Slice of Life | 08.28.15

This week during Brynn’s naps I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on some reading. I finished The Girl on the Train in 2 days and then started The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have done so much purging of my clothing in the past 6 months, but now that I’m reading this I see there’s a lot more I can do. I’m hoping to tackle tidying of as many of the categories as possible while I’m off work and the older kids are at school. The questions in the beginning about why I really want to tidy, what life I imagine for myself have really got me thinking. I look forward to sharing my progress over the next few weeks.

what I'm reading

Speaking of my closet, I downloaded the app Stylicious just for fun and it’s so awesome! I took photos of all of my capsule items and uploaded them into the app. Then, you create a Lookbook from your items, so I’m putting together outfit combinations (I think I’m at 62 outfits already). It’s been great because I can see if there are any items that don’t really fit in and I can make tweaks to my capsule before it’s “official”. I also love that there’s a calendar, so I can plan my week’s outfits and keep track of what I wore when. I used to just keep a list on a notepad app of outifts that I thought up, but this is so much more fun to see it all laid out. The only downside is that it doesn’t link between devices, so I can’t pull it up on my computer or tablet. Still very cool though…
stylicious app

I also decided to pretend I’m young and hip and I joined Snapchat. I’m still “practicing” and figuring it all out, but I’d love to have you join me (and me join you). I’m stylethislife there also! I didn’t really “get it”, but now that I’m on, it’s kind of fun. A more casual Instagram. It just gives me more freedom to post pics of my kids 😉 I haven’t even taken my Selfie yet (mainly because I haven’t been remotely selfie worthy in the past week). #momlife


Speaking of kid pics…here’s Brynn passed out at Max’s soccer practice one evening. It was so hot, even though we were in the shade, so we just totally sprawled out in my lap.
brynn sleeping at soccerHow was your week?


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