The Basics (Black Skinnies & White Shirt)

This is the last work outfit I’ll wear from my Fall Capsule. We have all next week off of school, so I’ll mostly be in casual, comfy clothes as I enjoy a week off with the fam. I’ll mostly share recaps, hits, misses, and lessons learned from my fall wardrobe in my posts next week.

It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve already gotten dressed 70 times and posted 38 looks here on the blog out of the same 48 items (and there are some I haven’t even worn). And, I haven’t missed shopping at all. And, I haven’t gotten bored with my closet. Who am I?!

Today, I kept my outfit super basic, but I really like it. It feels like me. I feel confident in this outfit, not like I’m trying too hard to be trendy or stylish. It’s comfortable, perfect for work, is age appropriate (how old does it make me sound that I’m dressing for my age ;)?). Maybe I’m more basic than I thought? In fact, I’m sure I am. Remember, I started this journey because I really felt I’d lost my style by following some trends and inspiration from Instagram a little too closely. I think it’s kind of great to be back to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the colors and prints and scarves and layers. But, I just don’t know that those are the items I feel best in. And isn’t that what getting dressed is all about?

It’s so hard to believe Thanksgiving is only a week away, but I am definitely ready for some QT with my family. Things are always go, go, go with four kids and it can be hard to feel like there’s time to just take it all in because there’s always something to be done or somewhere to go. We don’t usually plan much over break, so I will cherish our slow start mornings, play time around the house, and procrastinating on chores because this time we really can just do it tomorrow.
black and white 4

black and white 7

All of my items are old, but my bracelets are available here. 

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