My Summer Capsule Struggle

You guys, I am struggling over here. I am having a hard time pulling my summer capsule together. School is out, summer is here and I still do not have a capsule ready. I mean, I have clothes to wear, and I did get around to trying things on and purging what doesn’t work for me anymore, but I haven’t pulled together a cohesive capsule for summer.

There is one major reason I suspect I’m not feeling all that excited about summer.

I don’t feel motivated to get dressed in the summer. When I’m home with my kids, I am totally guilty of not getting myself ready on most days. We play outside, go swimming, there are spills, I don’t get up early enough to have time to get ready before the kids get up, no one “sees” me, the list goes on and on. You know, normal stay-at-home mom stuff.

On top of that, summer is not my favorite style season. I’m not big on wearing shorts and I’d love to live in dresses, but they aren’t the most practical when we’re outside playing in the grass. It’s too hot to layer and put together fun looks. I find myself in a stay-at-home-mom style rut every summer.

summer uniform

I will be the first to admit that many days I don’t even get ready and I’ll wear workout clothes all day. And if it’s not that, I can pretty much guarantee you I’m in my denim cutoffs and a tank top. My summer #momiform. I have about 12 summer pieces I like (love may be a strong word? I may need to reassess), but I’m telling you, it’s nothing exciting – a couple of pairs of shorts, a bunch of tees/tanks, and a dress or two. 

In all honesty, what I have isn’t particularly well thought-out, and I don’t go above and beyond to try to put together new looks, so I’m struggling with feeling un-blogworthy at the moment. That being said, I’m not sure what summer will look like around here. I may post featured outfits each week instead of my typical recap? Or I may post a more casual weekly recap? I will probably also post more about simplifying life and decluttering, as those are my major summer projects. 

I appreciate you being patient with me and I hope you’ll stick around!

For you stay-at-home or work-at-home women out there….what motivates you to get ready each day? How do you break out of a style rut and put away the loungewear?

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    1. High waisted skinny jeans and high waisted jeggings! They are publicly acceptable leggings. I can pick up my little and run around after him without always pulling or plucking at my jeans. I wear a tee and sweater/cardigan each day, plus my Birks. It’s my foolproof outfit, to keep me out of my leggings and yoga pants.

      1. I definitely need to add some high-waisted styles! I love your uniform – it sounds just about perfect to me! I think the key is to find something that’s just as comfy as yoga pants, but looks more styled. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Please don’t feel unblogworthy! I’m afraid I can’t offer any summer clothing alternatives but to just say that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a lovely chilled summer at home wearing cut offs and tanks every day! Makes for an easy life I say! Love your ideas for summer posts too! Xx

      1. Thanks so much, Heidi! I typically try to show different way to wear the same items, but in summer…it’s just not happening. 🙂 So far I’m 3 days in and 3 days in cutoffs 🙂 You’re totally right, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a couple of relaxed months and savoring every minute and I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do! xo,

    1. As another person who prefers to dress interestingly, I totally share your feeling blah about summer dressing because layering isn’t possible in the heat. I have found a solution though! The solution is INTERESTING/unique/fascinating summer dresses that are interesting enough not to need layering, and that are in cool natural WASHABLE fabrics like thick 100% cotton or linen, worn with flat but fashion forward footwear. I make my own, using draping and bits of patterns sometimes. There are some examples on the following pinterest pages:

    1. Summer can be tricky. My summer stay at home capsule typically is shorts, t-shirts, light weight button ups and leather sandals. I would love to wear cute dresses, but most days it is just not practical with kids. I use accessories to try and add personality and colour instead.

      1. Andi, your summer wardrobe sounds a lot like mine! I have tried to find some tank tops with interesting textures or a bit of fun detail to make things more interesting.

    1. I am a stay at home mom and during the summer I just go with the flow with everything, including my wardrobe. I enjoy the change of pace in schedule as well as my in my clothes. My mainstays are skirts, dresses and two pairs of shorts (not a big shorts fan). Summer in every way is just a more casual, laid back time that I take time to enjoy since I know the days are short lived and life will soon go back to schedules, deadlines in “dressed up” attire. I enjoy when bloggers can be honest and portray their “real” life. Bravo to you and enjoy your summer in all it’s casual glory!! Enjoy!

      1. Heidie,
        I LOVE this attitude to just relax and enjoy the more laid back pace (and wardrobe)! I sometimes forget that all of this (blog) is just a fun hobby and your comment was a great reminder not to stress about that – or anything else for that matter – and just enjoy the slow, casual pace. Thank you!!

        1. Sorry for the grammatical errors! I usually read your blog post at the end of the day, lying in bed with a glass of wine. Obviously not helpful when I’m commenting. :/ Thanks for honesty and including us in your capsule wardrobe “dialogue”.

          1. Heidie,
            LOL I love it! Your wine-drinking, bed-lying reading may just help you miss my grammatical errors!! Math teacher over here, so I’m somewhat oblivious (sadly)! 😉

    1. During the school year, I mostly work at home in lounge wear. On weekdays, I don’t dress up much for the grocery store, etc. During summers, I have more occasions to not necessarily dress up, but at least wear something different than I wore that last time I took DS to the library, for example. I don’t have a particular summer capsule, but this is when I tend to wear capris, sandals, and crinkle cotton.

      1. I think I need to focus on getting myself “dressed” at any opportunity that presents itself. I tend to “save” outfits for work or social gatherings, but I need to dress for the little things too.

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