Winter 10×10: Outfits #11-15

As the Winter 10×10 Style Challenge was wrapping up last week I realized I had  few more outfit combinations I wanted to wear. So, while the rest of my #10x10friends are posting new and exciting things, I decided to continue through this week. 🙂 The bonus? I love how easy it is to choose what to wear when I’m only picking from 8 items. That’s always motivation to push it a little further.

Here’s a look at the last 5 outfits.

Outfit 11

style notes

I wore my pencil dress as a skirt today by adding a cashmere sweatshirt over it. To change the feel of the outfit, I opted for sneakers at the last minute to create a sporty-chic vibe.

Styling up sneakers is something I love on other people, but never feels quite right on me. I tried Converse and felt like a ‘poser’ (for lack of a better word). I swapped those for the Adidas Superstars, which felt a little more ‘me’, but I’m still not 100% in love with. I’ve had these simple black New Balance pair for a few years and they’re closest to fitting my style. But still not perfect. In fact, I bought my low heel clogs to be my go-to casual shoe after deciding to accept I’m not a sneaker person.

So, I tried it. Didn’t love it.

would I rather be wearing something else?

Yes, please. It just didn’t feel like me and it definitely wasn’t my best layering with this dress. From my 8 items, I think I would have preferred the T Sweater over the dress and clogs or boots.

Outfit 12

style notes

This is a simple throw-on-and-go look that is similar to my first outfit of the challenge. One of my favorite things about my T Tops is that they don’t require extra effort to look styled. And this color still makes me happy every time I wear it (even after all these months).

I’ve found I’m experimenting with my footwear more since I’m repeating clothing items. I don’t wear these d’Orsay flats often, but I keep them because they’re a classic style. I decided instead of my typical clogs to change the look a bit with more subtle shoes. The continuous black on my lower half seems to ‘flow’ better than going back to full brown shoes, which chops up the outfit quite a bit.

would I rather be wearing something else?

Nope. This is an outfit I’d grab on a morning I’m in a rush or not feeling inspired to create a new outfit.

Outfit 13

style notes

I took the same sweatshirt from Outfit 11 and fully tucked it into my wide leg pants. I was torn on wearing the belt, but ultimately decided it created some shape and looked more pulled-together.

I considered wearing different shoes, but I feel these tall boots create the most length to balance the wide leg pants, so I didn’t mess with what’s already working.

would I rather be wearing something else?

This isn’t my favorite look, but I like the shape of the outfit, so I’ll try to recreate it. Just not in all black.

Outfit 14

style notes

I don’t have much to say about this combination. It’s been one of my staple outfits over the past year. I always feel great in this sweater, whether I pair it with light jeans, black jeans, ponte pants, over a dress, or wide leg pants (a new discovery thanks to the 10×10).

I did wear boots today because of snow and added a necklace, which I don’t always feel is necessary with this sweater.

would I rather be wearing something else?

Never. Some form of this outfit is always a winner.

Outfit 15

style notes

My first thought was to wear this shirt fully tucked like I did during the first week of the challenge. To change up the styling I decided to knot the shirt instead. The jeans are not quite skinny enough to work under a longer shirt, so I knew I wanted to shorten it up to create some shape in the outfit. The knot was not very secure, so I used a clear ponytail holder to tie the shirt up on the side.

Since it’s Friday….jeans and clogs.

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, I loved this combination and styling the shirt different than just a tuck.

I’m sure most of you have returned to your full wardrobes at this point. Has the 10×10 inspired you to lean out your closet any more? Does working with limited items inspire you or do you feel stifled?
I’ll be back Monday for a full recap and a trip down 10×10 memory lane. Have a great weekend!

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    1. A POSER?! HAHA! I haven’t heard that word since the 90s! And GOOD RIDDANCE to it–such a JUDGE-Y WORD!!! We must be the same vintage (oh, that word was so MIDDLE SCHOOL HARSH)–I just CRINGE at that word.

      It’s weird, 10 feels TOO stifling…but 30 (even over 3 months) feels luxurious–more than enough (even though I’ve got 38 pieces in my wardrobe–THAT feels like too much, but I’m not sure how else to reduce–everything is getting worn, fits, and works. I have a couple of pieces that I’ve sent to the “thrift bag” but then, within a day, I rescue them. haha–maybe I’m at a good place to just let it simmer 🙂 )!

      1. Ophelia,
        Haha…I just could not think of a better word to describe it! 🙂 Like I’m trying to fit in with a style I’m just not. And yes, it’s totally middle school and totally cringe-worthy. I am going to be 40 this summer, so I was a teen in the early 90s!

        You saying that you should just let it simmer reminds me of some advice I got recently. I always seem to be looking for the next thing to ‘achieve’. Harder workouts, a new diet, a leaner wardrobe, an updated house, etc. I think part of it is my personality, but a friend suggested I just be. Just relax and ‘let it simmer’ as you said. I think I may just try that!

        Have a great week,

    1. I’m so impressed with how you stretched your ten items! I am curious about the T top and sweater – do you find that they are midriff-revealing when you raise your arms?

      1. Krystal,
        It does lift a little bit, but nothing too crazy. I do usually wear a camisole tank top underneath just in case, though. I wear mostly high-waisted bottoms, so that helps too.

        Are you considering investing in one?

        1. Possibly – I can’t get over how beautiful their colors are! I’m just nervous about how the T shape would look on my body, as I carry my weight in my hips…

          1. Krystal,
            I tend to be wider at the hips and my upper body is petite in comparison, but I find the cut very flattering. Keep me posted when you decide!

          1. Also, I just remembered that there is an IG hashtag #myjandjfit. That may give you an idea of how the tops look on different body types?

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