What’s In My Hospital Bag

Just like I usually overpack on vacation, I always seem to overpack for the hospital stay. I really tried this time to think back to what I used and didn’t use with my previous hospital stays. Similar to how I decided what baby items we would need.

I put everything in my Lily Jade diaper bag. I pulled out the insert, which still leaves enough pockets for my small items, but I had plenty of space for my hospital stay.

For me

I packed two “outfits” and something comfortable to wear home.

PJ pants, nursing tank, robe
PJ pants, nursing tank, robe
PJ pants, nursing tank, chambray
PJ pants, nursing tank, chambray
Coming home outfit for mom
Coming home outfit for mom

Pajama Pants – with my oldest I never changed out of my hospital gown (it was all so overwhelming and that was the last thing on my mind) and it just felt yuck. Since then I’ve always made an effort to change into something. These drawstring PJ pants are perfect since I will have a c-section.

Nursing Tanks – I prefer the tank tops because they hide my midsection and I don’t have to worry about trying to stay covered while nursing.

Extra Layer – I’m packing a chambray and a light cardigan-style robe to add as a layer when guests arrive or if the room is cold.

Cozy Socks – just to be cozy!

Dress – it’s going to be warm when we leave the hospital and I decided to wear this swing dress home. It’s cool and the cut is forgiving so hopefully it will look ok on my postpartum shape. Plus, I won’t have to worry about anything hitting my c-section incision the wrong way.

Flip Flops – for the shower and easy coming home shoes.



Makeup Wipes – these will be perfect for freshening up, especially if I’m not getting around too easily in the beginning.

Dry Shampoo – again, easy for freshening up a bit, especially in the beginning of the stay.

Light Makeup – I also didn’t apply makeup with my first stay and after the fact remember feeling so blah. A little makeup can go a long way postpartum.

For Baby

Girl Hospital Hat – My mom added a little bow to one of the hospital hats we had brought home from having the boys when I had Liv. I will bring this, just in case we need some girly hospital accessories!

Baby Outfit – I had originally planned to pack one boy and one girl outfit, but at the last minute decided to pack a simple white sleep ‘n’ play that will work for either gender. During the hospital stays, my babies have always worn the hospital tees and hats and have used the hospital blankets. I don’t pack any extra clothing for the baby.

Hat or Headband – coming home accessories 🙂

Blanket – Again, I had both pink and blue blankets from the older kiddos, so we’ll bring both and see what we need!!


hospital misc

Camera – obviously 😉

Charger – don’t forget a phone and camera charger – both will be used a TON.

Pillow I can’t remember if the hospital pillows are comfortable or not and I know I’ve always brought one from home, so I’ll bring it just in case. 

Gum and Candy – you want fresh breath for all of those visitors. And candy is just always good to have on hand 🙂

Back Scratcher – It seems that every time the anesthesia wears off I have a different reaction – last time I was super itchy on my arms and feet. My mother-in-law brought me this back scratcher to use, so I’m throwing it in just in case.

Treats for the Nurses – As a thank you for the amazing care, I always like to bring a little something for the nurses. This time I stocked up on bulk goodies at Sprouts and I’ll package them in little tins to keep at the nurses’s station.

Champagne (only the fancy stuff here, eh ;)) – I mean, this is a cause for celebration right?!

Lip Balm and Bobby Pins – those are just handy to have around at all times!

I am lucky that both hubby’s family and mine live within a few miles of us and the hospital, so if I need anything or forget something I can easily ask someone to get it for me. It definitely takes the stress out of packing.

Stay tuned to find out more about Baby #4 – gender, name, and photos coming to Instagram soon and a more formal post here shortly after.

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