Weekend Getaway What to Pack

This week we’re going on a short family trip for three nights. Normally when I pack I do one of two things: 1) I pack a set number of “outfits” and I end up wearing everything once, or 2) I toss in my fave tops and fave bottoms and I’m able to pair things together, but I usually have way too much since I don’t have a plan. With the capsule wardrobe in mind, I thought I would try to put more thought into my packing and choose items that are cohesive and can be worn in lots of different ways together. Hopefully I end up packing lighter, wearing everything (maybe even more than once).

The hard part is that I don’t exactly know what our days will look like – there’s a big pool, which I’m sure will be the main attraction for the kids. There could be hiking, shopping (with kids? probably not so much), going out for dinner, other tourist attractions? Hubby planned the trip with his family, so I’m just going along for the ride. My guess is that with our kids and their cousins all being ages 7 and under we’ll stick to the pool and food. Here’s what I do know…the weather forecast is high 80’s the entire time.

What I’m packing:

  • Chambray – no-brainer. It’s the perfect summer layering piece with shorts, jeans, or dresses and can easily be tied around my waist or tucked in my bag.
  • Denim shorts – I have these or cutoffs, so these it is. I knew I didn’t want to invest in many shorts, so my options are super limited and that’s fine for the next month.
  • Striped dress – easy and comfortable. The stripes make it feel a little more put together in my opinion.
  • Gray dress – travel outfit. For 4ish hours in the car I think the less elastic, bands, tightness, etc around the belly the happier this mama will be!
  • White and striped tanks – for our evening outings. We’ll likely walk anywhere we go and they’re much cooler and I feel they look nicer.
  • Pink tank – for day outings. I told you I was in a daytime summer rut. A simple tank and jean shorts will be my go to for our daytime sightseeing too.
  • Jeans – I’m kinda on the fence about packing these since it’s going to be hot. Since I’m packing so light anyway I think I’ll end up throwing them in, just in case. I’d love to pack my white jeans, but with 5 kids it’s probably not a great idea.
  • Extra items: Birkenstocks, flip flops, tote bag, swimsuit, coverup, pajamas, toiletries

For fun, I created a what I would pack list from my non-maternity Old Navy capsule inspiration. It’s actually pretty similar, but with black drapey shorts instead of denim and an added graphic tee. I love this striped swim suit and cover up too. And this Modcloth backpack? I’m kind of obsessed with the backpack trend…just waiting to find one on sale 😉

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