Summer 30×30: Outfits 19 – 21

Happy almost weekend! Thanks so much to all of you for joining in and following along as Andrea, Lee, and I have taken on the 30×30 summer style challenge. I’m sharing my outfits from this week a day early because we’re heading out of town for a family weekend in the mountains and I wanted to do a separate post for those outfits.

Since it’s been a while and there’s been a lot of posts in between, here are the 24 items I selected to wear for the month of June (though, we’ve had record-breaking heat, so I took out the sweatshirt and added another tank at the halfway point).

summer capsule wardrobe

It’s interesting to look back at this and see that there are things I haven’t worn at all or that I’ve only worn once. I don’t think 30 items (or 24 in my case) is actually much of a challenge for 30 days like the 10×10 is. That may also be true for me this round since it’s summer and I’m not as worried about repeating items a day or two apart like I am during the school year.

Outfit 19 // Monday

Today was one of those days where every effort I made to be productive didn’t result in much. I attempted a few errand with a tired, and not-so-cooperative almost two year old, which meant I couldn’t get as many stops in as I needed. Then, I went to the bank to withdraw some money for a deposit on our stair railing installation and I didn’t have my ID. Grrrr….

I never managed to get a proper outfit pic, but you’ve seen this dress a few times. I love how lightweight it is and it’s just loose enough to really breathe which makes it perfect for a super hot day. Since I’ve worn the dress on it’s own as one of my 30 outfits already, I added my chambray shirt as a ‘layer’ to create a new look. Though, it was too warm to actually wear the chambray shirt, so I casually tied it around my waist. I added an easy necklace to complete the outfit.

Dress (c/o Everlane) // Chambray( Madewell secondhand via Poshmark, ethical option) //

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here) // Flip flops (Rainbow)

Outfit 20 // Tuesday

Another crazy hot day (which broke the record from 1967) meant finding an inside activity for the family. We are revamping our closet since we had to remove a shelving unit to have the flooring installed, so we went to IKEA to browse some options. With the 4 kids in tow it maybe wasn’t the most productive trip, but we did pick up some fun stuff for their new bedrooms and got to see some of our options so we can better visualize them as we brainstorm a plan for our closet.

I chose this dress because I knew it would be cool enough for our morning activities before we left, but it’s thick enough to be comfortable in an air conditioned space. It is so soft and so comfy, you guys. I already wore this dress earlier in the month, so I changed my shoe choice and added some accessories (that counts as a different outfit, right?!). It was perfect for a family outing and was so easy to wear and feel pulled together.

I did get a grease on this dress the first time I wore it and thought I had managed to get it completely out, but I still see the fainted hint of the darkened spot, so I’m working on more stain removal. I’m trying dish soap as a pretreatment. Any other ideas for stubborn grease stains?

Dress (c/o Imby) // Shoes (super old Target, love these ethically made Huaraches) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here) //

Bracelets (Love Andrea’s Closet) // Watch (c/o JORD)

Bonus outfit // Tuesday evening

It was still close to 100° when we headed to my in-laws for dinner. I figured we’d be sitting outside so the kids could run around with their cousins, so I changed into a cooler dress. I also wore this dress on Sunday night for Father’s Day BBQ with family.

This is one of my favorite dresses to wear to summer social events because it’s loose and flowy, so not only is it cool, it’s perfect for hiding a food baby. I also really dislike sitting on hot patio chairs in shorts and getting marks on my legs and sticking to the chair, so I typically opt for a maxi dress to avoid that discomfort. 🙂 Plus, the print is a good option when eating messy foods with kids!

This dress is a hand-me-down from my sister that she got at Target, I believe last summer. I have always loved the look of this Made in the USA option, though there is no print.

Outfit 21 // Wednesday

everlane 100% human

Today was trip preparation day….laundry, packing, errands, etc. I didn’t put much thought or effort into today’s outfit, which is AOK sometimes. I threw on my denim cutoffs and a cool tank that I knew weren’t going on our weekend trip with me. This outfit is probably the most typical of my usual summer style. I did notice I did feel a little less…something…(I don’t know if confident is the right word), but something was different when I went out to run errands. Like, maybe there really is something to be said for putting together an outfit I feel good about even if I’m just going to Target and the bank. denim cutoffs and rainbow flip flops

Shirt (c/o Everlane) // Shorts (Old DIY from men’s jeans) // Shoes (Rainbow)


We’re heading up to the mountains to a huge hot springs pool with my husband’s side of the family for a long weekend. On Monday I’ll share the 12 items I chose from the 30×30 to take with me and outfits I wore. Heres’ a look back at what I packed and wore for the same trip last summer.
This week I used a tied chambray shirt and different accessories to make new outfits from my 24 items. What are some of your easy tricks for changing the look of an outfit?
Have a wonderful weekend! And don’t forget to head over to see what Andrea and Lee wore this week.



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    1. I have rubbed chalk on grease stains before, it sometimes works. It’s worth a try, just make sure to use white or a color of chalk similar to your dress. Have a great trip!

      1. Michelle,
        Thanks for the tip! Do you let it sit for a while and then wash like normal?

        1. Yes, I do! I also check it before throwing into the dryer just to make sure it’s all out. Good luck!

    1. Have you tried baby powder or baking soda? I had a silk dress get a huge oil stain (massive) and put either baby powder or baking soda (ugh can’t remember which) all over the stains – a really good layer. Let it absorb over night, and repeated the process again. It totally worked.

      1. Amanda,
        I will definitely try it! Thanks for the tip! And that must have been an amazing feeling to have saved your dress. 🙂
        Have a great weekend,

      1. Baby powder or corn startch left overnight always works for me! Best results if you do it right away before washing or treating with anything else, even water.

        1. Thanks, Kate! I am storing that away for my future stain removal tricks – I am the worst at laundry, but am trying to learn.

    1. I love how you talked about the print dress, all those things are so true!! And the spaghetti straps look great on you!

      Also, I think you’re coming around on this summer style mindset. 😉

      1. Andrea,
        I think I may just be….now, will it last is the question?! And sometimes outfit planning totally depends on what you’ll be feeding the kids. 🙂

    1. I second the baby powder idea for grease stains! I also have had great success in removing stains with the Laundress’ stain bar as well as a Fels-Naptha bar. Since purchasing these stain bars I don’t think I’ve ended up with any lasting marks on my clothes!

      1. Krystal,
        I may have to get some of those stain bars…I have not heard of them…but since I’m trying to make my clothes last longer I am trying to get ‘better’ at laundry and stain removal.
        Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Paige! I’m fairly new to your blog and I’m loving your outfits in the 30X30 challenge. Can you tell me, please, which Natalie Borton necklace you’re wearing in outfit 19? Is it the marbled caramel Camille necklace? I love it!
      Thanks, and happy summer!

      1. Hi Kerry,
        Welcome and thank you! I’m wearing a version of the Camille necklace that was made out of wood beads. One cool (but also hard thing) that Natalie does is make a limited number of each piece. I love it because it makes them feel unique, but it’s hard when you see something you love from an older run. The Marbled Caramel Camille is the same style, but it a darker brown tone and the variation of color, so it’s not exactly like this one. So sorry I can’t be more help!

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