. Adding some items that make a statement either through texture or shape has helped me feel more stylish, and I take pride in repeating them in new ways.
            Are you a minimalist in all facets of life?

    1. So appreciated reading this! I’m also part of the “‘saving’ my good outfits” club. We have a dog so I blame it on not wanting to get all my ‘good clothes’ full of dog hair (I work from home), and not wanting to get anything on my good outfits when I make lunch/dinner (even though I have an apron and am not afraid to wear it!). I got a bit inspired by some folks’ posts on ‘at home/lounge wear capsules’, but the reality is I don’t want to own more clothes – I want to wear the clothes I already have! Gotta stretch out of my comfort zone….

      1. Amanda,
        Oh my gosh, yes!! I don’t have a pet, but the kids are just about the same 🙂 I always have a fear of getting my nice things dirty, even though I rarely buy something that isn’t machine-washable, for that exact reason. My hope is that this 30×30 pushes me out of my comfort zone as well and ‘allows’ me to wear some of my nicer things on a regular-ole-summer-day. Maybe you start by trying it twice a week?!
        Keep me posted!

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