Summer 30×30: Outfits 12-15

We’ve officially hit the halfway point of the Summer 30×30 Style Challenge! Andrea (over at Seasons and Salt) and Lee (blogging at Style Bee) are going strong, and it by the looks of the #june30x30 hashtag, you are too! Andrea has added more color to this challenge than she has in the past and is rating each outfit’s effortless factor, which I LOVE! I am learning a ton from Lee‘s layering and accessorizing during the challenge…her finishing touches are spot on.

Since we’re at the midway point, I thought it was a good opportunity for a quick check-in:

So far, I am very happy with the items I chose for the challenge. They have been easy to mix-and-match, comfortable, and fit well with my simple summer style. My only issue so far is that it has been much warmer for much longer than I anticipated, so if anything I would consider trading one of my layering pieces for another tank top for those 90 degree plus days (I’m going to think more about that swap this weekend as I see the 10 day forecast).

As for meeting my goal of getting ‘dressed’ every day and not falling into my usual habit of rocking the yoga pants all summer long, I’d give myself an A+. While the organized 30 items helps narrow things down and makes getting dressed super easy, it’s committing to the challenge and sharing daily outfit pics here that is the real motivation. There have definitely been days where I have to force myself to change, but I never regret that once it’s done. However, would I have any regrets if I didn’t? That’s something I want to think more about as we move through the final weeks. Is getting ‘dressed’ each day making me feel better during the course of my daily activities?

My other goal of the challenge is to identify any holes in my wardrobe, so I can make mindful purchases. I have felt very content with what I have and haven’t had the urges to do any post-kid-bedtime online browsing. So far, I haven’t felt any “oh, I wish I had ____” moments. If I finish off the rest of the challenge without noticing anything is really missing from my summer wardrobe, I may just call it complete and save up for something special for fall.

I’m so excited to see what the second half of the month brings. We have a family trip planned to the mountains, an anniversary date night, and things will settle down around the house.

Outfit 12 // Monday

Ahhh, the under-eye bags of a mom who’s had a sick kid for 4 days 🙂

This was the first time since the start of the challenge that I struggled deciding what to wear. Liv was still worn down from being sick all weekend and we had more work to do to prep for the new floors, so I knew most of the day I’d be home. My instincts were to just throw on my cutoffs and a tank, but I wanted to find a different combination to really make this challenge work for me. This was the day I realized that my school-year outfit scheduling ways just don’t work in the summer. I was trying to plan out the full week ahead of time so I knew which items wouldn’t be worn and it just doesn’t work in summer. It led me to seriously overthink the whole thing and took the fun out of getting dressed.

I ended up going outside of my stay-at-home comfort zone and chosing my linen shift dress. The dress itself is so comfortable and easy to wear (hello, pockets), but it’s not something I’d usually chose for taking strolls around the neighborhood, feeding kids popsicles, packing up loose ends from the bedrooms, and grilling dinner.

But….it worked. I kept it casual by wearing flip flops and a wood necklace. I wore the cardigan in the earlier morning and then in the afternoon when our main level was cold as we cranked the A/C trying to get the upstairs comfortable for sleeping. As a bonus, the dress itself was less fussy and hot than shorts and a tank would have been, plus it felt WAY more pulled together.

Dress (c/o Sotela) // Cardigan (old from Gap) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here) // Shoes (Rainbow)

Outfit 13 // Tuesday

Temperatures in the 70’s! We had a one day break from the heat and I picked out my warmest, coziest items to celebrate. 🙂 I wore jeans and a sweatshirt over my black tee to take Max to an early morning ortho appointment. Eventually, I changed into work clothes as we did the last disassembling and hauling furniture to our basement.

I love wearing this gray sweatshirt. Something about the simplicity and ease of it makes it one of my favorites, even for work. Adding warm cognac-colored accessories to warm up the cool gray is my go-to styling option whenever I wear this sweatshirt.

Sweatshirt (old from Old Navy, ethical option) // Jeans (Madewell secondhand from Poshmark) //

Shoes (Rainbow) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here) // Bag (old from Old Navy)

Outfit 14 // Wednesday

And finally, the carpet tear-out (so gross) and wood floor installation begins (yay!), so maybe I’ll stop talking about it now. We were up early to move 5 beds and a few last minute things out of our upper level before the wood floor guys arrived at 7:00 a.m. My hubby was sick, so I loaded up my coffee mug, threw up my hair, grabbed my sunglasses and headed outside with the kids.

I knotted my graphic tee over a racerback dress to switch things up a bit. If I’d had any more time (or a mirror) to analyze this outfit, I’m not sure I’d have worn it. I have a mix of navy, white, black, and gray going on and the racerback straps are very visible because of the wider neckline. These two things probably would have originally deterred me from wearing this, but I actually don’t mind it. I think it’s a fun mix-up for a day walking to the park, running kids to camp, and eating lunch on the porch.

Dress (c/o Everlane) // Tee (old from Old Navy, ethical graphic tee) // Shoes (Rainbow)

Outfit 15 // Thursday

I’ve been so excited to wear this striped tank from Tapered Collection, but the first one I got was too small. I ordered a size small (like I did in my other Tapered Tees), and while I could get it on, it wasn’t comfortable or flattering. It turns out, the entire lot of striped tees is running a bit small, so if you order size up! I went up to a medium and I probably could have even gone up to a large to give myself more room around the middle.

I love the neckline and cut of this tank – I think it’s so genius that Astrid designed these tanks to highlight women’s shoulders – it is so flattering, in my opinion. I went easy, cheesy denim cutoffs and Birks for another day wrangling kids at home. Between Liv being sick and now hubby, I’m feeling a bit homebound. I should have added some accessories, but by the time I got to thinking about it, the day was half over and it just didn’t seem necessary at that point 🙂

Striped tank (c/o Tapered Collectiongo one or two sized up for stripes) // Shorts (DIY men’s Old Navy jeans, cool Levi’s cutoffs) //

Shoes (Birkenstock)

I’d love to hear your midway updates…how are you feeling about your items? Do you still have outfits your excited to wear or are you missing the rest of your clothes?

It’s not too late to join us for the second half of the month! A 15×15 starting tomorrow perhaps? Or maybe you can take the weekend to pull together a 12×12 to start on Monday? We love the new combinations and wardrobe revelations being shared at #june30x30 on Instagram. Keep ’em coming!

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    1. What a great few outfits Paige!
      That Sotela dress is SO PRETTY, if I wasn’t pregnant I’d definitely have gotten it this summer. Also loved the layered tee over the dress, and you can’t go wrong with black and white stripes ( I wore my black and white tee yesterday with black birks lol).
      All your house renovations sound so exciting and stressful, but worth it. Are you going to share any before/ afters?
      As we are about to have our first child I am just wondering how people in real life manage their kids rooms/ toys/ house etc.
      Have a great weekend, and hope your husband has a good father’s day!

      1. Jodie,
        Thank you! Yes, this summer I was very excited to add dresses back since last summer I was still breastfeeding and it was just easier to have ‘easy access’.

        When are you due? Do you know the gender? We found out the gender with the first 3 and left the last one a surprise!

        I definitely think I’ll share some photos once the flooring is in. The boys have been sharing, but we are rearranging and now the girls will be sharing a room, so we get to do a little redecorating too. I’m excited for that because we haven’t done much in the kids’ rooms knowing they weren’t ‘settled’ in their final rooms yet.

        Happy Friday!

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