Summer 30×30 Recap

The end of June (and the 30×30 Style Challenge) really snuck up on me with all we had going on around our house, so it took me a few extra days to put together an overview of the month and my takeaways from the challenge.

First, the hugest thank you to Andrea and Lee for inviting me to join in. Andrea and I have been blogger-turned-real friends for coming up on 2 years now and she really encouraged me to dive on in when I wasn’t unsure. And she was totally right…it was just what I needed to kick off summer!

Here’s a look at the 24 items I chose to wear for the month of June.

summer capsule wardrobe

And here are the 30 outfits I wore during the challenge.

Did I make any swaps?

At the midpoint of the month, I did swap my gray sweatshirt for a casual tank top. Typically June weather varies quite a bit, but this year it was super hot most of the month. Once I saw that there was no signs of a cool down to finish the month I added another hot weather option.

Did I cheat?

In terms of wearing something other than the 24 items I included, no. I did wear my black swing dress as a swimsuit cover up on our weekend away and around the house a day or two.

In terms of shopping and adding new items, I did. I did get an amazing collaboration opportunity that presented itself during June, so I did get to choose a new item (though it hasn’t arrived yet). I also took advantage of a free 2-day shipping offer at Everlane last week to buy a dress, but the wrong items arrived and I’m not sure it’s a keeper anyhow.

How did I do with my goals for the month?

To keep it simple, I only set two goals for myself.

  • Get dressed. I give myself an A+ on this one. I got dressed every single day of the month of June. Not every outfit is accessorized or totally stylish, but I didn’t hang around in my loungewear all day. I get so lazy in the summer, so this challenge showed me how quick it is to put together an easy outfit that takes my attitude toward the day up a notch.
  • Identify holes in summer wardrobe. Another A here. I really thought I needed a statement piece or something to add some color for summer, but after this challenge I’ve decided I’m content with where my summer wardrobe is. It could definitely benefit from an update, but for my relaxed approach to summer, I’d rather save my money and invest in something for fall. My summer wardrobe needs are so different from the other three seasons, that I’d rather keep it as lean and simple as possible and focus on building a great work wardrobe.
  • Challenges get easier with time. I have now done a handful of these style challenges and every time it gets easier and easier. I have learned a lot about picking the best items for me and ways to re-style pieces to create new looks. If you haven’t tried one yet, I highly recommend it. In fact, Lee and Caroline are starting a new 10×10 next week if you want to try one on a smaller scale.
  • Getting dressed is good. This challenge helped me realize that putting a simple outfit together for running errands or hanging around the house makes a difference in my mental approach to the day. I’m all for athleisure wear, but it’s important for me to change out of my grubby clothes into something I feel better in.
  • 24 items is more than enough for a short season. My summer wardrobe is pretty lean already, so I selected fewer than the suggested 30 items and I still had no trouble creating new outfits. For this reason, I plan to continue with these items for the remainder of summer. I do have 3 or 4 other items I’ll add back in, but for the most part this will be my summer capsule.
  •  Push yourself out of your comfort zone. I was more hesitant to take on this challenge for a number of reasons. I knew June was going to be crazy with moving our entire upper level, getting new flooring, two weekend trips, and getting used to our new un-schedule. I also was nervous about co-hosting with two women who have their blog act together (Andrea’s writing is so amazing and Lee’s blog esthetic is so gorgeous). I didn’t want to be the weak-link, if you know what I mean. This challenge helped me keep one part of our crazy month simple, which was a huge bonus I didn’t predict and I also met a lot of new women from connecting with these other bloggers. It was intimidating and overwhelming and oh so worth it.
  • I love dresses. Most days, my instinct was to throw on a dress, but true to creating 30 different outfits I often pushed myself to wear shorts throughout the month. One piece dressing is the best for busy days and hot, hot weather. I also strongly dislike my legs touching chairs, so dresses offer more coverage than shorts.
  • Food prep is hard on clothes. During the school year my husband is in charge of breakfast, lunch is pre-made on weekends, and by dinner time I’ve usually changed into loungewear, so I don’t do a lot of cooking in my regular clothes. Being home all day and staying dressed much later into the day I made a lot of lunches and dinners in my ‘real’ clothes and I have learned to really love my apron. It’s also essential that I buy items that can be washed.
  • I still love cognac. My Rainbow flip flops got a lot more wear than I expected. During the past year I’ve learned that I love cognac shoes and my wood accessories to warm up my outfits. The same was true during this challenge even though my summer wardrobe color palette is slightly cooler and lighter than fall/winter.

Shout outs

A huge thanks to everyone who participated and tagged #june30x30 on Instagram to share their outfits and thoughts on the challenge. Here are a few that really inspired me.

Ally (@allyctran) // Johanne (@bedremode)

Stefanie (@intentionalconsumerism) // Bev (@theotherbevachterhof) // Jaana (@thismomsgonnasnap)

Thanks again for following along and making this such a fun learning experience for me!


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    1. Oh friend, you have been such a wonderful, strong co-host in this fun shindig. Not for a second have you been a weak link. Your strength lies in your authenticity and your voice comes across so well in your writing. It has been so fun following your journey! Not to mention inspiring. xoxoxoxox

      1. xo, my friend! Thanks for all of the encouragement and the extra little push to dive on in – it was so fun!

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