Summer Essentials: (Another) Maxi Dress

Summer is not my favorite style season, but one thing I do love is throwing on a simple dress and cute sandals and looking pulled together. And maxi dresses top my list because they cover the areas I don’t like to bare as much and always feel effortlessly styled. This summer I updated my wardrobe with two classic maxi dresses, one of which is this beauty from Cole Hands. I was careful to choose two different styles and colors to bring the most variety to my closet because I know that they are my go-to for summer events that require more than casual wear.

I absolutely love the clean, simple silhouette of this dress on its own, but it also begs to be belted and layered. And this muted green color is my favorite neutral that doesn’t feel too neutral.
muted green maxi dress cole hands maxi dress 2

Dress (c/o Cole Hands) / Bag (old from Old Navy, gorgeous ethical version, ethical version) / Bracelets (c/o Allison Cole) / Earrings (c/o Nickel and Suede) / Necklace (c/o Classy Mama Designs)

About the Dress

cole hands maxi dress 6 cole hands maxi dress 5

Cole Hands is a small shop run by Hannah and her mom, Lesley. Together the women design, cut, sew, and knit every piece that comes out of their shop. This allows them to create items to fit perfectly. Being short (5’2″) I don’t typically have luck finding bottoms and maxi dresses that fit length-wise. I was able to email Hannah my measurement and the dress arrived literally, made for me.

What we aspire to. is to make well made items, the type of tee you’ll wear until it is thread bare, the trousers you’ll steal from the laundry basket and the dress that will always feel right. For us, a capsule wardrobe is not a trend, but a lifestyle, Marie Kondo phrased it in the best possible way “discard everything that does not spark joy”. Life is too exciting to waste your time feeling confused while staring at your wardrobe every morning, we want you to prepare for your day in a few minutes and start your day feeling confident, comfortable & beautiful.

I have no other way to describe how this dress feels besides amazing. I am now beginning to see the difference in quality (especially of the fabric) of high-quality, investment pieces. It hangs beautifully and the cotton is so much more substantial than less expensive dresses I’ve owned. It’s the type of piece I want to wear every day because I feel great wearing it (and isn’t that what our clothes should do for us?).

I clearly have a thing for maxi dresses…what are your summer wardrobe essentials?

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    1. Thank you for this post (that dress is really cute!) You solved my wardrobe problem for me today. I’m going to a museum with friends and couldn’t find anything to wear that was nice/comfy/could be worn with shoes I can wear for 5 hours while standing. Your maxi dress post reminded me I have a maxi-dress in my storage closet that would be perfect for today! Yay!

      So thank you!

      1. Andrea,
        Yay!! How was the museum? I love how easy it is to change the look of a maxi dress with accessories. With sandals it’s so effortlessly cool and with sneakers and a jean jacket it’s hip and fun and with platforms and statement jewelry it’s much more dressy!
        Thanks so much for following along,

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