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Winter 10×10: Outfits #5-10

The simplicity of this week’s outfit had me concerned that my Winter 10×10 was going to be perceived as boring. And that may be true, but I don’t think boring is necessarily unstylish. I definitely gravitate to simple outfits. Too many layers get cumbersome (and hot) at work and generally, I feel most myself in basic pieces. Over the past 4+ years that I’ve been documenting my outfits on Instagram this is probably the biggest change. When I first started I didn’t realize that simple outfits could still be stylish. So I was mixing in every print, color, layering technique, etc. to feel styled.

What changed is that I started paying attention to what I loved to wear. And over the course of all of my closet purges, most of the color and print has been cut from my wardrobe because it never felt like ‘me’. I have instead embraced my love of simple colors and outfits and up-styled them by adding more interesting shapes (like the T Top) and texture (like the T Sweater).

As I said on Instagram this week…Simple is my Style Language. So simple it is…

Outfit #5

jamie and the jones T Sweater everlane wide leg cropsstyle notes

I am honestly shocked that this combination worked so well. In my previous experimenting with wearing these wide leg crops I had found that more fitted tops were the key to feeling too overwhelmed by my clothes. I wasn’t sure the width of the sweater paired with the wide pants would be flattering.

Without a doubt the slight tuck makes all the difference. Bringing just a bit of the sweater up is enough to create some shape in the outfit and create a less boxy look. It also helps to avoid the sweater cutting off the bottoms at a wide point, which makes my legs look square. Heeled boots also help elongate the look.

would I rather be wearing something else

No, I loved this new combination!

Outfit #6

everlane denim cashmere sweater nisolostyle notes

The most simple of my simple outfits this week. Basic black in classic cuts with just a touch of cognac brown. Similar to yesterday, I did a small front tuck just to show a bit of the belt and break up the outfit. I was torn between these oxfords and my clogs, so I asked my 8-year-old. He’s always my decision-maker when I can’t choose.

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, this was easy, comfortable, and felt like ‘me’.

Outfit #7

Umber T Top jamie and the jonesstyle notes

Layering two of my lightweight tops created a whole new look. I love the contrast of the super long layer with the cropped, boxy shirt. Combining he two unique necklines is a little tricky and I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but it doesn’t bother me enough to not wear the outfit. Outside of the limitations of the 10×10 I would like to recreate this with a longer striped t-shirt I have that has a similar neckline to the T Top. Though that top has horizontal stripes and I think the vertical stripes on this shirt really make it work.

Jeans and clogs are just my Friday routine at this point, so they were an easy choice.

would I rather be wearing something else?

I don’t feel 100% comfortable with the neckline, but I like the overall look of the outfit. I’d like to try to experiment with some other long tops I have that could work under my T Top.

Outfit #8

Madewell perfect summer jeansstyle notes

I hadn’t actually planned to wear an outfit from my 10×10 on Saturday, as I usually use a day on the weekend as a ‘break’ from it. The only thing we had scheduled for the day was a soccer game, so I figured I would just wear some weekend athleisure outfit. But when I was getting dressed I figured throwing on jeans and an easy sweater is just as easy as leggings and a sweatshirt, so outfit #8 it is.

The indoor soccer facility is a little chilly, so I wore my Chelsea boots for warmth.

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, this is honestly just as comfy as my super casual weekend gear, so I was perfectly comfortable hanging out in this all day.

Outfit #9

style notes

I merged outfits #7 and #8 to create this look. I don’t think I would have layered these stripes under the T Sweater outside of the 10×10 because of the contrast of the stark white stripes and cream sweater. What do you think? Does it work or is that a fashion don’t?

would I rather be wearing something else?

Yes. I put this on and wore it while I was getting ready for a Sunday brunch to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. I had the girls in tow, so I knew I’d be up and down getting them food and probably holding Brynn most of the time because she get’s a little clingy in social settings. The striped shirt is cotton poplin which is a little stiff. I like that it stays structured and didn’t mind it under my T Top, but today I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, just before we loaded up in the car I changed the underneath layer into my T Top. Which leads me to…

Outfit #10

style notes

I layered my T Top under my T Sweater to create just a bit of contrast at the hemline and cuff. To dress up the look a bit I wore my heeled clogs and wood bead necklace. I have a small in the T Top and medium sweater, so there is just barely a difference in the length. I think if the two were the same size the layering would be more obvious and make more of a statement.

would I rather be wearing something else?

No, this was easy and comfortable for an early weekend brunch. I didn’t have to fuss with tucks or

This week I think I’d pick outfits #5 or #7 as my favorites, but I love any time I wear my T Sweater, so this whole weekend was a good one in my book 🙂  I have a few more outfit combinations I’d like to wear, so I’m extending my 10×10 through this week! I hope you all won’t get bored of one more post with these 8 items?! If you missed my first four outfits, here’s the link

We’re nearing the finish line! Give me an update, how are you feeling at this point in the 10×10?
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    1. It’s funny that you say that you’ve become more comfortable in your simple pairings instead of feeling like you have to overstyle things, because I’ve felt like your outfits have become better and better the longer you’ve been styling them.

      1. Karin,
        Well, thank you! I think it’s all a matter of just owning it and building on what you’re most comfortable in. I’ve never felt comfortable being a style ‘risk-taker’ and now that I’ve decided to stop trying it all just fits together so much better.

        I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. I like that you’ve said you’ve ditched color and pattern, I find myself going the same way. Especially in winter, I’ve tried to do a more capsule wardrobe without officially having a capsule and almost everything is either blue, black, grey or white. It seems weird since Seattle from October to May is about as dreary as it gets, but it feels so comfortable to me. My summer wardrobe has more color and lots of stripes (because I’ve never ever met a stripe I didn’t love), but when I’m looking at it now, I don’t feel like the colors are so me anymore. There are some pieces that are bright and crazy (I just found a horse/derby print sun dress on ThredUP that has grass green as a background color, and I love it) but I have weeded out most prints other than stripes. They just don’t feel like they fit me anymore. Maybe it’s an age thing since I turned 40 last year? Either way I love your outfits this week. I’m still lusting after the T sweater. It just looks so gorgeous and versatile.

      1. Andrea,
        I think it’s interesting that you mentioned age, because I have wondered that too. I’ll be 40 this summer and there are definitely some prints that I was wearing and realized they felt way too young for my age. I think it’s only natural for our style to evolve part with age, but also part from becoming more confident and just owning being us?!?!

        I’m glad I’ve learned to just accept what I like and not try to be something I’m not comfortable with.

        I hope you have a great week!

    1. It really is all about the confidence to love what we love- it shows in all of these outfits! Also, the wide leg pants? Nailed it with this one! I love watching your style find its niche at the intersection of your personal taste & daily life as a busy working mom. Thank you for sharing the journey.

    1. Congrats on a great 10×10 plus Paige!
      You’ve really done a great job with this one and all your light denim jeans posts have made me so excited to wear my new Everlane boyfriend in light wash that I ordered before the challenge and my month of no shopping!
      Thanks for all the stylish inspiration. You really have a lean wardrobe and it’s refeshing to see you living that instead of saying you do and constantly adding/ being gifted pieces. I’m sure it takes a lot of willpower in today’s blog world but I appreciate your authencity!


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