Summer Capsule Inspiration

I thought it would be fun to share a summer capsule wardrobe inspiration that was non-maternity! I put this together thinking about what pieces I would include in my own capsule if I weren’t limited to third trimester options (this is totally making me miss my regular clothes!). I also decided to chose all of the pieces from Old Navy to show how reasonably this could be done.
If I were truly planning my summer capsule I would build an inspiration board after going through all of my summer items to see what I already had that could be part of a cohesive capsule (otherwise I might be more tempted to shop for pieces when I have perfectly good ones I could build from). I would purposefully build my wardrobe around my very favorite summer pieces that I already own.
Remember, this isn’t about buying a new wardrobe every season, but building one based on pieces you already have and LOVE. You may not need to purchase anything and instead you do a major purge. Or maybe you find a few gaps in your wardrobe that you shop for to complete your cohesive capsule taking out the impulse shopping.
That being said, it’s always fun to see some inspiration and make connections to what is already in your closet. I chose colors for this inspiration that really jumped out at me as I was browsing.
summer capsule tops
summer capsule bottoms
summer capsule dresses and layers
I made a conscious decision to choose tanks, tees, and blouses in colors that would mix and layer well together, but wouldn’t feel too monochromatic or totally neutral.
For the bottoms I chose comfy, loose-fitting shorts that would match up with any of the tops, as well as classic white and distressed denim. I also added in some track pants and skirts that can be dressed up or down for maximum flexibility.
Last, I added a few dresses and a romper that would be perfect layered with the cardigan or denim, as well as with the tees or blouses tied over.
Add a pair of cognac sandals, some caged block heels, a pair of Birkenstocks, and a cute crossbody or backpack purse and you’re capsule is complete!
Remember I said my goal number is 37 items (read about my capsule here) and I wasn’t counting shoes or accessories (yet)?! This inspiration capsule includes 31 items and I can see countless ways of mixing and matching all summer long.
So, who’s in? Is anybody willing to try the capsule wardrobe for the summer with me?

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