Weekend style

I don’t know about you all, but once the weekend hits I’m all about being comfy. My weekend outfits are usually super casual, especially if we don’t have tons of plans.

Saturday I ran a few errands with Liv, helped my sister take some photos for her podcast (www.well-belly.com and The Nourished Podcast), and went to Max’s last soccer game of the season. It was a pretty cool day, so I went with my comfiest jeans and shirt, which worked out be a denim on denim pairing. Pre-pregnancy I hadn’t tried this combo, though I always loved it on other people. Having a limited wardrobe forced me to try it and it’s honestly one of my new favorites!
denim denim

denim on denim 2

denim on denim

floral sneaks

Sunday we had not one single thing to do on our calendar!  When does that ever happen?!?! It’s probably a good thing because this house needs some TLC.

So, in the name of keepin’ it real, here’s my ootd for Sunday. Leggings, slippers, and one of hubby’s sweatshirts. This has been what I’ve put on every day after work immediately after getting home. Do you all change into comfies right when you get home too?


Pregnancy Update

It’s been kind of a rough week physically. I’m not sure if my belly had a growth spurt that the rest of my body hasn’t adjusted to or what, but I was super uncomfortable and achy this week. Add to that the weight gain around the rest of my body and I was just feeling really blah. It seems like it’s a bit early to feel like this, but maybe I just don’t remember from my other pregnancies or maybe it’s that I’m 8 years older and chasing after 3 other kids so it’s hitting my harder this time. Alright, enough whining..

On a more positive note, these baby squirms, hiccups, and kicks are are getting stronger each day and I love it! It’s just so fun to watch my belly move.

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