Taking a Step Back

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here and I kind of dropped off without saying much about it. And honestly, that’s because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to. Taking a blog break has sounded pretty appealing the past few months, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t bring myself to actually do it.

A couple of weeks ago when I wrapped up the summer 10×10 and the countdown to a new school year began I decided it would be a perfect time to step away for a bit and focus on other things. I have a bad habit of taking on too much and spreading myself too thin and it’s really been noticeable this past six to twelve months. As much as I love my blog and keeping updated on social media, it began to feel like more and more of a chore and that’s not what it’s supposed to be (as if I don’t have enough actual chores to keep up with).

So, I decided to take a step back.

I wanted to enjoy the last few weeks of summer break without feeling like I needed to squeeze in computer time to check blog stats or write the next post. I know the beginning of the school year can be tricky as we settle into our new schedule and work on getting our routine down (which will involve the boys’ sports Monday – Saturday…eek!). Plus, I also want to put my focus into starting the new school year off strong, planning my new classes, and giving my work my best. It became increasingly obvious I had a lot of ‘real life’ things that need my attention and I wanted to reduce my distraction with other stuff.

And last, it was time to declutter some of the mental ‘stuff’ that goes with putting yourself out in the social media/internet world. I was finding myself doing a lot of comparison and worrying about numbers (likes, blog visits, followers, etc.) which was accompanied by a lot of negativity in the form of self-doubt and jealousy.

Together, all of these signs told me it was time to step back and re-evaluate. So, for the next little bit I’m letting myself take a break (which is much easier said than done). I’m taking the less is more approach to my to-do list and trying to do fewer things, but do them better.

The social media-sphere has been feeling more and more overwhelming with the addition of snapchat and now Instagram stories (which I like to share little snapshots of every day life, but wow…it’s a ton to keep up with watching everyone else’s). I’m allowing myself to let the FOMO go and focus on being more present in my ‘real’ life.

I worked a lot on simplifying my possessions and household this summer, and it helped me recognize that I also need to simplify my expectations and requirements of myself. For me, that means letting this space rest for a while. In the meantime, I’ll post as much as I can on Instagram (because I still need that motivation to try to create fun, new looks) and I’ll be back soon!

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    1. I used to blog 4-5 days a week, and I did that for 3-4 years. I visited every blogger who commented, visited all my regular blogs, left comments, and had a great following (this is all pre Instagram and when Twitter was just this weird thing no one understood). And it just all became too much. I found myself after yet another move, in another country, typing out posts on my Blackberry (geesh that was a long time ago…pre-smart phone era) because we hadn’t gotten internet installed yet.

      And I stood back and said, what the heck am I doing this for?! I had stopped enjoying the reason I started a blog to begin with. I took down my site, deleted everything and went completely silent for nearly a year. I’ve slowly added things back, Instagram, occasionally Twitter, started a new blog. I no longer look at stats, or views, or follows. I had to decide what was more important; follows and social media, or just being happy with myself and actually functioning in the real world.

      It’s a very tough thing to balance. If taking a break helps you find the joy of being online, then I hope you get your groove back. Good luck, and if you do decide to start posting again, I’ll be here to read.

      1. Andrea,
        Wow, I had no idea!! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Yes, it’s definitely a tough thing to balance and I think most people compare themselves to others by nature. Some platforms make it so easy (checking other people’s followers). I also think it can get somewhat addictive. I think a little time away will reinforce why I started this and (fingers-crossed) make it fun again and help me put it all in perspective. I still enjoy it, but I noticed I was putting more and more pressure on myself and checking stats a little too often.

        Thanks so much, again, for sharing your experience and the support!

    1. Will really miss your posts but I completely and totally understand and, like Andrea, will still be here if and when the time is right to start again xxxxxx

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