Summer Essentials: Denim Cutoffs

It’s been mentioned more than once here that summer isn’t my strongest style season. I would say that 4-5 days a week I wear my denim cutoffs with one of the tops from my summer capsule. They are comfortable enough for chasing the kids and playing on the floor with the baby, easy enough to care for that I don’t worry about grubby hands, spilled bubbles, or dripping popsicles, and look just ‘cool’ enough that if I go out in public I don’t feel like a total slob.

denim shorts 4

Tank top (H&M Conscious, similar) / bracelets (Love Andrea’s Closet) / bag (old from Target)denim shorts 3

Top (H&M, similarsimilar) / Bag (old from Old Navy, ethical option) / Shoes (c/o Bearpaw)denim shorts 1

I made this pair about 6 years ago from a pair of men’s jeans I bought on clearance when I was postpartum with Max (almost 9 years ago). Back then, I wore them as boyfriend style jeans, but they have been even better as cutoffs thanks to the oversized fit. Add a top, throw on some sandals, and call it a day. Here’s a great alternative I love.

My husband (who is also a teacher) and I have been swapping turns hanging out with the kids while the other does some work around the house a couple of days a week. This is how I’ve been managing to get the decluttering project done with four kids around, if you’re wondering. 🙂 In our last month of summer break I hope to ease up on that and enjoy the down time without worrying about my to-do list.Love Andrea's closet bracelet stack

I’m the type that can’t really relax or rest if I have something hanging over my head that I want to accomplish. I know I’ve been guilty of rushing through things with my kids or letting them watch an extra TV show so I can get one more thing done. Lately, it’s been on my mind just how quickly the kids are changing… from their various levels of independence to their relationships with one another and everything in between.

I have really been trying to remind myself to take it all in and savor each stage (even the less than enjoyable ones) before it’s gone. I asked my friend, Andrea (Love Andrea’s Closet), to customize this bangle with the word ‘moments’ as a reminder for myself to be present in the moment and not mentally thinking of what else I should be/could be doing. To soak it all up because we never get these days back to do over.

In other news…next week another Andrea in my life and I will be doing a Summer 10×10 Challenge (similar to this one from spring). I’m working on choosing 10 items to wear 10 different ways and push out of my denim shorts comfort zone.
Is anyone interested in giving it a try?


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    1. hi
      just a quick note to say that I recently found your blog and am really enjoying your voice and style. yay!

      1. Andrea,
        Thank you so much for saying hi! I appreciate your kind words 🙂

    1. (Andrea must be the name of the week…) I’ve recently discovered that since I truly worn shorts in about 4 years – having spent the last 4 years of my life living in Seattle/London – only one pair that I own still fit me. I don’t really know how that’s possible since my weight hasn’t changed in 15 years. {dang you late 30’s…} I’ve discovered also that I don’t really like wearing shorts. There’s way too much skinny white/albino leg going on for me to feel comfortable, and I 100% cannot do short shorts. I can barely feel comfortable wearing a tank top without having something over it. {I obviously have issues.}
      I might do the 10×10 – because I did like the Spring one – but we are on holiday starting next Tuesday for ten days across two different temperatures (Seattle to N. Idaho) and city vs swimming holiday. I’m not sure I could limit to ten items but maybe. I’m finding packing dresses or jumpsuits to be very easy since it takes up less room (yay to bringing back more American treats in the suitcase) and it makes it easier since there’s no fussing about with figuring out if this top goes with that skirt.
      I love the bracelet. I have one that says ‘she believed she could, so she did’. I think it’s from Alice in Wonderland but never having seen the film or read the book, I’m not sure. I like the sentiment behind it at any rate.

      1. Andrea, I love that saying! And I’m totally with you – if I weren’t having to be up and down all day and playing on the floor and grass and sidewalk I really don’t think I’d wear shorts. I’m not comfortable in them and I don’t think they’re flattering on me at all. I would wear dresses all of the time and I’d imagine as my kids get older I’ll go back to that. I do sometimes wear the jogging skirts as a compromise between the two!

        Have a great trip – I LOVE Seattle – that’s where my husband and I honeymooned, so it’s one of our favorite places. And I agree with packing dresses – they’re so easy and flexible with different temperatures. Will you be visiting family?

        1. My kids are 10 & 14, but I’m sucker for sitting on the floor with our mini-Doxie. It’s where the phrase puppy dog eyes must have come from!

          We are doing a combo maintenance – dentist visits, fence painting at our house, husband has work meetings regarding his job for next year back in Seattle – and family – we are renting a lake house with my parents in in eastern Washington for 5 days. But mostly we are hitting up Target for Cheezits, Goldfish, and apple sauce pouches. As one does!

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