Summer 30×30: Outfits 16-18

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Colorado and we did all of the typical summer activities…pool days, bike rides, drinks in the driveway with neighbors, grilled dinner, and trips to the park. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend, too!

We’ve entered the second half of the 30×30 challenge and I still have plenty of outfit combinations I want to wear, but I’ve been trying to ‘schedule’ them based on our weather and daily activities. I’m finding that being an outfit scheduler is much harder for me during summer months. Our inconsistent schedule and variety of activities and outings, plus last minute changes is so different compared to our school year routine.

I always keep a running list of outfit ideas on my phone and at the start of each week I roughly plan what I’ll wear each day based on weather, daily plans, and I pay attention to spacing out my items. In summer, our schedule is so flexible that (besides set appointments or classes) we don’t typically know what we’re doing each day until the day arises. I’m trying to just go with what my gut feels like wearing, but that doesn’t seem to come naturally to me. Creating new outfits hasn’t been too challenging yet, but deciding when to wear them is another story…

So, I think that as an additional component to the challenge, I’m going to try to get dressed on day at a time. Since I’m home, I have the luxury of being able to wear the same item days on end, if I want/need to, so I’m going to try to be less of a planner and see how that feels.

Outfit 16 // early Saturday

You may notice that I skipped right over Friday. I started the day with a workout and then we some work around the house. By mid-morning we decided to go to the pool for swimming and lunch. We came home so Brynn couldn nap and we could all get a sun break, but then decided to go back later in the evening for dinner. So, I never  bothered getting dressed in between.

On Saturday, the boys headed out to the skate park, so the girls and I did a few errands in the morning. It was slightly cooler, so I wore my maxi dress with the striped tank layered over it. Instead of knotting the tank, the tapered bottom allowed me to fold it under slightly to give it a more cropped length which is most flattering with the maxi skirt.

The only problem with the maxi dress is that it isn’t convenient for riding bikes or going for walks. It’s very comfortable and works well when we’re out and about, but it’s a little cumbersome for playtime. The shirt stayed tucked easily all day and I was impressed that the black dress didn’t show through more obviously under the white tank (and that’s why I love my Tapered tees!).

Outfit 17 // later Saturday

We took a quick afternoon pool break (to get out of the pounding that’s going on at our house) and when we headed home the clouds had rolled in and the temps dropped. We took advantage of the cooler afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the day outside. The older kids played capture the flag with neighbors and Brynn rode her little car up and down the block while we enjoyed an adult beverage with our neighbors.

It was cool enough that I threw on this chambray shirt and kept it open with a knot to show the stripes, which conveniently, created a second look in the same day, so I’m back on track! 🙂

One of my favorite style tricks I’ve learned over the course of my capsule wardrobe journey is layering over dresses. It’s only been in the past year or so that I’ve really started experimenting with different ways to wear my dresses and it’s opened up a whole slew of outfit options.

Maxi dress (Brass Clothing) // Striped tank (c/o Tapered Collection – go 1 or 2 sizes up for striped tops) //

Chambray (Madewell secondhand from Poshmark, ethical option) // Bag (old from Old Navy, lusting after this one) // Shoes (Rainbow)

Outfit 18 // Sunday

Well, it looks like the second half of June is going to be just as hot as the first half (which is pretty unusual around here), so I decided to make a swap to my 24 items. I took out the sweatshirt because I still have 3 lightweight layering options for the rare evening cool down. I felt another tank top would get more use in my wardrobe. The two tank tops I included both have a high neckline, which can be a bit stifling on super hot days, so this top will be a good alternative to those.

My original thought was to just throw on the tank and go, but that felt un-styled. I decided to try a full tuck into my high-waisted jeans. It’s a little different ‘vibe’ than I’m used to (felt a bit hipster), but I definitely think it gave the outfit a little more polished look. I think one benefit (besides being way more comfy than low-rise) of high-waisted jeans is they make a simple tuck top instantly look more done. I could have probably used a belt, but I don’t have one I like for casual outfits. This is definitely a styling trick I’ll be repeating again!

Shirt (c/o Everlane) // Jeans (Madewell secondhand via Poshmark) // Shoes (Birkenstock) // Watch (c/o JORD)


How do you choose your outfits….                                                                                                         do you schedule them ahead of the time or go with your gut each day?

Go see how Andrea and Lee spent their weekend and what they wore. Also, check out #june30x30 on Instagram for tons of outfit inspo.

I’ll be posting on Thursday instead of Friday this week because we’re spending a long weekend in the mountains for a family trip. 

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    1. Great looks Paige!
      Those jeans look AMAZING on you!
      Have a great week 🙂

    1. You look so cute in your tank + jeans! I picked up a 100% Human tee the first go-round, so I sat the pride version out. I really love the tank option though!

      1. Krystal,
        Thank you! I love how easy the high-waist makes tucking. I always felt when I tucked into low-waist it made a pooch (or emphasized the pooch I already have, LOL)! The tees and tanks are so soft and comfy!
        Have a great week,

    1. Great looks! Love the bags you’re lusting after that you linked. The dark brown is gorgeous.

      1. Heather,
        Me too!! I’m holding off because the backpack bag I have is in perfect condition still, but it’s soooo nice!
        Hope you have a great day,

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