Winter 10×10: Outfits 1 – 4

I blinked and we’re already four days into the Winter 10×10 Closet Remix. I am LOVING this closet remix so far. I feel it’s been my best/favorite one yet. Here’s a look at the nine pieces I selected, though this week I swapped out the striped tee for a light gray 3/4 sleeve tee because I decided I wanted a softer color for layering.

I have loved reading Lee and Caroline’s in depth review of their looks over the course of this week. In an effort to find the balance between accepting my style preferences, but also pushing myself out of my comfort zone I thought I could get a lot of value out of that kind of reflection, so I thought I’d follow suit.

Outfit 1

Style Notes

The high waist on these ponte pants makes them an easy pairing with the cropped length sweater. Both pieces are fitted, so I added the blazer as an over layer to avoid feeling too body conscious. I have not tried layering a sweater under a blazer, but I liked the texture it added.

I kept jewelry to a minimum since I felt a longer necklace would compete with the shorter sweater and jacket. I also wanted my shoes to make the statement today.

The Feels

These pants are so amazing. Truly. For real. They have received rave reviews and I wondered ‘how great could they actually be?’ But now I get it. They’re great. They hold everything in, are very substantial, don’t stretch or sag throughout the day, are easy to care for, and are super flattering.

Overall, I liked the looks of this outfit.  I got a lot of compliments (which always feels awesome) and I felt pulled together, but not overdone. The heels made it a bit more work-y than I usually dress for school, but it was a good mix with the ponte knit. The only downfall is the sweater and blazer did get warm at work, so during my plan periods I took off the jacket to stay cool.

Other Ideas

I would love to try this outfit with my Adidas Superstar sneakers for a fun contrast of business and sporty. A great necklace could also change the feeling of the outfit. I also can see trying different outer layers like a leather jacket, cozy cardigan, or utility jacket, all which would create very different looks from the same base pieces.

Outfit 2

Style Notes

The black dress could have easily stood alone with tights, boots, and a scarf or necklace, but I was looking to add another layer for warmth. The Jamie + The Jones sweater adds some interesting texture and the boxier fit works well so the dress doesn’t get caught and start riding up (which can happen with more snug sweaters).

I added the cognac boots to warm up the stark light and dark contrast. I kept the accessories simple and this Natalie Borton tassel necklace (get 10% off code here) blends in well with the sweater, so it adds something special without taking away anything from the gorgeous texture of this knit.

The Feels

This outfit was another win! I have a feeling this sweater is going to make anything I pair it with a win. I was comfortable and warm enough with the added layer. I have been so happy with how easy this silk dress is to wear. It’s so lightweight and feels great against my skin, but also fits perfectly and always lies nicely as I move throughout the day. It does wrinkle in the lap when I sit for too long, but it’s not too noticeable in black.

Other Ideas

The tights could be swapped for the ponte pants and some heels for a dressier, layered look.

Outfit 3

Style Notes

Last spring when I did my first 10×10 one of my favorite outfits that I had never considered was a gray monochromatic look that I recreated here. The jeans, tee (which replaced the striped tee in my 9 pieces), longline cardigan, and even boots are different enough to not look too ‘matchy-matchy’, but they are close enough to make a style statement.

Being short, I think the longer cardigans look best when paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots to lengthen the look. Though, I think the lower cut of these boots and cropped length of these particular jeans don’t quite accomplish that, so it’s not as flattering as it could be.

The Feels

This outfit hasn’t been my favorite of the 10×10, but they can’t all be at the top of this list. I like the color scheme, but I don’t know if I’d put together these exact pieces again. It was fine, but just not in the love category.

Other Ideas

I think I may try this monochromatic look again with different pants that are a bit longer to not cut my leg at a weird spot and make me look short (maybe just my regular skinny jeans or off-white cords?) Or, I wonder if pairing the boots with some chunky socks to fill the gap between my pants and shoes would help?

Outfit 4

Style Notes

For this outfit I repurposed the silk dress as a blouse by tucking it into the high waist of the ponte pants. This was not even my original plan, but was a random thought as I was trying on different layering options. My first thought was to knot the dress, which worked if the knot was kind of tucked under. It gave a cool, side wrapped look to the top (dress). I decided to go for a straightforward tuck to keep the lines more neat.

I don’t think this would work with any dress, but it’s definitely worth a try. The silk is thin enough and falls so nicely that it didn’t get all bunched up or feel uncomfortable.

I rarely wear all black…in fact I own very few pairs of black shoes because they always seem too harsh. I tried on a few different footwear options (all of which I liked), but settle on the boots because it was cold. To tie the outfit together I also added this Natale Borton wood bead necklace and my Hurtig Lane brown and black watch.

The Feels

I loved this look. It may be my favorite so far (tied with the dress and sweater). I felt very styled in the all black, but the touch of cognac helped it not feel to formal.

Other Ideas

I love that a quick footwear change could totally transform this outfit – I’m thinking black New Balance sneakers for weekend errands, leopard print oxfords or d’orsay flats for work, nude heels for a night out. Yep, I’m keeping this outfit on record for a day when I’m not feeling inspired to create an outfit. And I loved it with this faux leather jacket for colder days our outside.

How is your 10×10 going? Have you had a chance to browse all of the great styles on Instagram (#winter10x10 #stylebee10x10)? Also, check out Andrea and Harben for some inspiration.

I’m sharing my outfits daily on Instagram and will be back in a few days for another summary and in-depth look at the outfits.

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    1. I love all of your outfits Paige! They all have an effortless, chic vibe. Btw, I like the monochromatic outfit. I think the length of the jeans works well with the height of the ankle boots. Just my personal opinion. Happy to have you back!

      1. Thanks so much, Heidie! I have always worn the gray jeans with those booties, so I’m not sure why something felt off – maybe my ankles were just cold?! 🙂

    1. I love these looks! The color palette is nice and cozy. I like that you took the silk dress in a different and unexpected direction. After pinning the way you styled it way back (October I think?) with the jean jacket and trainers, I finally went ahead and bought it. I’m anxiously awaiting it’s departure from the US to duty jail here in the UK. I think it will totally be worth whatever it’s going to cost me! There are so many ways to make it casual or more formal, and I’m really excited by that. (I’m going to attempt a 1 dress/30 days challenge once things warm up weather-wise, and this dress might just be the One.)

      I’m looking forward to seeing what other combinations you come up with!

      1. Andrea,
        Ooo…yay! I hope you love the White Label Project dress as much as I do. I even washed it on the handwash cycle with mild detergent last week and let it lay flat to dry and it came out perfectly, so now I love it even more. Let me know when you get it!

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