Summer Essentials: Linen Shorts

So, first off I have to admit that I’m been failing miserably at my goal of using my capsule wardrobe to motivate me to get ‘dressed’ more often this summer. As in, the few outfits I’ve posted here are about the only regular clothes I’ve put on in the past 4 weeks since school got out. A lot of days I wear my workout gear in hopes of finding 30 minutes to steal away and do a quick, impromptu workout (I recently started the Bikini Beach Guide workouts…holy sh**…they are tough!). The other days I’ve fallen into my denim cutoffs and tank top uniform. And you know…I’m actually ok with it.

Summer is hot and sweaty and sunscreen-y and mosquito bite-y. We eat lunch in the grass, play tennis against the garage doors, and try to tackle work around the house when the kids are otherwise occupied. It’s just not meant to be my season to be stylish and I’m going to embrace it.

In those few weeks however, I have definitely identified a few holes in my wardrobe. One big issue was that I only had two pair of shorts that worked for me this summer (one of which is ivory lace, which doesn’t work so well with the above mentioned activities). I was out returning some kids’ items at Old Navy and took a stroll through the women’s department (old habits die hard) when some linen shorts caught my eye. They looked like exactly what I was wanting to add some variety to my closet. I was SO tempted to buy them, but remembering my commitment to be a more conscious consumer I am proud to say I resisted.

I headed home and got to work on finding a secondhand option. It didn’t take long before I found these muted green linen-blend shorts for $6 on Poshmark! Not only is the color even better than the ones that were new in store, the price can’t be beat, and I feel better about buying secondhand to extend the life of these shorts and saving them from the landfill.

muted green old navy linen shorts and sleeveless chambray linen shorts and chambray 2 old navy linen shorts and rainbow flip flops

The casual, drapey fit of these shorts is perfect for my relaxed summer style and the length does not leave me feeling too exposed. I’ve paired the shorts with a simple striped tee or sleeveless chambray shirt as an easy, cool (as in temperature) outfit. They would also be great with a lightweight sweater on a cooler day.

green linen shorts and striped tank top linen shorts and striped tank 1

Shorts (Old Navy via Poshmark) / Chambray (old from Walmart, similar) / Striped tank (H&M Conscious, similar, better option) / Birkenstocks / Rainbow flip flops / Tote bag (old from Old Navy, ethical option) / black bracelet (c/o Love Andrea’s Closet) / navy and white rope bracelet (c/o Allison Cole Jewelry)

What is your summer uniform? When days get hot and sticky how do you dress to beat the heat?

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    1. I too purchased a pair of cotton/linen blend shorts off Poshmark, they are unbelievably my favorite shorts ever! They are so comfy and they are cool! Unfortunately, I’m working on getting a chalk stain out of them, but the moment they are chalk free I will be once again wearing them everyday!

      1. I have never had a pair and I wonder what in the heck I was waiting for?! I don’t like my shorts to feel too tight or too shorts and these are perfect! Wish I had some tips for the chalk stain, but laundry/stain removal is not my strong suit (unfortunately)!

    1. I recently discovered how lovely linen is. Rather a nightmare on the wrinkle front, but I found these green linen pants, and I pretty much want to wear them every single day, and want to buy them in every color.

      I have lost the battle of not buying things on impulse. Just this morning I bought a gorgeous floral fit and flare dress that I saw on a blog, that I don’t need (mostly designed for a wedding guest to wear but it is cotton and not flashy. But I don’t know anyone who isn’t already married or who is planning to get married. Maybe I’ll save it for my son’s high school graduation in 3 years??)

      So if you see someone walking through Waitrose pushing a trolley in a floral dress, that’d be me…. {send help, I obviously need it}.

      1. Andrea,
        I am now looking forward to adding some 100% linen to my closet. The wrinkles are a little tough, but I’m just embracing that it’s a characteristic of the fabric and pretending it’s all ok! 🙂

        As for the shopping, I think the great thing is that you realize it and can (hopefully) quickly reign it back in. I don’t have much temptation in summer since I don’t ‘dress’ regularly. But, fall is always hard for me because I get the urge to give my closet a back-to-school revamp. What has been your temptation to impulse shop recently?

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