Summer 30×30: Outfits 9-11

This weekend has been an obvious reminder about why I find it so hard to get ‘dressed’ properly in the summer (and the main reason I joined the summer style challenge to begin with). It’s hot. Really hot. And when it’s really hot I can’t (or don’t want to) wear pants, which limits my outfit options. Plus, all thoughts of layering are out the window, which also limits my outfit options.

I love fall and winter for the adding styling option of using layers to completely change the look and feel of a piece of clothing. But in summer I just don’t feel I have that option and it makes getting dressed a lot less fun.

I know I have a lot of layering options in my 24 items (because I made a list to brainstorm possible combinations), but they just aren’t reasonable in this heat. So, between that and being at home with a sick kiddo, my outfits this weekend were pretty basic. Honestly, part of me feels that means I’m letting you all down. Because for me, the purpose of doing these style challenges has always been to show how much is possible with a few items, and I haven’t done much of that here. But, on the other hand, I am trying to keep in mind what my goals were for this challenge. And, of course, I always want this space to be a journal of what I actually wore with my limited wardrobe, not outfits styled just for the sake of blogging.

I hope that in the final two-thirds of the challenge I am able to put together more creative outfits, while being true to the purpose of the blog and this challenge. So, keep your fingers crossed for some cooler weather in Colorado and healthy kids so we can get out and about. 😉

Day 9 // Friday

The one major factor in today’s outfit: the heat. It kind of feels like we missed the comfortable 70 degree days and have jumped up to the unbearable heat. Today’s forecast called for sunny and 94 degrees. We didn’t have much planned and then Liv woke up with a fever, so I knew we’d be staying around the house.

These Everlane shorts (I got a size large) are proving to be a great summer addition. They are drapey and cool. They don’t wrinkle. They dry quickly. And they’re machine-washable. I paired them with a gray tank and threw on a necklace to make the outfit a little more blog-able. 🙂

Tank (c/o Everlane) // Shorts (Everlane) // Shoes (Birkenstock) // Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – get 10% off here)

Day 10 // Saturday

I thought this may just be the day I didn’t get out of my workout clothes. In my mind I was writing the post about failing to get ‘dressed’ on day 10. It hit me that in four days the entire upper level of our house needs to be emptied out because we’re getting wood floors. I had moved some things to the basement when I prepped for painting two weeks ago, but hadn’t done much since. I spent a good portion of the day dis-assembling beds, packing up knick-knacks and closets, and lugging it all to the basement.

Finally, around 4:00 I showered and this Everlane dress and flip flops (plus a glass of wine thanks to all the IG posts about #nationalroseday) sounded perfect for a hot afternoon. I didn’t bother with any accessories as Liv was still sick and I knew we’d just be relaxing at home keeping her comfortable.

Day 11 // Sunday

It was slightly cooler with some occasional cloud cover today, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to wear a top with sleeves. My T Top was an easy choice because the boxy cut breathes nicely and is much cooler than a typical long sleeve top.

It was a stay-at-home and get work done kid of day, so I didn’t do much with hair, makeup, or accessories. I like that the unique cut of the top and the distressed shorts are interesting enough to make the lack of accessories less noticeable.

My one issue with this pairing is that the top is cropped and the shorts sit pretty low, so I would not be comfortable wearing this out and about for fear of showing off too much (aka any) midsection.

Top (Jamie and the Jones) // Shorts (old DIY cutoffs from men’s jeans, similar Levi’s in Etsy shop) // Shoes (Birkenstocks)

How are all of you doing with the challenge? Is the summer weather helping or hurting your efforts to mix-and-match?

Be sure to check out Andrea and Lee’s blog posts about their weekend outfits today too.

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    1. I love how you’ve shown that you can pull mom-duty at home, but still feel like yourself in a pulled-together outfit. I think that is so valuable to my sanity! You made it look easy here. You’re definitely not letting me down, and I love your real-talk!

      I hope Liv is feeling better!

      1. I still don’t feel I’ve totally settled in here yet, but that’s what makes it a challenge, right?! I’m not sure if it’s the new summer lack-of-schedule, the upheaval of our house, or the uncomfortable weather, but feeling blech. It does feel good to be pulling it together a bit each day, that’s for sure! Like I’m a bit less scattered 🙂

    1. Summer temps + sickness = Style Struggle for sure. I have been leaning heavy on dresses (that don’t cling) the last week or so. I only own 1-2 shorts, so if it’s not dresses it is elastic waist wide-leg linen pants! Jeans are out of the question!

      1. Yes to the dress!! I’m not the biggest fan of shorts, but wear them because they feel more practical home with the kids. I’m getting past that during this challenge and realizing dresses are just better 🙂

    1. I really like that even your most simple outfits are not boring. It’s the little touches. I struggle with that in the heat. Hope that rosé was a delicious as it looks!

      1. Dee, absolutely! Between knowing that I’m putting in a lot of work at home prepping for new flooring, trying to stay comfortable in the heat, and taking care of a sick babe the extra touches were even a struggle this week. Honestly, without the 30×30 challenge, I think I would have skipped them all together, but it is nice to feel slightly pulled together during this crazy time!

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