Summer 30×30: Outfits #5 – 8

Happy Friday, my friends! We are officially a week into the Summer 30×30 Style Challenge and plugging right along. It has been so incredible to see so many of you take the plunge and join Andrea, Lee, and myself as we take a break from shopping and focus on wearing what we have instead.

If you missed it, here is the post that shows the 24 items I chose for the challenge. Also, do yourself a favor and go check out Andrea’s first four outfits (hello, Kamm pants and knotted tee) and Lee’s looks (she pulled off the blazer and shorts look like I’ve never seen). I know they’ll both be updating today and I’m so excited to see their new looks.

Here’s a look at my outfits for days 5 – 8. I need to apologize for the mirror #ootd pics. I’m not quite brave enough to stop and do a public outfit pic when we’re out and about with friends, so I snuck some solo mirror photos.

Outfit #5 // Monday

Today my husband I headed into the mountains to Aspen to spend a couple of days with some friends from out of town. It’s been far too long since we left the kids and just enjoyed some couple time. I was like a kid in a candy store as we drove in silence and our rest area stop only took 5 minutes.

We had a few hours in the car, so my primary goal when picking an outfit was comfort. I don’t like to wear shorts in the car because of the leather seats, so I chose wide legs linen pants and a white tee with a few accessories to finish the look (after realizing how important they were last week).

We arrived around lunch time and spent the rest of the day enjoying food, drinks, laughs, and the most incredible view at our friend’s place, followed by a bike ride (more like downhill coast) to a nearby town, then some downtime before dinner. This outfit carried me through the day, the only adjustment I made was adding my gray sweatshirt when it cooled down in the evening.

Colorado is a pretty laid back and casual state, which can be nice when traveling since most outfits are perfectly fine day or night.

Pants (old, Old Navy, similar) // Tee (c/o Tapered Collection) // Shoes (Birkenstocks)

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – 10% off here) // Watch (c/o JORD)

Outfit #6 // Tuesday

After a morning sleeping in (until 8:15 which is unheard of for me), we enjoyed some lounge time at the pool, then delicious appetizers and drinks before heading back into town to do a ‘best of Aspen’ tour of our friend’s favorite drinks and foods. Oh. my. gosh. so much goodness. The weather was all over the place, so I layered my longline cardigan over my linen tank to cover all of my bases.

I loved the ‘pastel’ neutral color palette with the light tan and gray mix. As always, cognac accessories completed the outfit. I can honestly say I loved this outfit. I felt pulled together, but not like I was trying to hard. It was easy, relaxed, and effortless.

Jeans (Madewell secondhand from Poshmark) // Tank (c/o Everlane) // Sweater (old from Gap, similar)

Shoes (Rainbow) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – 10% off here) // Watch (c/o JORD)

Outfit #7 // Wednesday

Our short getaway ended much too fast, but was such a great break from our ‘normal’. We drove back home, so I repeated the same outfit as Monday, primarily because it was a perfect car outfit, but also to reduce laundry. I added the longline cardigan to switch up the look. I know this is a combination I would not have put together without the challenge, so I’m excited to have already found a new outfit one week in!

Pants (old, Old Navy, similar) // Tee (c/o Tapered Collection) // Sweater (old from Gap, similar)

Shoes (Rainbow) // Necklace (c/o Classy Mama Designs) // Watch (c/o JORD)

Outfit #8 // Thursday

Today was a perfect day for a throw-on-and-go type of outfit. It was hot outside, so I didn’t want anything fussy. Our only commitments for the day were swim lessons for Liv and friends coming for a casual pizza dinner.

This dress was a last minute addition to my summer wardrobe and I’m so excited about it. It’s easy, comfy, and feels like wearing a soft-sweatshirt-cocoon-nightgown. Though it’s not necessarily dressy, something about it just feels slightly cooler (like hip, cool) than a typical casual dress. Maybe the midi length? I was a little worried that I would be too hot because it is a very thin sweatshirt-type material, but I think the looser fit makes it breathe and I didn’t notice I was overly warm.

Dress (c/o IMBY) // Shoes (Rainbow) // Watch (c/o JORD) // Bag (old, Old Navy)

Outfit 8.5 // Second half of Thursday

The big bummer of the day….I dropped a hotdog on my dress at lunch. I literally sprinted up to the washer and threw it right in. After the first round I could still see a darker grease spot (even when it was wet), so I treated it with some dish soap for about 30 minutes before washing again with OxiClean in hot water. Luckily that did the trick, but sheesh…I was so mad at myself. Lesson of the day….always wear an apron in the kitchen. I changed into another favorite hot weather dress, my linen shift for the second half of the day.

Does getting two outfits in during one day buy me a Yoga Pants Free Day later in the month?!

Dress (c/o Sotela ) // Shoes (Rainbow) // Watch (c/o JORD)


  • Packing is SO easy with a small wardrobe. No planning over overpacking here. I did have 2 items that I did not wear, but that’s a huge improvement from how I used to be. It’s as if picking a cohesive capsule wardrobe has already done the mix-and-match prep needed for smart packing, so I just grabbed a few items that were appropriate for the weather and activities we had planned.
  • When trying to find new combinations, try new proportions. I have always felt wide leg pants must be paired with a smaller top (either cropped length or more fitted). It never would occur to me to try two larger proportions like I did with the wide leg pants and longline cardigan, but I really loved the pairing. Take risks.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear nice clothes, but always throw on an apron when near food 🙂
  • After a week, I’m going strong with outfits. I haven’t had to get too creative yet and haven’t felt restricted at all.
How is your June challenge going?
Have you been able to continue with no shopping? How has the 30 items felt so far?
Looking for outfit inspiration? Check out #june30x30 on Instagram and don’t forgot to stop by Andrea and Lee’s blogs for some amazing styling.

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    1. What a great first week!
      That gray dress looks amazing on you- good call.
      I am doing my 30×30 for 3 months because I don’t want to spend any more money on maternity clothes, so this is so much fun to play along with you gals.
      Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

      1. Jodie,
        Love that you’re planning to get creative with your maternity capsule. I really don’t plan to buy anything else for summer either…it’s just not my favorite season and I’d rather save up for something fun and special for fall!

    1. I love all these looks on you Paige! That Corinne dress looks phenomenal. So effortlessly chic 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Oh my gosh…if I can EVER wear everything I bring on vacation, I’ll know I figured out this capsuling thing!

      1. I did have 2 pair of shorts I never wore, but I decided to take advantage of the cooler temps and wear my pants while I could! I also had my clogs that I didn’t wear. 🙂

    1. 8:15?! Who are you!?! ?? I loved Day 6, I think pastel neutrals are my favorite right now! I love how your 30×30 translates to easy packing, that is so awesome!

      1. I know, right?! I can’t even recall the last time I slept so late 🙂

        I love beige and gray together, so looking forward to finding more ways to work that pairing into the rest of the month!

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