Track pants and chambray

Well, if it isn’t my first postpartum outfit post. Nothing fancy to see here, because this is truly what I’m wearing, but I had a moment to snap some pics so I thought I’d post them. I mean, what’s a style blog with no outfit pics?! 🙂

I’ve gotten out of PJs a few times since we’ve been home for some outings, but if we’re staying home for the day it’s usually comfies for the win. I’m still 100% in maternity clothes with no hope out of them any time soon. I’m also wearing a Bellefit postpartum girdle full time. It definitely holds things in, but it also helps me feel more supported after my 4th c-section so I can be up and around more.

lalabu 2

Here’s a little more info about my top: This is the Soothe Shirt from Lalabu. It’s a nursing bra/tank top with a pouch to tuck baby into. Brynn and I tagged along to watch the kids bowl and I wasn’t sure if she’d sleep in her carseat while we were there, so I wore my Soothe Shirt with some Old Navy maternity track pants (so comfy) and threw on a chambray since the A/C has been cranked every where we go.

Brynn was fine at the bowling alley and slept the entire time. When we got home I wanted to hold her, but needed to be outside while the older kids rode bikes, so I was able to easily slip her into her pouch while she slept. I love that I didn’t need to add another layer like I would with a carrier. 
lalabu 4

lalabu 3
lalabu 1

Here are a few of my other postpartum outfits. Again, nothing fancy, hardly blog-worthy, but I wanted to keep things real for you all. Any flatness of my belly is because of my girdle and the fact that I’m wearing the same shirts I fit in 2 weeks ago at 39 weeks pregnant! I have 20 pounds to lose and am no where near my regular clothes. And I think that’s pretty normal 😉

Though, I am dreaming about fall shopping and have already started working on my capsule items and loaded online shopping carts throughout cyber space with things I’d love to buy! But, I’m going to wait to see where my body settles in during the next month so I buy things I can actually wear and feel good in when I have to go back to work.

postpartum 1

Shirt and shorts Old Navy maternity | Shoes (old) Target

postpartum 2

Chambray LOFT Maternity (found on Ebay) | Shorts Old Navy Maternity | Shoes Target | Diaper bag Lily Jade

postpartum 3Shorts Old Navy Maternity | Shirt Pink Blush Maternity | shoes Birkenstock (found on ebay) | Bracelet Allison Cole


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