What’s In My Diaper Bag

Since my diaper bag is my go-to accessory these days I thought I’d give you all a peek at what’s inside and how I organize it. I don’t carry a lot in my diaper bag. Over the years I’ve found what are truly necessities and that’s what I bring along. As a mom of 4, I try to consolidate as much as possible because we are usually toting other stuff along too.

I fell in love with this Lily Jade diaper bag for a number of reasons. The color, the pockets, the fact that it can be worn 3 ways, the removable insert, the company…the list goes on.
lily jade diaper bag

Here’s a look at what I bring everywhere. You can see I’m very into pouches – they make me feel organized even when everything is being thrown into the bag in a rush.

  • The tan polka dot pouch (Thirty-one) holds diapers, wipes, and a spare t-shirt. I keep these separate so I can just grab the pouch if I’m going for a quick walk, to the pool, or somewhere I don’t bring my entire bag.
  • A burp cloth: this one was made for me by a sweet friend.
  • My wallet (black and white dots from Thirty-one)
  • Snack pouches: each older kids gets their own snack pouch to avoid fighting over who gets what. Mom rule #1 – never leave home without snacks! (fox, camo, butterfly pouches by Itzy Ritzy)
  • Small water bottle: I always keep a spare water bottle for whoever forgets there or to fill up on the go. (ZoLi)
  • Nursing poncho: I undoubtedly will have to breastfeed in public, so I always bring my nursing pouch to keep myself comfortable and baby focused on eating. It’s so soft I also use it as a blanket or to block the sun if needed. (Jess M Designs)
  • My Items: lip balm, gum, pens, hand sanitizer, lipstick all live in one of my Ipsy pouches
  • diaper bag 1

Look at how neatly everything packs into my bag! Even when it’s a mess, I can still grab whichever pouch I need.

diaper bag 2

Here’s the Lily Jade bag worn as a backpack which is awesome when I’m carrying something else, holding a little hand, walking around for a while, pretty much anytime.

stripes and lily jade

And another look at the bag as a shoulder bag. And a mom who hasn’t showered or put on makeup 🙂

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stripes and lily jade 2What are your diaper bag must-haves?


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