Slice of Life

Here’s a look at our week – there’s a lot more that goes on around here than just outfits! ūüėČ

My April¬†Ipsy¬†Glam Bag arrive and, as usual, I love it! I got an eyeshadow primer, eye shadow, blush, lip/cheek stain, and a red lippie! Plus, I love the little zipper pouch – I always use them to organize small items in my purse/work/diaper bags. I’ve gotten the bags for over a year and I usually like the products or at least the opportunity to try something new for $10/month.

April IPSY Glambag

I also implemented a sticker system (for myself!!). Life is just so hectic in the spring and hubby isn’t around much and being pregnant I’m more exhausted than ever and I just noticed my fuse was running really short. So, I decided that each day I don’t yell at the kids I get a sticker. After 10 stickers we’re going for ice cream, and I love ice cream, so it’s working! I know raising my voice wasn’t helping them listen any better because I was finding myself yelling more and more, so I’m working on ways to communicate and getting them to hear me better. It’s amazing how when I stop yelling the whole house seems calmer. As calm as it can be with 3 energetic kids, that is.


family calendar

Speaking of pregnancy and needing energy. My super food smart sister suggested I drink a pregnancy green smoothie each day, so I’ve been doing that every afternoon. I swapped the jelly beans for kale, spinach, berries, flax seed, and even egg for my afternoon snack. Check out her blog Well Belly for tons of health and food related posts and recipes.

Kale smoothie


green smoothie

Miles got to present a science lesson in his Kindergarten class, so we tested out a few at home. One we tried was Walking Water – we started with blue water and yellow water and put paper towels in each that led to an empty cup. In the morning we came down to green water in the middle, which the kids thought was cool! That one took too long, so he ended up doing a mix of water and oil and then drops of food coloring that suspended in the oil until they broke though. His class loved it and kept asking him to stir it to see if it would all mix together. I definitely need to do more of these with the kids – we all had so much fun!

kids science

walking water expiriment

We also finally wrote down some names for baby #4. Hubby and I have the worst time agreeing on names, so I’m sure we’ll go several “rounds” before we land on something. It’s even harder not knowing the gender this time. ¬†Both of the boys were not named until 2 days after they were born – it was the last thing we did with both before leaving the hospital. With Liv, he let me choose, so I finalized her name about 4-5 hours after she was born. And that was when we knew what gender to focus on. Deciding on two¬†names?! Forget about it. This list will change about a million times, but hey, it’s a start.

baby name list

And, of course, one ootd pic that didn’t make it onto the blog due to time issues this week. Leopard and stripes in one of my favorite combos. I’ve been working on little details of the blog quite a bit and researching a lot, which has been a fun distraction (and has prevented evening online shopping)! There is so much to learn, but my goal is to make each post better than before.

leopard cardigan and maternity striped shirt

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! Is anyone doing anything fun?



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